• 10/29/2013, 07:28PM ET

Which team in eastern time zone goes further--I'll take Carolina.

guintz (4-3-1) vs kalbrecht17 (17-11-5)

I don't see anyone in the 'zone' going far, but at least Carolina has possibilities. A solid defense-even with a crippled secondary, running game which can only get better if stewart comes back, and a dynamic qb.

That should leave whoever takes this enough has wiggle room.

you don't even have one of the top 3


New England


they're all better options. I mean yeah Carolina's defense and ground and pound the ball are fine and all, but their 4 wins have come against MN, NYG, STL, and TB who have a combined record of 6-24. they have their moments where they look really good, but also look pretty awful at times. also they won't beat NO for the division so they have to get a wild card over the 2 losers out of GB, Det, and Chi plus the loser out of SF and Sea. In addition, the Cards (who hold a tiebreaker over Car) also could knock them out of the last spot. All in all its not even close that Car is not the team, but if you were meaning something different, then i'll gladly handle that and we can try this over. but as it stands now, its not even close.

(if you're just talking in the NFC, then i'll take Dallas who should make the playoffs and thus go further than Car.)

Arizona will be eliminated as a playoff contender due to schedule and lack of a qb (not enough playmakers to make even trent dilfer look decent).

The only teams that I feel can make a run to the playoffs outside of the current div leaders Chicago and SF/Sea runner up. I think the Lions find a way to win the north and GB broken too much for Rodgers to save them, east only puts 1 team, and this leaves us the cardinals/panther debate.

I'll give you cincy to host a game-and possibly best team eastern of mississippi, patriots are not the team they once were (will div by default), and Indy is fairy dust.

Dallas is not in EST

Dal was put in if you meant east div.

Why Carolina's a bad choice:

1. Right now on the outside looking in. they are behind NO a full 2 GB and have to play them twice. and that's not a good matchup for Car as NO is going to throw on them all day with their, as you proclaim, crippled secondary. They also have 2 game vs Atl which will be a desperate team and i'd see them doing no better than a split especially with Roddy getting healthier. they also have SF on the road and play NE and Miami. Not the easiest schedule when you see they have to keep pace with the teams they do. Chi has MN, Cle, Stl, and Phi on the schedule (which should be wins for them), Det has Pitt TB Phi and NYG, and Ari has Hou, Jax, Phi, Stl, and Ten. The road is easier for WC berth for them. GB plays MN, Phi, NYG, and Pitt for 4 more wins already putting them at 9. if they split the rest, they're at 11 wins and in. I see Car at 8-8 and no way in the playoffs.

2. Car hasn't beaten anyone of note. As i said before, their victories are over teams a combined 6-24.

3. There's no threat opposite Steve Smith. teams will load the box and stop the ground game too often and the passing game isn't there yet

panthers have a good history again the saints, so splitting is very possible at worst and the remainder of their schedule is navigable:
Split with NO, ATl
Beat jets, TB, Miami...split with SF and NE

regardless of who that have beaten, it boils down to making a run, and they are primed to do it. They will be a 5 or 6 seed traveling to Detroit or Dallas and both are very winnable.

You took the easy route with guaranteed playoff teams, but KC beats NE in Foxboro, Indy loses to Baltimore, Cincy loses to either KC or Denver in the 2nd round, and so the only debate is if Carolina can win a playoff game. You will argue that the panthers can't get there, but I don't see anyone from the Norris division surviving.

Alright all in all, any of the 3 I put are better choices and here's why.

First they're all going to make the playoffs. looking at Carolina, I just don't think they're there yet. They're still too one dimensional ranking 29th in passing offense, and it's not like they're just rolling up tons of rush yards to counter that as they are only 8th in the league in rushing.

second, in the playoffs, one is going to get a bye and one is going to draw a relatively weak 6 seed in the first round, so 2 of them should be advancing to the the divisional round of the playoffs (I'm not going to try say one of them could beat kc or denver, i just can't see that right now)

third, carolina, if they somehow get to the playoffs as a 3 or 6 seed (they'll either be ahead of the East winner or in as the last wild card behind SF or Sea), they are going to have to match up with a team that throws the ball heavily GB, Det, or NO and that doesn't match up well with what they do on D.

Overall I don't see them making the playoffs and even if they do, they're out in the wild card round

October 29, 2013  07:43 PM ET

Is this limited to football?

October 29, 2013  08:43 PM ET


October 30, 2013  12:24 AM ET

I don't get it. What eastern time zone exactly are you referring to? And what exactly does further mean? Is this NFL?

October 30, 2013  12:31 AM ET

How is Dallas in the eastern time zone, though?

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October 30, 2013  12:53 AM ET

How is Dallas in the eastern time zone, though?

Thier division is.

October 30, 2013  01:46 AM ET

eastern division, yeah, but not Eastern time zone.

October 30, 2013  01:46 AM ET

Supposed to quote 7

October 30, 2013  04:54 AM ET

I don't get it. What eastern time zone exactly are you referring to? And what exactly does further mean? Is this NFL?

He didn't say NFL so I'd go with Alabama. They're in the Eastern time zone, right?

October 30, 2013  04:55 AM ET

Left, you were a no show in your last TD vs DO_WORK_SON. Pretty pathetic. Why are you starting a new TD 5 days after The Moderator had to call your last one?

This is why I asked a question instead of taking this TD when it was still open!

October 30, 2013  05:14 PM ET

No show-I work a job where I am required to go 17 days on, and was called last minute....and I put it under NFL time for the arguing aspect

October 30, 2013  05:19 PM ET

No show-I work a job where I am required to go 17 days on, and was called last minute....and I put it under NFL time for the arguing aspect

Gotcha, sorry I questioned you.

October 30, 2013  06:55 PM ET

simply, car will not make the playoffs. The teams i listed will, whether by default or not, and since the TD says which team will go further, my choices win by default.

October 30, 2013  08:02 PM ET

no worries ewa....

October 30, 2013  11:20 PM ET

i'll finish this up tomorrow to try get some more traffic

October 30, 2013  11:25 PM ET

indy lose to balt at home? i just can't see that happening. Bal is too dysfunctional on offense (i don't think they realized how much boldin helped them in the RZ) and Indy is a very tough place to play. just ask Denver (who i will fully admit i thought would steamroll them.)

October 30, 2013  11:34 PM ET

and cincy (who i'm guessing you have as a 2 seed) would play balt in the 2nd round as you have the 5 seed (Den or KC) beating NE and the 6 seed (balt) beating Indy and I see Cinci beating Bal at home (where they are currently 4-0, including wins over GB, NE, and a drubbing of NYJ). just some semantics I know, but to me, the AFC is down this year and Cinci its a 5 team race of KC, Den, NE, Indy, and Cinci with the 6th seed (whoever it is) being significantly worse than the other 5. and even of those top 5, they each have a weakness. KC is QB play as all its gonna take is one off game from Smith and they'll go down, Den has a holey D at times, NE's offense has def not been its normal self (and I agree they def don't have that mystique anymore), Indy has no ground game, and Cinci gets some weird games from Dalton where he implodes.

October 31, 2013  12:12 AM ET

I'm not buying the Luckstravenganza that others are. Cincy has a solid defense, workmanlike offense, and the fortune of a 'great' division...all east coast teams in the afc are in a world of trouble unless old randy moss shows up, jim Kelly unretires, and the Moon blows up....The NFC would take an Eli and o line being reborn, Atlanta finding a defense, Detroit secondary staying in the area of a wr, and a chip kelly college scheme working to keep carolina from the playoffs and upsetting someone

October 31, 2013  05:07 AM ET

No show-I work a job where I am required to go 17 days on, and was called last minute....and I put it under NFL time for the arguing aspect

I see says the blind man. :o)


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