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The Lakers should trade Pau Gasol to Memphis for Zach Randolph

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Earlier this week, there was speculation ('s Sam Smith) that the Los Angeles Lakers should trade Pau Gasol to the Grizzlies for Zach Randolph.

With Kobe Bryant rehabbing from an Achilles injury, Pau Gasol was expected to be the focal point of the offense for this young team, but he has struggled this year on offense. He's rebounding well (averaging almost 11 per game), but he's scoring just 13.1 points per game (on 38.9% shooting).

Gasol would be appealing for Memphis since he's the older brother of center Marc Gasol and the Grizzlies seem intent on building around Marc. Pau's a better passer than Zach and would give them more options. And he comes off the books at the end of the season. He may take a pay cut to finish his career playing with his brother.

There aren't a lot of premier free agents in the offseason so giving up Pau's expiring deal isn't that big of a deal. Not when they get back a player that has only one year left on his deal and is better than a lot of the free agents that will be available. And a player that should fit well with Kobe when he does return.

Disagree? Lets throwdown

ok, First off Steven A is a moron, and knows less about the NBA every year.

Second off, thats just a dumb trade- not for the Grizzlies- who should jump all over that if Buss Jr is dumb enough to ask about it.

And I mean put the league office on hold while telling Buss you are thinking of it jump.

Let us count the ways.

1. Kobe is coming back, is he 70% Kobe? 30% Kobe? 110% Kobe?

Unless he is the Kobe of old- not the Old Kobe, the Lakers have to rebuild.

The Salary is close, but Z-Bo has that extra year at 18M.

That means if Kobe is stick a fork in him done- then the Lakers can drop Kobe's 30 and Pau 19 and go after Late Late Show and rebuild Doing this trade, and they are on the hook with Z-Bo and Nash as EXPENSIVE building blocks.

2. Gasol is happy being the number 2 guy. If Kobe is Mamba- he needs someone that will do what he's told, and do the dirty work. Can Z-Bo do that?

3. Z-Bo has been a **** everywhere he played- UNTIL Memphis. You want to take a chance he becomes old Z-Bo in that HUGE market over small town Memphis? How many "good guys" became lesser players or even outright **** after hitting the big city?

1-The Lakers will use the stretch provision on Nash after the season....if they are unable to trade him by the deadline. Toronto has been rumored to be interested in him and before the season many thought they would be tanking. Acquiring Nash speeds up that process so they can get their native son in Andrew Wiggins.

2-Randolph would be a perfect #2 to Kobe. And Randolph can still play, even though he is 32 years old. If he had more than just 1 season left on his way I'd do it. But, they can go shopping in the summer of 2015.

"The Salary is close, but Z-Bo has that extra year at 18M."

It's 16.5 million next season. And if they either trade Nash or use the stretch provision on Nash they can re-sign Kobe for say 2 years and 30 million. That's 31 million tied up in Kobe and Randolph. Sign some players to 1 year deals and keep their flexibility for 2015.

3-Randolph used to be a cancer in the locker room. He seems to have matured as he has gotten older. Randolph strikes me as the type of player who would love to play with Kobe. He wants to WIN, bottom line.

Wiggins? You mean in three-four years when he can sign as a free agent? I mean, lets face it, rebuild in Laker Land is different than anywhere, else, but the issue is the draw is not what it was (see Howard, Dwight) out there, and some cities might even be more of a draw than Jacks courtside seat.

Z-bo the perfect number 2? Since when?

So you honestly think Kobe is going to take that much of a salary CUT? You honestly think Kobe is going to take one dime less than he can? If so I got some Grizzlies championship rings to sell you.

Lets also keep in mind that Z-Bo is 32, and his scoring has gone down since that high water mark 3 years ago.

Pau has declined as well, but lets be honest, he's got a cruddy team and an even cruddier coach.

Gasol knows Kobe, and Kobe knows Pau. If Kobe is back, he's going to wants a guy he can gel with.


If Kobe is Harold Miner coming back, then they need to cut bait- Dump Nash for number 2 pick to Canada, and use both Pau and Kobes MASSIVE Salary to go after Kevin Love and a few others to build around.

An Achilles injury is the worst possible injury for a player his age to have. Kobe may say he's still a max player, but that's just him blowing smoke. Nobody will pay him a max contract at his age.

Howard never wanted to be in LA, that's why Orlando had to threaten to send him there before he signed a 1 year deal with the Magic. And they still traded him to the Lakers.

Randolph is 32, but has low mileage on his body, he's only played 775 games. Randolph can play longer than a lot of players who rely on their speed and quickness. Randolph has never relied on that aspect of his game. He's a fundamentally sound player and has a nice jumpshot (even if it's ugly as Hell).

His FGA's have also gone down as well. He was averaging 15 shots a game when he averaged 20ppg. He's averaging 11.7 FGA's and making 51.4% of them.

Nash for a number 2 pick doesn't work under the cap rules. Toronto is maxed out, they have 73.6 million on the books for this season.

Love can opt out of his contract after the 2014-2015 season when Randolph comes off the books. Not saying he's going to be a Laker for sure but he played for the Bruins and might be interested.

This is the NBA, you kinda have to either have crappy ownership (See Jordan, Nike) really dumb GMs (See York, New) or just be in a bad location and not know how to draft ( See Toronto) and even THEN you can get lucky and jump in a few playoff series ( Wizards, Bucks, Etc) or have just fortune (or Stern) smile on you (see Clippers, Los)

There might be a reason Z-Bo doesn't have the miles Gasol does.

The Lakers have 2 easy pathways to go.

1. Kobe is Mambo No5, you run it again with Gasol, a few ring chasers, and a competent coach.

-- Yeah, kind of a longshot, but no Duncan/Pops, Westbrook is still down- it might be the battle for LA in the West.

2. Stick a fork in Kobe, let him goto Miami/Clippers/Brooklyn (where HOF go to die) and go for LaM, Love, Heck, Westbrook and rebuild the Laker Way- with everyone else's great draft picks that you should never be able to get (Quick Name every All-Star the Lakers have drafted since Nick Van Exel)

At no time should you dump a bunch of Salary on a guy that is not going to kill ANOTHER year of Free Agent buys and is not a 'A' level guy anymore.

SAS as your GM is like Mike D as a coach.

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November 17, 2013  04:45 PM ET

No chance Memphis is stupid enough to flip Randolph, their best player, for an aging scrub like Gasol.

Nobody values Gasol anymore.

November 18, 2013  04:08 AM ET

To be fair though Z-Bo is kinda old and run down at this point as well.

November 18, 2013  04:11 AM ET

And Marc Gasol and Mike Conley are.both either arguarbly or definitely better than Randolph.

November 18, 2013  04:12 AM ET

No chance Memphis is stupid enough to flip Randolph, their best player, for an aging scrub like Gasol.Nobody values Gasol anymore.

Dumb comment.

November 18, 2013  05:18 AM ET

Agree with right about Steven A.

November 18, 2013  10:49 AM ET

Agreed, Love is needed in Laker Land.

November 18, 2013  10:49 AM ET

Dumb comment.

You've made it, bud. What are we to make of it? ;-)

November 18, 2013  11:00 AM ET

Agreed, Love is needed in Laker Land.

I would think that would be target #1 and a fairly easy get.

November 18, 2013  02:39 PM ET

I would think that would be target #1 and a fairly easy get.

Agreed, very easily.... Vote remains right.

November 18, 2013  06:37 PM ET

I would think that would be target #1 and a fairly easy get.

Hey 10#s in a 7#bag are you going to vote for yourself this time?

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November 20, 2013  02:45 PM ET

Hey 10#s in a 7#bag are you going to vote for yourself this time?

Apparently not.

November 20, 2013  02:47 PM ET

Apparently not.

But it doesn't really matter coz it's another.....

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