• 11/19/2013, 10:11AM ET

Who is under the most pressure? In all of sports?

HighwayCrossingFrog (175-852-64) vs Argos. (184-101-29)

1. Peyton manning.
He REALLY needs that 2nd ring, to put him in the super elite club.
Otherwise he turns into a Favre with one lousy ring, and a playoff underachiever.
He is on a great team, so the excuses will be even more pathetic

2. Cristiano Ronaldo, today vs Sweden
If he misses the World Cup, it will be very embarrassing.
And it will cost him votes for player of the year

3. Roger federer..
If he goes another year without bagging a slam, everyone will scream for him to retire..
And it doesn't look good for Fed fans..

4. Mexico when they play vs New Zealand tonight..
They have a 4 goal advantage.
But this soccer crazy country, (plus the 30million Americans that have ties to this country), will scream bloody murder if they blow it

5. Alabama
They are the heavy favorites to retain their national title..
But all it takes is one suspect game vs a tough Florida college and their hearts get broken big time

6. Pete Carroll
With the NFC turning into a 2 horse race vs saints..
And Pete Carroll having so much success at the college level..
How pretty would his r??sum?? be with a Super Bowl ring to go along with his national college championships

1. Sidney Crosby
The pressure on him for the upcoming Olympics are massive! Add in the fact his and his teams struggles the last couple playoffs, and he has some big time pressure.

2. Tony Romo
Being the QB of the Cowboys always comes with a ton of pressure. He has always been dubbed a choker. If he fails to make the playoffs this year, when the NFC East sucks, he may be done in the Big D.

3. David Moyes
Replacing a legend, and started the year terrible, with a team that is pretty much the exact same as last years team.

4. Ron Washington
After the last two years late collapses, and his poor in-game management, this could be his final season.

5. Cam Newton
He needs to finally prove himself and help the Panthers win.

6. Joachim Low
He is one of the best coaches in the world, and helped turn the German national team and program around. But Germany wants a major trophy now, and if they don't make it to the finals in the World Cup, he will probably have one more shot to win a trophy (2016 Euro), or else he is gone. People have already been calling for Klopp to succeed him.

Alabama, Peyton and Carroll have all turned into heavy favourites..
The problem when you turn into a heavy favorite is that the pressure starts to mount, cause everyone expects you to win..

Carroll has developed a reputation of being able to lead a bunch of boys and has turned into a RA RA coach, that can get everyone excited to play..
HOWEVER, alot of people have questioned Carroll as a tactician..
Carroll will never have a better opportunity this year..
If he blows it, it will leave a bitter taste in his mouth..

Tony romo kind of falls into the jay cutler category..
Someone who is good enough to have a 15 year career and make the play offs a couple of times..
But no one really expects him to win..
So the pressure doesn't really exist..
Plus who are you going to find that is better than romo, to replace him?
There just aren't that many guys who can leap frog over romo..

Newton will have his day in the sun..
But I'm not sure if this is his year..
Carolina still needs a couple more pieces..

Federer has no pressure on him. He already has won the most grand slams ever. Why does he have pressure to win another? He is already the greatest of old time, and will retire a legend with the most titles.

Mexico had no pressure. They won on the road 5-0, against a terrible team. No way New Zealand was ever going to win 6-0 in Mexico. They could have played their best high school players, and still would have been safe. New Zealand never stood a chance.

Pete Carroll's job is not on the line. He can lose every game for the rest of the year, and still have full job security. So why is their pressure? It is not like he is at the end of his career with one last chance to win, he is a coach and can coach for decades if he wanted to. He has no more pressure than any other coach, in fact less than most coaches due to his job security.

Bama just won three straight championships. Since when was their pressure for a fourth title? They have cemented their dynasty, and Saban, like Federer, has cemented his name as a legend.

Ronaldo is **** awesome. He is not human. Therefore, he is not subject to feeling human emotions or pressure.

Manning has won a ring.

New Zealand isn't that bad..
In the second leg, they only lost 4-2..
I admit, they really needed a Mexican to get a red card early..
But you never want to play a play-off series to get to the World Cup..
Iceland and Ukraine almost knocked out France and Croatia..

Carroll needs to prove himself in the NFL..
The NFC is cake this year.. It's like a 40er woman at a bar, if you can't take her home, then you won't be able to take anyone home..

Trust me.. People like saban don't rest on their laurels..
And given the rape scandal with the Seminoles QB..
The national title has practically been handed to saban on a silver platter..

The German coach has always brought out the best in his players..
In my eyes, his job is safe..
For international coaches I would have picked the French guy..
France is loaded with talent and they get alot of weird results..
The Mexican coach is on the line too..
Mexico has played sub par futbol for some period of time..

It is a little different facing an European team and facing New Zealand. Besides, mexico already had a 5 goal lead heading into the match. There was no way in hell that New Zealand was ever going to win 6-0 in Mexico. Mexico essentially clinched their World Cup birth after round one.

Your comparison confuses me. Because I don't get the age thing. If you take a 25 year old home from a bar, you won't be able to take anyone else home either...

Low needs to win something. Klopp is a star coach who can replace him. Low has a great team and high expectations, but hasn't got his group over the bump to win anything.

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November 19, 2013  10:41 AM ET

There's no way Mexico blows a 4 goal advantage at home against a terrible NZ team. I'm sure they aren't under any pressure at all.

The computer says Mexico has a 99% chance of qualifying..
But if you watched the Mexicans in the qualies, you would know that they are capable of some horrendous performances..
Plus New Zealand isn't that bad, they qualified for the last World Cup and were undefeated in group play..

November 19, 2013  10:41 AM ET

50% Euro-trash.Please delete this TD.

Ha ha..
Noice one!
My American ones are pretty good, right?

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November 19, 2013  10:50 AM ET

The computer says Mexico has a 99% chance of qualifying..But if you watched the Mexicans in the qualies, you would know that they are capable of some horrendous performances..Plus New Zealand isn't that bad, they qualified for the last World Cup and were undefeated in group play..

They qualified because they played an Asian qualifier.

Maybe if a team like Panama made it, they would have chance, but they never stood a chance against Mexico.

November 19, 2013  10:50 AM ET

Ha ha..Noice one!My American ones are pretty good, right?

No they aren't.

November 19, 2013  10:51 AM ET

Federer and Sabban never have to win another game in their lives, and their legends are set in stone.

November 19, 2013  11:00 AM ET

Deep Sea Divers...I hear the pressure is extreme in deep waters.............

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November 19, 2013  11:28 AM ET

I'm glad someone can tolerate them.


November 19, 2013  11:36 AM ET

Deep Sea Divers...I hear the pressure is extreme in deep waters.............


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November 19, 2013  12:01 PM ET


Got it!

November 19, 2013  12:02 PM ET

#1 or #2 on each list should be the Refs from last night's Pats/Panthers game! IMO

November 19, 2013  12:11 PM ET

I'm glad someone can tolerate them.

:) ha ha..

November 19, 2013  01:31 PM ET

Hey look it is BM's dupe!


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