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Fix Judging in MMA

7#bag _ Com (998-338-74) vs Golden Grillz (116-117-21)

Give me 2 ways to fix the judging in MMA.

Arg 1. Present Changes
Arg 2. Counter
Arg 3 Defend

Might Post this- so don't whine.

1. Drop the 10 point must system. Way too many judges come up from Boxing, and simply don't take the time or don't make the effort to learn- i.e. Leg Kicks don't matter

Drop the scoring system, use Pride Rules, Use another system, but change the way the scoring is counted. What is a 10-9 to me might be a 10-8 round to you, in the state of LA, you cannot have a 10-7 round, take that for what you will. We can talk changes to the scoring system, but making MMA totally different from Boxing is a bigger step toward fixing bad judges than adding say damage to the criteria.

2. Let the organization pick 3 judges.

I put this out on Monday (No link, I'm being Nice)

Have the state commission pick 5 judges for the Main Event. Let the promoter pick 3 of them that are used.
The State still has the pick of what 5 go in the pool, they should be able to find 5 people that they can use- The promoter can use 3 of them. This would make sure that Cecil People is never used in MMA again.

I am going to agree with you on the first part. Drop the scoring system. MMA is a complicated sport that can not be scored as simply as say boxing or figure skating.

With that said, I like your train of thought about the shuffling of the judges, but I would go about it a little differently.

I would like to see former fighters put into the judges chairs. Who would be better to understand the details, and determine right and wrong than an actual fighter? In essence this is like the justice system... a trial by your peers...

The problem with this is the WWE factor, and alliances being considered. Which is why:

- There will be 3 state commission judges; this continues to out weigh the alliance factor, putting the weight on the fighters for the split decision.

- There will be 2 fighter judges; assigned by Dana.

- The fighter judges, can not have ever fought the guys fighting, or be in their weight class. Removing any potential bias or motives.

- Retired fighters are eligible to be used as judges... this helps create a post fight career, and keep them active in the sport that made them famous.

Sorry for the delay.

1. There are former fighters that are judges, to be honest, some are just as bad as the "regular" judges. Some are even worse- I remember one in particular that counted strikes- whomever hit the most won the round (Thank GAWD this was a local show and not a larger event) just because they were former fighters don't mean they know the rules of the game-

I'm not saying someone like Kenny Florian knows the rulebook front and backward, I'd not exactly be confident if my judges were War Machine, Mayhem Miller and Kevin Randleman.

But are you looking for 5 judges? is that your second change?

To be perfectly clear and simple, my second change is 5 judges, 2 of which are fighters.

There are few sayings in life I try to live by:
"Make sure the woman I marry looks good without make-up, because that is what you're going to wake-up to every morning."

"Don't judge somebody if you can't do it yourself."

"If you want something done right, do it yourself."

Those last two apply to this, but let me be clear, 3 of the judges will be state commissioned. They will have the majority vote in essence with a 3:2 ratio to the fighter. However if there's a split like the one between Hendricks and GSP this is where the fighters vote would have mattered.

I don't care if you want to get into the technical aspects of strikes and what not, no fighter could have watched that fight and said GSP won. All you had to do was listen to the fighters after the fight and hear GSP being punch drunk and Hendricks like he just had a good spar session at the gym to know who won the fight.

Point being, there's a bottomline aspect to UFC/MMA that can't be judged technically, and that is simply put which man beat up the other...

Thats a problem there.

Its not just what man beat up the other.

Its not just what man is on top the most.

Its not how the people sound post fight (If that were the case, the last fight Chuck Liddell won would have been vs Kevin Randleman.

MMA Has to have guidelines to judge on, you cannot simply have a fight until one guy can't continue. You really want to see another 20 minutes of Kimbo vs Houston Alexander or Silvia / Arlovski III?

But again the issue is just because you fought doesn't mean you know what to look for, or even don't have a bias for a particular skill set.

Adding two fighter/judges isn't going to fix the issue, and let be honest you are taking away 4 prime seats that cost 5 figures each as well.

I agree that this isn't just about the beat down 1 person gets compared to the other. That's what the casual viewer to any of these type of sports (boxing, wrestling, ufc/mma) thinks. If it were that simple, a fight could be won with one lucky punch... well it still can if the guy gets knocked out... Truth is this is a chess match. Unfortunately, sometimes fighters think they have a comfortable lead early in the match, and then go into a "prevent". They don't try to win more rounds, but try to make sure they don't get knocked out.

I also agree there should be technical guidlines for the judges to follow. This is why I have a 3 to 2 favor for the judges instead of the fighter-judges.

UFC/MMA is really a combination of a lot of sports into 1; boxing, wrestling, karate, etc. Depending on the fighters style each fight can be scored differently, there's not an simple easy way to score this sport. The fighter judges are needed, to help define the gray area.

As your concern for seating... if the sport falters and becomes viewed as "rigged" the seating is the least of your worrys. There's way more money brought in by the pay-per-view.

November 21, 2013  12:21 PM ET

1. take away judges and make MMA a fight to the death.

November 21, 2013  01:48 PM ET

This is a simple away with the limited number of rounds. The match goes on until someone wins. That way it would not matter who had best ground and pound or who was the best striker, the newest and best test of atleticism of all, endurance, would also get measured.

November 21, 2013  01:49 PM ET

That fact that Dana wants to fill the PFV cards with as many different matches as possible sucks.

November 21, 2013  03:43 PM ET

I like Grillz's idea about using fighhters as judges.

November 21, 2013  09:44 PM ET

Seems like the judging is already fixed...

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November 22, 2013  12:13 AM ET

1. take away judges and make MMA a fight to the death.

Ratings bonanza.

November 22, 2013  01:56 AM ET

UFC is for bums. Boxing's where it's @.

Because the judging in boxing is totally legit...

November 22, 2013  09:15 AM ET

Seems like the judging is already fixed...


November 22, 2013  09:17 AM ET

I'm not kidding, 90% of the fights can be settled IF you allow them to go more than the standard 3 rounds. Make it 10 round minimum if there is not tap, TKO, KO, etc.....

November 22, 2013  09:28 AM ET

Because the judging in boxing is totally legit...

Boxing has had trouble with the refereeing too!

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November 22, 2013  11:24 AM ET

Hendricks won.

Couldn't agree more. GSP's talk at the end was proof enough. He openly admitted to not being right in the head. Yet Hendricks was talking like he just had a nice workout in the gym.

November 22, 2013  11:57 AM ET


November 22, 2013  11:58 AM ET



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November 22, 2013  12:02 PM ET

Not fans of poetry either I see...

November 22, 2013  03:26 PM ET

I think the fighter's teams and camps are too close together to avoid any type of bias in the judging.

November 22, 2013  03:47 PM ET

I think the fighter's teams and camps are too close together to avoid any type of bias in the judging.

This could go both ways though. Because the fighters are so close together, they will trust each other's opinions, and have mutual respect for for each other's decisions more so than a judge.


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