• 01/10/2014, 03:51AM ET

Six players to build around.

Marlins Fan (156-78-31) vs TnerB57 (12-4-1)

NFL, just in case there's someone out there who can't figure that out from the players listed.

PCH demanded I challenge him, so here ya go. List first, I guess. Pick any six players you want from any position on either side of the ball. Special teams too, if you dare. I wouldn't recommend a sixpack of punters but that's the only free tip I'm handing out.

In no particular order,

1.Andrew Luck
2.Jimmy Graham
3.Tyron Smith
4.Ndamukong Suh
5.Luke Kuechly
6.Patrick Peterson

Good luck and Godspeed you! black emperor.

No auto voting, please.

There, now we don't have to worry about who votes because I asked nicely.

Ok, sorry for the late response, but I'd better get this in before tomorrow's games.

My changes:

Colin Kaepernick over Andrew Luck

Robert Quinn over Tyron Smith

Eddie Lacy over Patrick Peterson

Kaepernick, while not stat-heavy, is a winner. As is Luck, as you would rightly contend. But Kaepernick brings another dimension, the speed-run threat, that Luck does not.

I didn't even bother researching Tyron Smith, because I watched Robert Quinn beast every week, and he really is a beast. He is making the Rams look very smart in drafting a DE out of North Carolina that didn't even play the season before the draft.

Eddie Lacy is going to make Aaron Rodgers even better than he already was.

Good luck, MF, been awhile.

While building this team I tried to find one impact player from basically every important position group. For my defense I took one lineman, one linebacker, and one defensive back. For the offense I took a quarterback, a receiver, and an offensive lineman.

My problem with your team is that you removed an All Pro offensive lineman (left tackle Tyron Smith) for a second defensive lineman, Robert Quinn. I can't argue much against the players you have as far as talent level (though I'll try with Kaepernick and Luck) but it's just the construction of the team itself I would change.

If given the choice of any 6 young players to build around I would absolutely be remiss in not using a single one of those selections on an offensive lineman. After all you can't win with a bad offensive line, at least not consistently.

Also I couldn't take Lacy. Running backs are too much a dime a dozen to bother using one of those precious six picks on a RB. You can always find a capable RB somewhere, be it the waiver wire or the draft, and you can even use late round picks and still score a quality RB.

Can't justify using one of those precious six picks on a RB instead of OL.

I'll address the "dime a dozen" aspect of the RB postition first. Now, granted, if we were speaking of a college draft, then I might be inclined to agree somewhat with your assessment. However, this is not a draft. Lacy is a proven commodity. He is a pounder that successfully establishes the run game. If I am going to be able to have open receivers, I need that run game. Additionally, he is bound to get even better.

Now, if I have six initial choices with which to form the foundation of my team, you can bet I am going to choose skill positions. Impact positions. I'll take an O-lineman 7th.

Now, as for Kaepernick and Luck, are you aware that Colin has a 93.8 career rating, vs. 81.5 for Luck? And while Luck has come in and revived the Colts, getting them back to the playoffs his first two seasons, Kaepernick is on the verge of taking the Niners to the Super Bowl in his first two seasons as starter.

Your QB is good. Mine is better.

College draft or otherwise, we have an opportunity here to hand pick whatever players we want and I just don't see the wisdom in taking a running back at all, particularly not when you have to remove perhaps the NFL's best defensive back in Patrick Peterson.

Eddie Lacy is a good running back, it's true. But the running game is secondary these days in the NFL. Even run-heavy teams like the 49ers (there aren't many left, by the way) need a QB who can get things done with his arm. San Fran is much more of a contender with your boy Kaepernick at QB than when they let Alex Smith run the show, almost strictly because CK is a much bigger threat throwing the ball.

Again, the passing game is much more important in today's NFL, and removing a dominant corner for a RB just seems short sighted to me.

Also linemen are much more important than skill players. Why remove an All Pro LT and not replace him? Your team has zero offensive linemen.

You can have all the skill position talent in the world and it won't amount to a hill of bean without a competent offensive lineman.

And unlike skill players, competent linemen can't be simply picked up off the waiver wire.

I baffles me that so many have devalued the importance of the running game in today's NFL. I sampled team stats from this season, 2003, and then 1993. If anything, the running game has gained added significance over the last 20 years. In '93, six teams eclipsed the 2000 yd mark. In 2003, eleven, and this season, twelve teams amassed 2000 or more. Additionally, 7 of the top 11 rushing teams, and 9 of the top 15, made the playoffs this season. And Green Bay, Lacy's team, was 4th in yards per carry.

I think it is safe to say the RB postition is every bit as important as it has ever been.

Also, I do not worry about leaving Patrick Peterson off my core group, as Suh will plug the hole, limiting my opponent's running game, while Quinn gives the QB nightmares on passing plays.

The game is won in the trenches, and I have over-balanced my defensive trench to overcome your waste of a pick of an O-lineman. Don't worry, though, with Lacy grounding out the clock, your offense will be getting plenty of rest.

Good TD, MFer, and good luck!

January 10, 2014  03:53 AM ET

A thousand curses on this accursed site.

Forgot to direct challenge OLD NEWS.

January 10, 2014  04:37 AM ET

what about a sixpack of kickers? or running backs? or better yet, quarterbacks!!?!?!

January 10, 2014  04:42 AM ET

Holding till PCH decides whether he wants it.

January 10, 2014  04:44 AM ET

Holding till PCH decides whether he wants it.

Or, I may just decide to do this thing myself.

January 10, 2014  04:58 AM ET

what about a sixpack of kickers? or running backs? or better yet, quarterbacks!!?!?!

A sixpack of kickers should be slightly more valuable than a half dozen punters but overall still probably not a wise strategy.

A sixpack of RB's could be interesting though. Imagine Adrian Peterson as the point man in a six man option rushing attack (sort of like Auburn's first and second team on the field at the same time with five offensive linemen) either running or handing to say, Matt Forte, LeSean McCoy, Jamall Charles, Eddie Lacy, or Marshawn Lynch?

January 10, 2014  04:59 AM ET

The double-triple option.

January 10, 2014  05:01 AM ET

I think the easiest position to field an offense from is QB, you could use Kaepernick, Vick, and RGIII as wide receivers, Ben Roethlisberger as tight end, Tim Tebow as running back

January 10, 2014  05:01 AM ET

The double-triple option.

I guess one would have to counter with 6 linebackers.

January 10, 2014  05:01 AM ET

Drew Brees could be the Danny Woodhead/Julian Edelman hybrid guy.

January 10, 2014  05:02 AM ET

I guess one would have to counter with 6 linebackers.

Lol indeed.

January 10, 2014  05:03 AM ET

Cam Newton could probably make a pretty good tight end too. Maybe Big Ben can be a fullback or something. A blocking tight end.

January 10, 2014  05:04 AM ET

you could use Kaepernick, Vick, and RGIII as wide receivers,

Because receivers have to be black guys, in case you haven't noticed.

Wes Welker and Eric Decker are albinos.

January 10, 2014  05:30 AM ET

Because receivers have to be black guys, in case you haven't noticed.Wes Welker and Eric Decker are albinos.

Riley Cooper a self hater?

January 10, 2014  06:24 AM ET

Sometimes they come back

January 10, 2014  06:25 AM ET

Sometimes they come back

That's enough out of you, Frenchie.

January 10, 2014  07:12 AM ET

Andrew Luck

That's true, we really didn't get much out of the rookie QBs this year.

Geno Smith had that big win in Atlanta back in Week 5. Which had been a big deal at the time... and then looked less and less impressive every week as Atlanta imploded. Not to mention all the interceptions Smith threw. I swear that kid is worse than Mark Sanchez - and that's no small task.

Mike Glennon looks to be the QB in his draft class but I can think of at least five QBs from the 2013 Draft class I'd rather have over him.

January 10, 2014  07:12 AM ET


I can think of at least five QBs from the <del>2013</del> Draft class I'd

January 10, 2014  07:13 AM ET

That was interesting... damn html

January 10, 2014  09:26 AM ET

Aaron Rodgers
Eddie Lacy
Randall Cobb
Josh Sitton
BJ Raji
Clay Matthews

January 10, 2014  09:27 AM ET

I win.


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