• 02/05/2014, 02:25PM ET

Texans should draft manziel number one!

HighwayCrossingFrog (175-852-64) vs Boston Strong (3-0-0)

What's not to like?

When I see manziel play..
I see a bit of Wilson in him..
Manziel, I believe is good enough to build a team around..
He's got similar wheels and playing style as Wilson..
And as Seattle has shown.. You don't need a Peyton manning if you want to win a Super Bowl..
You just need a QB That is a B-.. Like a Wilson..

Is manziel a sure bet?
But who is a sure bet?
Not many..

Does Johnny have character issues?
But not to the extent where he would have a bad affect on the team..
Plus Texas people like crazy people anyways..
And manziel is a leader.. A RA RA kind of guy..
Maybe after losing 14 games, the Texan team could use a motivator..

Plus Schuab is fading and he is fading fast..
It's time to think about the future..
Manziel could potentially make the texans a contender for the next 15 years..
Plus the fans would love him, cause of what he did at university level..

Whats not to like?

For one, the Circus is coming to Town. You know, that Crazy Media Show that hunted Tebow to extinction and is now looking for fresh meat? Manziel will be better than TT but that sideshow isnt going to go away when he hits the NFL. Every success/failure aims to be painstakingly scrutinized by every so-called "writer" who can create a weblog and call himself a journalist

And they are the ONLY team who would even consider Manziel as #1 overall - He isn't the #1 overall on anyone elses board

Texans may like some eccentric folks, but more than that they like winning at football. Manziels gimmicky fad style doesnt suit Bill O'Brien - he's going to look for someone who can put in the hours studying a defense and learning his craft - like his former QB Brady did. Manziel, who only attended online classes at A&M last year, spends his nights studying his poker hand at the casino with his posse. That doesnt mean he might not make a good pro - but it does mean he's a bad fit for the Texans and too big of a gamble at #1

Ra Ra doesnt mean much in the NFL. Vets aren't going to respect some brat born with a Silver Spoon like JM. Only winning can do that


Look.. It's obvious that manziel will get picked as number one..
And it's obvious that Schuab is done..
Top QBs just don't go out and win 2 games a year..
Even bad Eli is good for 6 or 7..
Make an alliance with the manziel texans..
It's the natural pick..
It's wants vs needs..
QBs are getting smaller and faster these days..
It can be done..
Wilson is only 5'11.. Bree's is 6ft on a good day..
Manziel is only 21 and 6ft tall..
We all know the best QBs are 6'3 or 6'4..
But the little guys recently are getting it done..
Manziel needs to bulk up a bit and then he will be fine..
He will be a crowd favorite..
Picture manziel restaurant franchise all over Texas..
Where you can go in and order a noice baseball steak or something..
It would be huge..

It's not obvious he will get picked #1 at all. That's all pre-draft hype. Is this your first year following the NFL draft? Teams and media talk up a storm about Player X, but at the end of the day it's only so much talk

They haven't even had the combine yet

It's all smoke and mirrors right now. Maybe someone will offer to trade up?

The Texans will have plenty of other QB options besides rolling dice on Manziel

Bortles has the size and ability that will allow him to succeed in the NFL

Smaller QB's? Bridgewater is only 6'1, and carries none of the baggage Manziel will come with. He's played in a Pro style offense and is more equipped to step in and play right away

Hell, if you don't care about size, Aaron Murray could probably be had for a 4th rounder (And may very likely end up being a better pro than Manziel)

The pressure will be all over JM

The NFL isn't about who can open a restaurant. It's about who is going to win rings

It wasnt ALL Schaub's fault. The O-line let him down

Hou didn't draft Vince Young in '06, even though he was the fans' choice. It was the right decision

The Texans aren't that far off, they don't need to take a risk on Manziel

I'm down by a touch down..
So I keep this short..

1. I guarantee manziel gets picked in the 1st round by someone..
Can you really name 16 guys you woul rather have over manziel?

2. Money..
Manziel will sell shirts..
Put booties in seats..
Increase tv viewership revenue..
This can only be a good thing..
The owner has to be thinking about this..
He would be a fool not to at least contemplate signing manziel..
Texas favorite son..

I love boar hunting..
I might Change my name to Sean boar..

No one is saying Manziel won't be a first rounder. Heck, for sure he will be top 10, maybe even top 5

Don't put a lot of trust into what the media says about somebody drafting anybody. The draft is still 89 days or so away. Much could change by then

The Texans float out there they are interested in Manziel. It's just posturing right now. Maybe the Browns or Jags or some other team gets infatuated with him and trades up. That's what you do when you have the overall #1 - you see what you can get for it

There are good QBs in this draft. Manziel is probably the 3rd best

Shirts? People in the seats? Are the Texans having financial problems?


TV viewership revenue? That's such a horrible argument on your behalf, I won't even embarrass you by addressing it

Texas' favorite son? Texans would love a yankee QB if he wins them a ring

February 5, 2014  02:25 PM ET

Is the draft tonight?

February 5, 2014  02:58 PM ET

Is the draft tonight?

No, today is National Signing Day. Pretty sure the draft is in May.

February 5, 2014  02:58 PM ET

Better then Bortles...

February 5, 2014  02:58 PM ET

Manziel would be a god in Houston.

February 5, 2014  03:06 PM ET

No, today is National Signing Day. Pretty sure the draft is in May.

Oh ok..
It's for the highschool kids to go to college..

February 5, 2014  03:07 PM ET

No, today is National Signing Day. Pretty sure the draft is in May.

Yeah it's either April or May..

February 5, 2014  03:07 PM ET

Manziel would be a god in Houston.

That's why they should take the chance..

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February 5, 2014  08:25 PM ET

Manziel would be a god in Houston.

Which is not necessarily a good thing. That's one guy who doesn't need his ego fed anymore.

February 6, 2014  12:14 AM ET

Is the draft tonight?

Seriously, why do you even come here?

February 6, 2014  07:14 AM ET

Seriously, why do you even come here?

Ha ha..
To learn about rugby..

February 6, 2014  07:18 AM ET

Ha ha..To learn about rugby..

Good to know. I'll add it to the list of other things you need to learn about.

February 6, 2014  07:23 AM ET

Houston has some weapons too, Andre & Hopkins to be exact.

Fosters mother..
She pawned her wedding ring to put food in her kids stomaches

February 6, 2014  07:25 AM ET

Good to know. I'll add it to the list of other things you need to learn about.

I'll tell you what..
I'll tell you what Scotty..
We will visit my sister in law in new castle..
And then I will take you all the way to San Francisco..

February 6, 2014  07:26 AM ET

I like Manziel, but Boston Strong has a pretty good argument. I think the NFL will humble Manziel, he won't be that much of a disruption. I see him having a Jeff Garcia-esque career. Sees some probowls

Pro bowls is good..

February 6, 2014  07:27 AM ET

Which is not necessarily a good thing. That's one guy who doesn't need his ego fed anymore.

Legit point..
But Johnny's ego will be big regardless where he goes..


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