• 02/12/2014, 08:25AM ET

The most coveted trophies in all of sports..


1. World Cup soccer..
2. A close second, Super Bowl..
3. A close third, Wimbledon..
4. A close 4th, masters.. And I don't even like golf!
I want to get a green jacket now:)

5. Baseball.. It's rich in tradition..
6. NBA.. It's global appeal..
7. Olympic gold in hockey..
Sorry folks but no one cares about NHL!
8. Rugby World Cup..
9. Olympic gold in the marathon..
10. Cricket World Cup..

1. Super Bowl Lombardi Trophy
2. NHL Stanley Cup
3. World Series Pennant
4. Olympic Gold Medal
5. Master's Green Jacket
6. NFL League Championship Trophy - For example, AFC Lamar Hunt Trophy
7. MLB League Championship Pennant - NL/AL Pennant
8. NHL Conference Championship Trophies
9. Winston Cup - NASCAR (I'm sure they don't still call it that since the sponsors have changed but that's how I know it)
10. CFL Grey Cup
10. Wimbleton (Don't know the offical name for it and don't care to look it up either)
11. NBA - I'd might rank it higher if I knew what it was called.

Good list..
I like a lot of your points and what you bring to the table..

You should have said heisman..
I left that out on purpose to see if you would pick it up..

Sorry folks..
The World Cup soccer trophy is a bigger deal than the awesome Super Bowl..
It just is..
You can't even begin to debate it..
Plus our trophy is cooler..
Yours is silver but ours is gold:)
See what I mean..

Wimbledon is a bigger deal than the masters..
I don't like the colour green anyways..
How are you suppose to flirt with a girl in a green jacket?

Thank-you! Glad you liked it!!!

The Heisman is a memorial award and not a trophy. The Heisman Statue is given to the award winner for most outstanding player in college football each season. The lazy media has shortened referrals of the award to Heisman Trophy. For sake of argument, we'll say it's just a trophy for a moment. I think the Heisman has lost it's importance over the years. It's now just a popularity contest and not a true reflection of the best player in college football. It also means very little in determining NFL success. See Tebow, Tim. So I didn't miss it. I excluded it from my list for the reason I just stated. Plus, it's not on your list either and the after the fact claim that you did it on purpose is very lame.

World Cup Soccer is NOT bigger than the SB or Stanley Cup!!! Just isn't! Tiffany's makes the SB trophy. Can't get cooler than that!!!

You want a green jacket but you hate the color green. Which is it? Make up your mind already!

I think Tiger Woods can tell us all about flirting with girls while wearing the Green Jacket. It didn't seem to hamper him at all!

The problem with Olympic gold..
Here is the dirty secret..
Some of the events are virtually meaningless..
Tennis Olympics is kind of stupid..
If you win the Olympics.. You get the same number of points as delray..
And no one cares about delray..

Stanley cup?
Everyone knows Olympic hockey is bigger..
You should have said Olympic hockey..
Now it looks like your a car salesman..
Calm down..
When I first came to the states in 98..
Hockey was huge..
It was on Espn..
You can't even find a game east of my house..
USA vs Russia in 2 days!!!
Now that's a big deal..
I would pay 50 bucks to watch that..
I think Russians are very attractive..
But I want to get the W!

Good luck you are going to need it..

No idea who delray and don't see what points have to do with an Olympic medal.

A Gold medal is important to the person(s) who win one and the country they represent or no one would care about medal counts. Whether the sport is important or even exists outside the Olympics doesn't much matter. A Gold medal validates all those years and years of hard work it takes just to get to the Olympics.

Olympic hockey is included in Olympic Gold by definition. Now that all the NHL players participate in the Olympics you can't say one is bigger than the other. Back in the day when it was amateurs from the US and Canada going against what was really a Pro Soviet team (and the Soviet Bloc countries too), beating the Soviets or a Soviet Bloc country was hugh. I think it's very simular to the NBA and Olympic basketball. Every team in the Olympics has at least 1 or 2 NBA players on it.

That said, the Stanley Cup goes all over the world after the finals each year. It's already been to Russia many times. Your name is etched on it forever. That's hard to beat, so I put it slightly above the Olympics.

I'll take all the luck I can get!!! GL to you to!

February 12, 2014  10:24 AM ET

Sorry folks but no one cares about NHL!

You still don't get it do you?

February 12, 2014  10:38 AM ET

You still don't get it do you?

I do! See #2 in my argument!!!

February 12, 2014  10:49 AM ET

I do! See #2 in my argument!!!


February 12, 2014  11:07 AM ET

The World Cup of soccer has a trophy?

February 12, 2014  11:07 AM ET

Froggie's gonna get splattered on this one.

February 12, 2014  11:10 AM ET

Difference between coveted and harder to get.

Entire Counties fight over the Soccer stuff, just because they dont have cable.

February 12, 2014  11:11 AM ET

I just sent for a framed picture of Denver's new Lamar Hunt trophy.

February 12, 2014  11:11 AM ET

Froggie's gonna get splattered on this one.

Count on it.

February 12, 2014  11:23 AM ET

The World Cup of soccer has a trophy?

Plastic Beer Cup???

February 12, 2014  11:24 AM ET

Count on it.

Ha ha..
Good one..

February 12, 2014  11:24 AM ET

Heisman is a good one..

February 12, 2014  11:28 AM ET

Heisman is a good one..

Nope. It's an award not a trophy.

February 12, 2014  11:32 AM ET

I'm going to attack his Olympic gold in my 3rd..
Not every Olympic gold is a big deal..
No one cares about Olympic gold in tennis..

February 12, 2014  11:32 AM ET

Nope. It's an award not a trophy.

You still get a cool trophy for it..

February 12, 2014  11:42 AM ET

You still get a cool trophy for it..

Heisman Trophy is a colloquialism for the Heisman Memorial Award used cause the press is lazy or wants to save print space (like that really matters anymore). I'll say why it's not the most coveted in my 2nd argument.

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February 12, 2014  11:55 AM ET

Lord Stanley's Cup is obviously the most prestigious trophy in all of sport. It's the most difficult to win and having your name etched on it immortalizes you in the sporting world.Nothing else even comes close.


February 12, 2014  11:59 AM ET

Soccer is a sport????

LOL . yes , yes it is. Mind numbingly boring to watch , but it is a sport. Also the place where seemingly catastrophic, writhing in agony injuries are healed 2 minutes later.

February 12, 2014  01:48 PM ET

LOL . yes , yes it is. Mind numbingly boring to watch , but it is a sport. Also the place where seemingly catastrophic, writhing in agony injuries are healed 2 minutes later.

And who says medical care hasn't made huge advances over the years? Especially after the penalty kick is awarded.


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