• 02/19/2014, 11:33AM ET

Biggest curses/DROUGHTS to be broken

HighwayCrossingFrog (175-852-64) vs MattUSA (3-4-3)

1. Red sox..
The curse of the bambino..
Now 1918 is just another number..
The drought.. It was a tough 86 years..
I knew an 85 year old that died a few months before Boston won..
and his wife giggled that her husband never got to see a winner..

2. White Sox..
Why they wear black sox is weird..
There drought was even bigger..

3. Murray becomes the first Brit to bag a Wimby since fred perry 1936..
close to 80 years..

4. Patriots 2002..
They win their first of many..

5. 2003 England rugby team..
They finally break through the northern hemisphere..

All these teams went through droughts..
Were they cursed?

I will keep your first two pick and replace the last three.

I will start with the most fresh on my mind. The Pittsburgh Pirates ending a 20 year long streak of losing. Going 20 years without a winning season is insane, as well as a record for major professional sports. The Buc's where able to finally end this sad streak last year with not only a winning record, but a Playoff performance. As well as winning the wildcard game against the Reds.

For my second pick I will stay in Pittsburgh with the 1972 Steelers team. After 37 years without a playoff win (and only 1 playoff season), the Steelers knocked off the hated Oakland Raiders, only to lose to the undefeated Dolphin team.
This would be the introduction of one of the greatest dynasty's in NFL history.

The last pick is Dale Earnhardt finally winning the Super Bowl of NASCAR, the Daytona 500. After 19 tries and 19 failures, Dale finally broke though in 1998 to win the greatest race in NASCAR. Sadly the track that gave him his greatest win would also be the sight of death a few years later.

You have a thing for Pitts? uh?:)
good list..

Ill list my last 5 now..
Im trying a new strategy..

6. 34 years for USA olympic hockey without gold..
They came close in 2002 and 2010..
But sometimes close just isn't good enough..
Is this the year the drought gets broken?
Apart from the Russian game, it hasn't even been close..
USA has a winning team..
I can sense these things..

7. 2003..
Last year an American has bagged a slam..
It felt like from 1990 till 2003, Americans could do no wrong in the tennis world..
Now all we have is a bunch of dwayne dweeblies..

8. 1966..
Last time England won a soccer world cup..
That is a long time for a soccer crazy country..

9. Celtics break a 20 year drought by up ending the Lakers, a couple years a go..
Long time for a franchise that is rich in tradition..

10... Well I guess you will have to find out in the third:)

Now you are listing teams that are in the middle of a drought and you don't include the Cubs? Really?
They are the most cursed team in sports.

My team that is about to end their drought is the Cincinnati Bengals. The Bungles no more, they will break their 25 years without a playoff win this up coming year.

How about an entire city in a forever funk. Cleveland hasn't had a Championship team since 1964. 50 years and not one of their 3 Pro teams has raised a banner. That is an amazing 0/143 (Cav's only in the league 43 years). Sadly it may be another 50 years, as this steak is in no jeopardy of ending soon.

My last one I will mix it up a little. Anthony Young pitcher NY Mets lost 27 straight decision over a 2 year period in the 1990. He was 0-14 as a starter and 0-13 as a reliever.

I totally butchered this TD HA HA..
Oh well..
Unless if USA and England break their droughts this year..
I'm going to look like a fool..

Don't worry I voted for you, cause I made a huge unforced error..

I just wanted to talk about sports..

Guess my new strategy back fired, uh?

10. Since I've already butchered this TD..
USA has NEVER won a soccer World Cup..
That's over 100 years without a winner..
The best they could do?
One semi final back in the 1930's..
But that's not too too bad..
There are a lot of countries that have never made a semis..
And recently, USA has been getting out of their group stage play and making the last 16..
But with Germany, Portugal and Ghana in their group..
USA will be very lucky to get out of the group of death..

I will end with probably the craziest of all of the curses. The curse of the 1994 San Diego Chargers. A long awaited trip the Super Bowl in 1994 should have been the start of something special, instead it was the start of death after death. A total of 8 players from that team have passes away.

Car crashes???

Plane crash???

Heart attacks???


Drug overdoses???

Getting struck by lightning???..twice

The curse even effected the families of the team. One of the coaches wives took her life just before the Super Bowl???.just after the Super Bowl, her daughter was swept away to her death while spreading the ashes.

February 19, 2014  01:57 PM ET

You missed a big one that should be #1, Froggy.

February 19, 2014  01:59 PM ET

The Euro trash and hommer picks are both too high (40% each)!!!

February 19, 2014  02:11 PM ET

If I understand this list correctly, you're looking at postseason / championship droughts that have ended, right?

Because the Cubs omission would be unforgiveable otherwise.

February 19, 2014  03:43 PM ET

If I understand this list correctly, you're looking at postseason / championship droughts that have ended, right?Because the Cubs omission would be unforgiveable otherwise.

1908 is still a big deal..

February 19, 2014  03:44 PM ET

Cubs haven't ended the drought yet..
Cleveland hasn't ended the drought yet either..

February 19, 2014  03:45 PM ET

You missed a big one that should be #1, Froggy.

I don't count the cubs..

February 19, 2014  05:29 PM ET

I don't count the cubs..

Wrong team Froggy.

Matt got it right and my vote too!!!

February 19, 2014  05:30 PM ET

If I understand this list correctly, you're looking at postseason / championship droughts that have ended, right?Because the Cubs omission would be unforgiveable otherwise.

And if that's the csae he missed a HUGH one that ended last year that Matt picked.

February 19, 2014  05:42 PM ET

NY Rangers - 1940-1994 - 54 years without a cup.

February 20, 2014  08:54 AM ET

I totally butchered this TD HA HA..
Everyone vote right..
My new strategy destroyed me..

February 20, 2014  09:53 AM ET

Great 3rd Matt..

February 20, 2014  11:05 AM ET

Great 3rd Matt..

+1 billion!!!

February 21, 2014  01:41 AM ET

Great 3rd Matt..




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