• 12/16/2007, 09:52PM ET

Oregon would Provide Terrelle Pryor with the Best Tools for Success in Basketball and Football

Bigalke (142-42-16) vs Prove It (1-5-0)

With Rich Rodriguez heading to Ann Arbor, Terrelle Pryor has thrown Michigan into his short list of teams in the running of his dual-sport services. But Michigan wouldn't instantly become a contender with just Pryor on the roster. Ohio State and Penn State still are in the running as well, and Florida also stands a chance with a great option for his skill set... although the current Heisman winner is only a sophomore and in the starting role for the Gators for at least one more season...

In my opinion, Oregon would be the most natural fit for his skill set, where he could slide into the Chip Kelly offense as a Young/Dixon-style QB to replace senior Dennis Dixon and play in the rising Pac-10. In basketball, he would follow in the footsteps of recent blue-chip recruits O.J. Mayo and Kevin Love in going to a Pac-10 school. Oregon was a top-tier school this season with Dixon at the helm, and went to the Elite Eight in last season's NCAA Tourney...

Which team to you feel provides Pryor with the best opportunity for success in both basketball and football? Pick one team and let's hammer out some sound debate...

I haven't taken a TD for a while - give me about 20 minutes.

No problem... but I hope you don't mind me making some more arguments in favor of Oregon here in anticipation of your choice of school...

The Pac-10 was recently featured on SI's Men's Basketball Preview cover -- Love v. Mayo, UCLA v. USC -- and yet Oregon was last season's Pac-10 Champion. Pryor, a "do everything forward", would have immediate impact next season with Mitch Platt and Maarty Leunen graduating after this season. Oregon basketball is on the rise, and Pryor would fit in well with rising star Tajuan Porter, senational freshman Kamyron Brown, and improving forward Joevan Catron to keep the Ducks a force through the end of the decade.

With a mobile quarterback calling the shots, the nation saw what Chip Kelly's spread-option offense could accomplish for the Ducks, both at Autzen Stadium and on the road. Pryor would be a great fit to replace Dixon in the offense...

And then there is the substantial benefits of moving to what has essentially become Nike U. With all the "swoosh-bucklers" walking around the Eugene campus, Oregon provides better facilities for recruits than some professional teams. Phil Knight's dollars provide significant perks for Oregon athletes...


only going to argue 1 team Ohio State

Football TOOLS FOR SUCCESS 1st, then basketball

1. At his caliber, he is looking for a pro career.
OSU has tied the record twice for most 1st round draft picks
OSU attracts more attention than OR becasue of location
Tressel has a good record of developing talent. Ex - Mangold was a 1 star recruit 1st round pick, Robiskie was a 2 may go to the pros early, Hawk and Laurinaitis were both 3 (out of 5).

2. Looking for an offensive scheme suited to his skills.
Tressel has changed his offensive scheme to match his talent several times. Big differences between 05, 06, 07.

3. Looking at Heisman
OSU has among the most Heismans in recent times
Troy Smith

4. Looking at a chance to win the NC
OSU is going back to take another shot Oregon is trying to develop.

5. He is looking for talent around him
hard to project, but based on 1-5 rating, in his 3rd yr

OL all top position 5 star recruits
WR 5, 4, 4 star recruit including top WR this year
RB four 4 star recruits including 2 know as receivers
FB only 3 star (FBs only block at OSU)
TE 3 and 4 star recruits known for recei

Pryor could certainly come in and be the next great Buckeye quarterback... but where is the basketball team headed? Greg Oden and Mike Conley, Jr. only saw fit to stay a season. Thad Matta can certainly recruit, but can he retain talent to bring consistent success? His teams are always competitive, no doubt... but where is the continuity? In Oregon, Catron can help assist Pryor as he grows into a dominant forward... and a Dixon-style spread will certainly suit Pryor's skills better than a Troy Smith-style offense.

Tressel could mold a system to effectively utilize his dual-threat skills at quarterback. Matta could design the Buckeyes around him. But would they be willing to share him?

Only Oregon has illustrated any willingness to allow football players to play basketball and vice versa. Kent and Bellotti have proven they can work together to get the most out of an athlete in both sports. The Pac-10 provides equivalent or greater competition than the Big Ten in both sports, and no recruiting machine has a bigger booster than Phil Knight, he of the recent $100 million Duck Athletic Endowment donation... a headliner in a new Eugene basketball arena and at magnificent Autzen...

Every school is offering him BB and FB
He's not going to play during the FB season
He wants a chance to get some minutes playing BB off the bench

OSU is currently second in recruiting, with 2 top 5 recruits.
Oregon is ranked 11.
Speaks well for OSUs chance to return and go deep in the tourny - which will be most of Pryor's time on the court.

OSU lost 8 players, hasnt signed a SF this year. Oregon already has 1 for the year and several strong prospects. Pryor will have fewer minutes on the court at Oregon than OSU - not the TOOLS FOR SUCCESS for a guy who actually hopes to miss the 1st 1/2 of the season.

Thad Matta. He kept Xavier a fixture in the tourney. I am not even certain I can spell Xavier. He was assembling top recruiting classes without a big college name. Players like him. About the only thing that can pry a recruit away is an NBA contract. Having players leave early helps Pryor in BB, not hurt him.

Troy Smith style offense will give Pryor what he really needs - a chance to develop into the newer style of NFL mobile THROWING QB

OSU still gives him better surrounding talent, Heisman shot, etc

Another TOOL FOR SUCCESS-OSU close to family


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