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What will White Sox do with Felipe Paulino?


06:05 AM ET 04.19 | The Felipe Paulino project appears to be about over. If not, it's hard to see the right-hander, who got hammered by the Texas Rangers for 10 runs and 13 hits in 32/3 innings in the White Sox' 12-0 loss Friday night at Globe Life Park, getting one more chance to prove he belongs. Signed as a free agent during the offseason to fill a spot in the starting rotation after he missed most of the 2013 season because of elbow surgery, Paulino, 30, has averaged 42/3 innings over his four starts, allowing one, six, six and 10 earned runs. Paulino's velocity was fine, but the location on the fastball and slider was not. Manager Robin Ventura seemed to rule out a demotion to the bullpen as a long reliever as an option, although there is no obvious choice at Class AAA Charlotte to fill the role.

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Felipe Paulino, Sarah Glenn/Getty Images Felipe Paulino, Sarah Glenn/Getty Images

Yankees, Mets, Red Sox among Hanrahan hopefuls


07:48 AM ET 04.18 | Go figure: Multiple teams are interested in a hard-throwing bullpen arm who's now available. Close to 20 teams showed up to watch veteran closer Joel Hanrahan throw in a showcase at the University of Tampa on Thursday, and judging by the early reviews, don't be surprised if there's quite a bit of competition for the two-time All-Star. Scouts there say Hanrahan looked fit and healthy, and pitched at 87-93 mph, putting him possibly ahead of schedule for someone 11 months removed from Tommy John surgery. The Yankees, Mets, Red Sox, Royals, Rockies and Indians are among the teams scouting Hanrahan, but that's only a fraction of those there to see the hard-throwing right-hander. Boston is an interesting entry in that Hanrahan was pitching for them when he went down with the elbow issue that led to the surgery.

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Joel Hanrahan, Getty Images Joel Hanrahan, Getty Images

Trout wanted a lifetime contract


07:47 AM ET 04.18 | In the end, compromise prevailed. Mike Trout wanted to go very long with his contract extension -- as long as 13 years -- or as short as four, according to major-league sources. The Angels, on the other hand, preferred to be somewhere in the middle, but ideally wanted a deal longer than six years. ... If Trout couldn't land a near-lifetime contract, his best alternative was to reach free agency as soon as possible. A 13-year deal likely would have been -- what, $350 million? It's difficult to know. In exchange for greater security, Trout might have accepted lower annual salaries than what he will receive from the Angels -- $5.25 million, $15.25 million and $19.25 million, then a record $33.25 million over each of the next three years. Over time, the Angels might regret locking up Trout.

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Mike Trout, Icon Sports Mike Trout, Icon Sports

'Velo' questions anger Papelbon


07:47 AM ET 04.18 | For at least a day, reports of Jonathan Papelbon's demise can be tabled. It's possible that his outing in Texas two weeks ago was just a poorly-timed implosion. For all of the heat Papelbon has taken about his declining save percentage and velocity, the fact remains that in three seasons with the Phillies, he has a 2.74 ERA and 10.2 strikeouts per nine innings. ... Just don't make the mistake of talking to him about velocity. "Why do you guys care about velo so much, man?" an agitated Papelbon said at his locker Thursday. "Is that -- does that matter? You think that matters? I don't understand that. I mean, if a ball has life at the plate and you are throwing 88 miles an hour as opposed to 98 miles an hour, it doesn't make one [darn] bit of difference. Whether you throw 93 or 94 or 84. I just, I don't get it."

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Jonathan Papelbon, Icon Sports Jonathan Papelbon, Icon Sports

Mattingly worried about Puig


07:46 AM ET 04.18 | As the life and times of Yasiel Puig unfold, he has provided a number of highlights, but he's also responsible for bringing some concern to Los Angeles. [Puig] has presented Don Mattingly with plenty of managerial challenges since arriving in the major leagues last June, but the latest news about the outfielder's perilous escape from Cuba has taken the relationship into new territory. According to two reports, including a lengthy ESPN The Magazine story detailing its five-month investigation, Puig has received death threats from human traffickers who orchestrated his 2012 defection from Cuba to Mexico. Mattingly said he read the first of those articles Wednesday and has gained a more nuanced view of his talented, sometimes reckless outfielder. "If you care about Yasiel, you worry about it," Mattingly said.

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Yasiel Puig, Icon Sports Yasiel Puig, Icon Sports

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