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Nash on Lakers: 'They can't rely on me'


07:43 AM ET 04.18 | How confident is Steve Nash that he'll be ready for training camp? Or might his beaten body have a different opinion? "That's a good question," Nash said. "I think in my mind, yeah, I will be in camp. Who knows? I don't take anything for granted nowadays. ... Nash said he expects to be healthy in about three to four weeks. He said he had fun when he played this season and wants to continue to play, though he's also fine with a lesser role mentoring young guards. He expects next season to be his last. "They can't rely on me, frankly," Nash said. "Hopefully, I come back and play 82 games next year and the sky is the limit. But they can't rely on me if they don't know what I'm going to bring, so they got to evaluate those guys for next season."

Yahoo Sports

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... So, L.A. will line up for Love and Durant


07:41 AM ET 04.18 | For years, Pau Gasol had survived through trade speculation coming out of Los Angeles. Now he has all the leverage, becoming a free agent in July and enduring questions about his final days ever with the Lakers, yet again. "I'll be in charge of my future and my destiny," Gasol said Thursday, later adding, "This could be my last day [with the Lakers], maybe." He was one of many players who met individually with General Manager Mitch Kupchak and Coach Mike D'Antoni. ... The Lakers, though, have money to spend. Lots of it. The catch: They're reluctant to sign players past one-year deals because they want to pursue Kevin Love next year and Kevin Durant in 2016. So maybe Gasol comes back after all. Especially if he agrees to a lucrative one-year deal.

Los Angeles Times

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Jennings says, 'Pistons were like, Whatever'


07:41 AM ET 04.18 | Late Wednesday night, as the dispiriting season sputtered to its finish, Brandon Jennings stayed until he was the last man in the visitor's locker room at Chesapeake Energy Arena. It was now time for the young point guard to reflect on completing his first season with the Pistons. ... Jennings points to the February firing of coach Maurice Cheeks as a tipping point. He had been vocal about not understanding the move, and now that we see the end result, he just might have a point. "I think, in the beginning when Mo was here, I was speaking by just playing hard every night -- not playing hard, just hooping," Jennings said. "After that, I think the locker room went down, just kind of split up. Not saying that guys had crews or, like, little cliques. Guys were like, 'Whatever.'"

Detroit Free Press

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Even Waiters wants Brown back


07:39 AM ET 04.18 | Maybe they didn't always give everything they had for him, but that doesn't mean the Cavs don't want Mike Brown around. [With Brown's] future in limbo, multiple players lined up one by one the past few days to defend their first-year coach. The strongest endorsement came from Dion Waiters even though the two didn't always agree. Waiters never seemed to fully embrace his bench role, while his inconsistencies and at times his immaturity drove his coach crazy. But they seemed to reach some sort of understanding during the course of the season and now Waiters is his most vocal supporter. "I'd like to see Coach come back," Waiters said Thursday. "We've been together for a year. The ups and downs he stuck with us, we stuck with him. ... I don't think we need any more changes right now."

Akron Beacon Journal

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Woodson wants a quick answer


07:27 AM ET 04.17 | Mike Woodson has one year left on his deal -- from there, not a whole lot is known about his future. [Woodson] said he still hopes to talk to Phil Jackson about remaining as head coach next season, but wouldn't say if he will help the Knicks team president conduct exit meetings Thursday and Friday with the players. Woodson said he'd like to find out his status "soon" and he likely will in the next 48 hours. Woodson is not expected to be retained to finish the final year of his contract. ... Despite guiding the Knicks to a 37-45 record this season, Woodson showed his swashbuckling side when he said, before Wednesday's game, he still thinks he's "the only guy" for this job. "If they bring me back, I'm going to make [darn] sure this doesn't happen again," Woodson said.

New York Post

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