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Rangers pegged as unsportsmanlike divers


07:48 AM ET 04.22 | The Rangers are now stuck with a mark on their record, and they're none too pleased. During Sunday afternoon's 4-2 loss to the Flyers in Game 2 of their first-round playoff series, the Blueshirts were called for two embellishment penalties, just the second time in league history a team has been called for more than one in the same game. Trying to rid themselves of the reputation as divers, they rebuked both calls after Monday's optional practice as they prepared for Game 3 in Philadelphia on Tuesday. "I'm not sure if [the referees] changed their mind after [the Flyers] started yelling," said Derek Dorsett, who was called for the second dive 11:41 into the second period when he was cross-checked from behind by Wayne Simmonds. ... "I watched the one replay, and I don't think there was any embellishment."

New York Post

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Heat rising on new sheriff Quintal


07:47 AM ET 04.22 | This 2014 road to the Cup has been paved with more than its share of borderline hits and cheap shots, this one courtesy Matt Cooke's extended left knee. [The hit], which single-handedly has sidelined core Colorado Avalanche blueliner Tyson Barrie for the next 4-6 weeks with a medial collateral ligament injury. Yes, THAT Matt Cooke. Add another entry to his rap sheet. And, in the process, heap another important decision onto the crowded plate of incoming league head disciplinarian Stephane Quintal, who quickly is discovering the concept of "baptism by fire." ... Cooke has just one major penalty in the past three years. But after Monday's incident, anything less than a suspension will be a farce. ... So much for low key, Mr. Quintal. Time to take a stand. Another one.

Toronto Sun

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The Sharks are in Quick's head


07:46 AM ET 04.22 | Ask the Sharks and they might candidly admit they're surprised to have discovered that Jonathan Quick is human. Quick, the Los Angeles Kings goalie, has traditionally been an other-wordly force when he faces the Sharks. ... Psychological aspects of the game are often given short shrift. But you do sometimes hear that a goalie is "getting into the heads" of teams when they can't score on him -- or the flip side, that a team is "getting into the head" of a goalie when he's having trouble making crucial saves. Right now, you have to wonder if the Sharks are camping out inside Quick's skull, smoking cigars and telling dirty jokes. Erase that notion, said Sharks coach Todd McLellan. "I don't think we're getting into his head," McLellan opined of Quick. "We're trying to get into his net more than anything."

Mercury News

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Teammate wonders: Is Ward past his prime?


07:46 AM ET 04.22 | Over the course of the previous two seasons, Cam Ward has played just 47 games in the Carolina goal. This season, he was 10-12-6 with a save percentage of .898. He'll earn $6.7 million next season and then $6.8 million in 2015-16, after which he'll become a free agent. Anton Khudobin was Carolina's best goalie this season, is three years younger and costs over $4 million against the cap cheaper than Ward. Khudobin respects Ward. But he also feels like, perhaps, his time is over in Carolina. "Of course he is a strong goaltender. He is a good goaltender. No one is counting him out. They [Carolina] will decide what to do with him this year, this summer. Maybe he, how can I say, has presented everything he could have," said Khudobin at a Russian National Team press conference on Monday.

Yahoo Sports

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An outdoor game in Big D?


07:45 AM ET 04.22 | Why not Texas? NHL commissioner Gary Bettman said there are no plans as of yet for when a midseason stadium-based outdoor hockey game might take place at AT&T Stadium, home of the Dallas Cowboys. The NHL has run the Winter Classic annually, but also added a handful of "Stadium Series" games this past season and has never attempted one in the Dallas area. "I certainly wouldn't rule it out," Bettman said prior to Monday's Game 3 between the Dallas Stars and Anaheim Ducks at American Airlines Center. "It's an unbelievable stadium. I think our focus will be on making sure that when we're ready to come that it will be sold out. All of our outdoor games get sold out, and that's a big stadium." The Stars said earlier this season that they are exploring the possibility.

ESPN Dallas

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