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Junior hires Martin's engineer


09:54 AM ET 12.09 | That change in engineering on Dale Earnhardt Jr.'s team that Earnhardt talked about a little last week but wouldn't go into details? He got Mark Martin's engineer. Chris Heroy, moves to join Dale Jr.'s team to be the race engineer there. He replaces Tom Stewart, who moves into a position where he'll work with both the 88 and the 5 team.

Dale Earnhardt Jr., AP Dale Earnhardt Jr., AP
July 28, 2010  05:32 PM ET

The problem isn't that Junior has zero talent, the problem is that he spends too much time drinking and partying with his friends and not enough time in the gym working out like top drivers do anymore. He keeps himself in terrible physical shape.

Add in that he has so many other activities. One of the few things wicked stepmom was accurate about was when she said he needed to decide if he wanted to be a race car driver or a celebrity who happens to drive race cars.

September 10, 2010  11:50 AM ET

While at first the idea of taking or merging input from the #5 team with the #88 team may have sounded logical, it now shows how much Mark Martin's team was hurt, along with the support for Martin, himself.
I would try to make Martin's team stronger, not weaker. The fans love Martin and who wouldn't want to see Mark win the "big one?" We all love him.
Now, we all love Junior too.
Hopefully, Mr Hendrick will rebuild the #5 team, and also build stronger the #88 team. How? Well, first have junior talk to the "Old Guard" of NASCAR. He will listen; they will talk. Next, re-evaluate. Sounds simple, doesn't it? Yes, but even in the heat of battle, it needs to be done. It may make sense, actually great sense, to bring Tony Eury Jr back to the pit box; either as co-crew chief, or as sole crew chief. Then, see what happens. Look for improvement in steps, not quantum leaps. Finally, maybe Mr Hendrick should look to put more into the #5 team. Does anyone remember where Mark Martin finished the last season???? Try second.

September 30, 2010  02:35 PM ET

i wish people who know nothing about racing, would come to grips with the reality of chemistry,if you dont have it you are doomed to failure,little e can drive, its the other folks in the equation that have not come day soon i hope it clicks, for all our sakes..

January 19, 2011  06:58 PM ET

JR???? He hasn't a clue how to win without Daddy's cash help and stepmommie won't pay to see him win again. We except for the Wrangler #3 which was a joke, win bought by Henrick, Earnhart, and Childers money for the #3. The real race was for 2nd where the real money was

February 8, 2011  07:53 PM ET

Go Tony !

February 15, 2011  01:13 PM ET

#24 fan here and candidly, I am sick of hearing about Jr's reasons for not winning...

In all candor, he is not near as talented as any of the current Top 5 drivers in the sport and he easily has the best resources.

Hendrick has done everything in his power to make this guy successful and it still is not working.

If not for his massive popularity due to his daddy's name, he would be driving for one of the lessor programs in Nascar.

Yet, because of his marketability alone, he gets a plush ride...

It is only a matter of time until Hendrick moves on and lets him walk.

Jr better get his butt in the Top 10 this season, or his days will be numbered.

May 21, 2011  07:02 PM ET

First of all (Race Fans) I want to say I Like Jr, And Would Enjoy if Jr Started Finishing Lets Just Say in the top Ten. After All Jr made more last year (30 million) 7 Million More Than The 4 Time Sprint Cup Champion J-J. And Jr Never won a race Last Year!. Jr Commented this past week that if he didn't start winning He was Going Back To The Dealership were he user to change oil , And he said he was going to take a Desk Job. His last name/ And trying to live up to his daddys stardom is going to sink Jr, Plus all the Drinking , Hanging out all nite with His Posse, The Commercials, Nite Clubs He owns In NC, Too much !! Jr needs to Take a Break from Drinking, Hanging out all nite with his Posse. If Jr wants to Race he needs to clean up his act, Stay away from his clubs , Jr can do the , Clubs, Posse's And all the other crap when he's 45, Jr use to blame Theresa, DEI, Use to say his Garage/ Eqpt was out dated, Now he has the Best of the Best. It's Always Something He's 35 going on 17 . At 35 time is running out, There Use to be a show called (Welcome Back Kotter), And There use to be a Student called Epstein who always had a Note(Excuse) for every reason he had a problem. Jr needs to put the plug in the Jug-Grow Up And Quit Pointing fingers, Take Responsibility And Drive , Drive , Drive. Or He Needs To Go Smoke a Big One & Live with his Twin (Kyle Petty). Grow Up or Quit Racing. Cup Fan

What language is this and can I get a translation?

May 23, 2011  08:50 AM ET

I think jr should study films of his dad for driving tips. Hes not aggressive enough. Nascar doesnt penelize for rough driving anymore. just ask Kyle Busch,Harvick, and Edwards.

July 10, 2011  08:59 PM ET

I think that Jr is the new Michael Waltrip!

July 10, 2011  09:00 PM ET

I think that Jr is the new Michael Waltrip

July 11, 2011  07:42 PM ET

To help him find his pit box?

August 13, 2011  01:37 PM ET

I feel sorry for Mark Martin. When he had his own car, own team, etc. he finished second to Jimmy Johnson for the Cup championship. Then, Rick Hendrick, dare I say it, dismantled the team to help Jr..
I can't help but wonder if Rick had just left Mark alone would Mark be fighting for another championship today. If the changes had made significant improvement to a younger driver, then it would have been justified, but the only result was ruining Mark Martin's chances to run up front all the time.

August 26, 2011  11:17 AM ET

MAKE NO MISTAKE ABOUT IT JR. NATION IS WELL AND ALIVE. GET A JOB AND GET A LIFE'''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''' '''''''''''''''.

August 26, 2011  11:18 AM ET

JR NATION IS WELL AND ALIVE''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''' ''''''''''''''''

March 23, 2012  04:24 AM ET

as to jr. each team has gotten better,it is harder to win a race now days,as one can see by the
way each race has a new race winner. jr. is fine and he can drive a race car. and by the way,
dale sr. did not buy any races for jr. race hard and all else will happen.

April 18, 2012  07:16 PM ET

There's NO QUESTION that MM is one of the MOST talented drivers EVER in NASCAR and stock car racing. His resume is OUTSTANDING and his IROC record is TOPS. Big E is second to Mark in IROC competition. Their accomplishments are second to none. Richard Petty never won ONE IROC event, let alone a IROC championship.

I think IROC type racing needs to be resurected, only make it available to the best of the best in NASCAR's three series of drivers. I would lay my money on Mark NOW to capture the wins and title if it could be done again. How about a slew of 10 cylinder dodge vipers for the drivers to tool around??

May 25, 2012  01:29 PM ET

JR. Always has an excuse.He needs to quit whining and focus on the car,the team,the track, and RACING.

June 10, 2012  10:00 AM ET

Well haters...for a driver that is riding off his daddy's coat tails, or is the next Michael Waltrip, or whatever foolish thing you can come up with think about this... Do some research and find out how Dale Sr taught Jr by NOT giving him everything from the start. He has 2 championships and more wins under his belt than most drivers n the top 2 series. By the way, she is he in points and where is your driver? Enough Said!

July 10, 2012  08:31 PM ET

Junior is a great driver and I'm sick of hearing everyone complain about him. He earned everything that he has. Nothing was given to him. He's humble and he doesn't have his head in the clouds. He is one of the few drivers that stays to the end to sign autographs for his fans. If you think you can do better let's see ya'll jump in his racecar. Otherwise quit complaining.

August 17, 2012  05:46 PM ET

JR's a great driver and I'm THE POPE! TRD!!!


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