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Waltrip limiting Cup races?


09:56 AM ET 12.09 | Michael Waltrip told me that as of now he thinks he'll only run four Cup races next year - all four restrictor-plate races (unless more sponsorship is found). As for Nationwide? "I'd like to run some Nationwide races, I'd like to run some Truck races, so I'm still just seeing what's out there," he said. "I'll do anything, I just want to race every now and then - and then he laughed.

Michael Waltrip, AP Michael Waltrip, AP
January 29, 2011  07:13 PM ET

nascar will not miss you,MIKEY boy!

January 29, 2011  07:14 PM ET

mikey boy will not be missed!

January 29, 2011  07:14 PM ET

crooked mikey!

January 29, 2011  07:15 PM ET

is he dw,s brother?

January 29, 2011  07:20 PM ET

remember the night you got drunk and left the scene of the accident and walked home,how much did it cost you to pay your way out of that?
where you the one that won the race that d e got killed,did not even get to celebrate ,did you? HA!

February 1, 2011  04:00 AM ET

Why all the hate for Michael? At least he has a likeable personality and is an honest racer. Not buying his way to five straight championships through an owner that has NASCAR in their back pocket.

February 22, 2011  09:38 AM ET

Mikey do your drivers and the other owners a favor; stay behind the microphone and away from the steering wheel. After that debacle Sunday was I another driver I'd stay far far away from your car. Why would you even think about pushing that hard that early in the race? Trust me, step away from the car.

May 22, 2011  09:00 PM ET

Jeff Gordon second most popular?????? hes the biggest crybaby there has ever been.He thinks everyone is supposed to move over and let him win.I guess the same person keeps voting every week for Gordon as the Pizza Hut driver to watch.The only thing I want to watch of Gordon is them putting his car back on the hauler and the rear of it as its leaving the track.

Comment #9 has been removed
January 21, 2012  10:40 AM ET

Mike W., I like watching you upstairs or on the track. Great that you can be in that position to pick and choose. "yount" in NC secretly wishes he were you.

February 1, 2012  05:43 PM ET

Yount(aka Reutti)-Still a little soar from where Mikey used that NAPA know how to kick your **** to the curb? That being said the only thing Mikey is likely to drive is MWR, into bankruptcy

February 26, 2012  03:10 PM ET

Terrific,fun to read the comments from TRAILER TRASH. Mike Waltrip is a TERRIFIC driver and may even win LeMans 24 HOURS in a Ferrari. Big mouth recknecks with no balls & never raced a car. TIDE ferrari racing,Palm Beach, last ferrari to win class & finish in top 5 at LeMANS,1981 TIDE ch.pozzi ferrari france, 60th.annv. SEBRING 12 Hours march 14-17,2012. Real racing,real cars,not KIT CARS. P.S. Formula 1, sportcars and Roadcourse INDY CARS race in da RAIN! Go DANICA !

February 29, 2012  08:39 AM ET

Wow....feel the vibes towards someone you probably have never met.

May 13, 2012  04:04 PM ET

Lets see the list of drivers that won Daytona. Oh should I say twice. Wait oh yea people that always has smart stupid comments race right! But back Jimmy Johnson and Chad Knaus that seem to cheat when ever they can. I would rather back Mike and MWR.

May 14, 2012  10:43 AM ET

I love it

June 4, 2012  07:26 PM ET

Mike Waltrip could not win a race and no one would give him a ride! Dale Earnhardt said if he drove for D.E.I. he would make him win Daytona or DIE TRYING!

August 5, 2012  12:10 AM ET

people who talk the most no the least

September 19, 2012  05:42 PM ET

MW gone???? wonderful...he only thing he knew how to do good was....when he saw he wouldn't be winning this or that race, he would put the car in the the car/# would get some exposure.....hE was good at he never seemed to take anyone with him....but no, I will not miss him at all....

but by him being in those races...he did not let another racer that deserved to be in there..get in..good thing he's happy....

May 29, 2013  02:27 PM ET

Don't "y'all" have spell check?


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