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Could San Antonio land a team in NFL?


07:27 AM ET 02.24 | Jerry Jones may be feeling the pressure from an in-state challenge to his Cowboys. the biggest reason San Antonio will never see an NFL team is that Jones would never allow that to happen. San Antonio could be claimed by Jones and the Dallas Cowboys. There are a few Texans fans sprinkled outside of Houston but, for the most part, the Cowboys' star is tattooed on most South Texas hearts. Jones would lose too much money if San Antonio were to receive a team.

Jerry Jones, Gary Miller/Getty Images Jerry Jones, Gary Miller/Getty Images
July 24, 2010  09:20 AM ET

reason JJ won't let a nfl team in SA is money. Iwould thing anyone s outh of Austin including mexico would become SA fans and JJ loses big bucks in dallas cowboys product. really that simple

December 20, 2010  02:04 AM ET

Just what the NFL needs - another small market team to subsidize. San Antonio is a one team town (Spurs). They're not getting an NFL franchise and it has nothing to do with Jones. should stick to the arts & entertainment report and leave sports reporting to the big boys.

San Antonio is a big player and one of the fastest growing metros in the U.S. It has over 2.2 million people and over 4 million people along the San Antonio-New braunfels-San Marcos-Austin Corridor currently. This region is projected to grow to 6 million in the next 15 years. The NFL would be stupid to overlook this region.
These two adjacent metros have the strongest economies in the nation and are riped for a NFL team in the region.
However, San Antonio doen't really need Austin, since it is bigger than a dozen NFL cities by itself.
leave it to the Big boys?
San Antonio knows how to support it's teams, 4 world Championships, Spurs! No Dallas or Houston in that equation. Houston did almost 20 years ago but nothing since. San Antonio is next in line for a NFL team.

December 20, 2010  02:14 AM ET

whats with this can SA support a team stuff?? SA can easily sell out 8 homes games a year..the nfl does not care about fans filling the stadium..they are all about the tv money and corporate dollars..they could care less about the fans...thats wht san antonio will not get a team,, not enough big corporations here,,, and that is the only

The city has 6-7 fortune 500 companies and many F 1000, more than many exsisting NFL cities. Have you heard of the largest Oil compnay in North America, Valero Energy? Its bigger than Exxon now. Plus there is Clear Channel Worldwide, Tesoro Energy, Nustar Energy, USAA, Rackspace and not to long ago the world HQ for At&T. Plus San Antonio now has a higher median family income than Houston or Dallas. Pick up a Forbes etc publication and see how San Antonio/Austin are always touted as tops in many categories. The San Antonio region is ready. I'm no Cowboy or Texans fan. The NFL needs to bring a team to the Heart of Texas!


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