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Report: Jets kicking tires on JaMarcus


07:24 AM ET 06.30 | The Jets have made a cursory phone call about former Raiders quarterback JaMarcus Russell, reports. The former No. 1 overall pick in the NFL Draft was released by Oakland in May, and the Jets seemingly have a need for a backup quarterback, with Kellen Clemens and Erik Ainge behind Mark Sanchez. The report says the call is part of GM Mike Tannenbaum's strategy to investigate every available player. It lists the Cardinals and Vikings as Russell's most likely destinations.

New York Post

JaMarcus Russell, Jed Jacobsohn/Getty Images JaMarcus Russell, Jed Jacobsohn/Getty Images
July 1, 2010  02:00 AM ET

He should go to the Bengals! They're troublemakers, plus Carson is always hurt and from what I remember they didn't have great backups last season.

July 1, 2010  02:02 AM ET

Can William "THE FRIDGE" Perry be far behind??

July 1, 2010  08:58 AM ET

He can throw it far. That might be all the enticing a team needs.

July 1, 2010  03:25 PM ET

I would not waste time with Russell,why even pay him to be on your team, he does not work hard enough to be in the nfl...Everybody should get a second chance, but coming in to camp over weight , is not good sign that you even want to play football...

July 1, 2010  03:40 PM ET

He should go to the Bengals! They're troublemakers, plus Carson is always hurt and from what I remember they didn't have great backups last season.

Why would the bengals want Russell, on their roster...He's not doing a good job at QB and it was smart for the raiders to cut him..i dont know about the Bengals being trouble makers, it seem's like alot of other teams players are messing up and not conducting themselves in a professional manner...If people were to focus on doing their job we would not have those OFF FIELD situation's right...

July 1, 2010  03:51 PM ET

give him a second chance

July 1, 2010  05:18 PM ET

Father my child.

July 1, 2010  05:19 PM ET

Third chance is a charm, baby!!!

July 1, 2010  05:20 PM ET

Watch out for the mizzle toe! at Christmas parties.

July 1, 2010  07:17 PM ET

So they want to wipe out all the off season work they have with getting this hack?

July 1, 2010  07:27 PM ET

Jets kicking tires on JaMarcus...did some donuts pop out LoL?

July 1, 2010  10:40 PM ET

jets. lets not and say we did

July 2, 2010  05:20 AM ET

Is it April 1 already? Where does the time go?

July 2, 2010  04:53 PM ET

Why kick Fat Boy in Belly!!!!!!!

July 4, 2010  10:29 AM ET

Why? Russell is a complete and total loser, period; end of story. I shouldn't say that, it is not the end of story. He will soon be on ESPN's Outside the Lines because he's broke, filing for bankruptcy and trying to blame "the system" for being uneducated and giving him millions of dollars. He'll blame high school for passing him because he was an athlete, he'll blame LSU for allowing him to go to college because he was an athlete and then he'll blame the Raiders for not coaching him. The only blame resides with Russell and the fact he is just lazy.


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