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USC parts ways with RB coach


07:00 AM ET 07.02 | Todd McNair, USC's running backs coach for the last six seasons and a key figure in the NCAA's investigation of the school's athletic department, became the first staff casualty in the aftermath of major sanctions levied against the program. In its infractions report, made public on June 10, the NCAA found that McNair "knew or should have known" that former Trojans running back Reggie Bush and two would-be sports marketers from the San Diego area "were engaged in violations that negatively affected" Bush's amateur status.

Los Angeles Times

Todd McNair, Kirby Lee/Getty Images Todd McNair, Kirby Lee/Getty Images
July 2, 2010  07:13 AM ET

no money left to pay his salary?

July 2, 2010  07:24 AM ET

Way to screw up a program coach

July 2, 2010  07:35 AM ET

Happens, when you get caught!

July 2, 2010  08:02 AM ET

So when does Garrett's contract expire?

July 2, 2010  08:19 AM ET

Is this the first of the sacrifices made on the altar or who's to blame?

July 2, 2010  08:21 AM ET

So when does Garrett's contract expire?

expire or fire?

Comment #7 has been removed
July 2, 2010  09:01 AM ET

I'll be surprised if he's still AD when the 2010 season starts.

But he's so confident. You need confidence to lead a big-time program!

July 2, 2010  09:05 AM ET

But he's so confident. You need confidence to lead a big-time program!

You guys are all just showing how envious you are of the Trojan program!

July 2, 2010  09:05 AM ET

That's funny. Who was also at SC when this is going and "should" have known that Bush and possibly others were on the take? I'll give you a hint. His initials are LK.

July 2, 2010  09:06 AM ET

I wonder... Purportedly, McNair has dirt on the AD and members of the current coaching staff. Did someone quietly arrange to slip him into a comfortable gig? Or, will his employment situation induce him to "chatter a bit?"

July 2, 2010  09:11 AM ET

Trojan fans, I'll remind you that USC is bigger than any AD or coaching staff. Yes, the current situation will produce prodigious quantities of smack aimed at Southern California's fine university and its athletic programs. Buck up. Take the long view. Be stalwart. [Besides, you have weapons of madness unparalleled on these threads - Scratch will be unleashed. It is inevitable.]

July 2, 2010  09:34 AM ET

The man knows too much to let him go, yes did they slip him a comfortable gig, or did they make him an offer he couldn't refuse?

Who was **** anyway?

July 2, 2010  09:35 AM ET

Deeepthroaat ?

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July 2, 2010  10:06 AM ET

They better hope he doesnt know more than he's already said.

July 2, 2010  10:09 AM ET

Funny how Rick Neuheisel runs the program in the area that the NCAA is not looking into.

July 2, 2010  10:28 AM ET

Is this the first of the sacrifices made on the altar or who's to blame?

From what I've read the NCAA has hard evidents that coach McNair knew the whole time about the illegal activities and said nothing, and this = the harsh penalties.

Now the question is did coach Carroll and AD Garrett know and do nothing to stop it, and more important was coach Kiffin in on it, if that can be proved. Oh Boy!

Did we decide on 1 or 3 G's in Dooshbaggery , How bout Dooshbaggeryism, do we drop the y ?
Ha ha ha,, ya got ta love it !!!

July 2, 2010  10:41 AM ET

Evidence, Ha ha ha,, maybe i should work on that word first.

July 2, 2010  11:00 AM ET



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