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Source: Knicks offer Amare $100M deal


08:06 AM ET 07.03 | Listen up, LeBron. If you come to the Knicks, you would get to play with Amaree Stoudemire, too. A team source told The Post a $100 million deal for Stoudemire is "as good as done." A source said Stoudemire's flying into New York tonight and will meet with the Knicks Monday to finalize an agreement. Said one Eastern Conference executive: "It's my understanding he's going to the Knicks with a full max deal."

New York Post

Amare Stoudemire, Christian Petersen/Getty Images Amare Stoudemire, Christian Petersen/Getty Images
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July 3, 2010  08:35 AM ET

The knicks will regret offering this guy that kind of money.He needs a good passing point guard with a high IQ of the game to be effective.Without players like Nash(who is the reason Amare is a top 10 power forward), D Will,Cp3,Wade Amare will not be the same force period.I mean come on David Lee,Boozer,Josh Smith are all shorter than him by an inch and they each average 12,11 and 9 rebounds respectively.Amare does not even average 10 rebound in a season.He is not an effective passer when double teamed(though he should be able to see over the D) and he plays no freaking D.Lee,Boozer,Josh Smith all better passers than Amare for there size.After the first year in the big apple the knicks will be sorry they overpaid for this guy and are gonna wanna unload that horrific contract for an overrated player.

Though I would have rather go after Bosh, it appears Bosh is going w/WAde. If the knicks didnt do anything they would have striked out. Amare is a good player...and if bosh and wade go to chicago...amare on the knicks become much more attractive than miami and cleveland. This could land LBJ. If LBJ and wade go to chicago...than bosh is out...knicks will try to get JJ who is not signing w/atlanta yet until he see's what NY and Chicago does. If the knicks can pull off that trade for Parker who wants to be traded to NY...than the knicks are extremely good. Even if LBJ doesnt come and stays in cleveland...U R looking at a team w/JJ, Amare, Galo and Parker. VERY VERY good team.

July 3, 2010  08:38 AM ET

Zach Randolph is an inch shorter than him too an averages 20/10.Horford is on the verge of being better than him, as they are the same height and Horford not only crashes the boards but plays defense.Something Amare does not do at all.

I agree Amare's Defense is horrible. There is no way a man his size should not pull down 10 boards a game at minimum.

However, knicks had no choice to offer him that contract. It makes total business sense w/regards to FAs. Again, if bosh and wade end up in chicago...Knicks roster w/amare is better than cleveland's and that surely can attract LBJ. If not, knicks will be better than cleveland anyway if they can get JJ and Parker.

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July 3, 2010  09:09 AM ET

.....However, knicks had no choice to offer him that contract. It makes total business sense w/regards to FAs.....

LOL....Yeah but havent you whined all year how EVERYONE wants to go to New York...Hell this might be the best you guys get...And its still not a playoff team with just him.....

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July 3, 2010  09:11 AM ET

Knicks HAVE to do something, so they are doing this. Does Donnie have a plan? Not really, other than going after LBJ. Knicks chances of getting wade or LBJ is almost zero at the moment. JJ likely will take hawk's offer since he doesn't get to play with LBJ or Wade anyway. That leaves Knicks not much of a choice, or a plan, really. Amare will help them make playoffs, that's about it.

On the positive, atleast the Knicks will be better than Wolves or the Nets.

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July 3, 2010  09:15 AM ET

Correct.As I never once stated Horford was worth max money.David Lee does better what Stoudemire doesGets his own shot, 20 and 12 guy while Stoudemire is 23 and 8?Hmmm.Stoudemire is not worth the max.3 guys in the league are max contract players.Wade,Lebron,Kobe.I guess Melo also and Durrant will get there eventually.

Why is Melo worth that again?

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July 3, 2010  09:29 AM ET

I guess scoring champion counts for something lolBut your right, without Billups he does not get pass the first round.You got a point.Melo is off the list.

LOL...Ive just never really seen Melo carry a team...I mean he has all the skills but to me it just seems he is missing something....As with Durant he is the type of guy that can single-handedly carry a team far.....I know Westbrook is there and is a very good player but I think it all revolves around KD

July 3, 2010  09:33 AM ET

I think the Knicks are trying to play it safe with this move and gambling that if they bring him in some one else will follow. If they do sign him, then at the very least they have aquired someone, although it might bite them in the long run.

July 3, 2010  09:38 AM ET

Come to LA, Bro.

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July 3, 2010  10:05 AM ET

Word on the street is Joe Johnson has not yet signed that max deal offer of 119 mil for 6 years from the hawks as yet.He wants to see what the other free agents do before he signs.Hmmm.Wade,Bosh,Joe Johnson as the heat's big 3.Felton at point guard now that Blake is gone and sign either Brendan Haywood or Tyson Chandler.Riley needs to use his head for something other than a hat.Too much talking and nothing has been accomplished as yet.And this is day 3 of free agency.If Riley plays the waiting game again he is truly a coyote!

There's too much dreaming going on at FN these days. Plus, people keep referring to Wade signing with Heat as if it is a big move when he was already there to begin with. That's like me throwing Dirk's name in everytime I think of a scenario of someone coming to the Mavs.

In the end I think it will blow up for everyone. Bench players are making 5 mil and non elite players are looking at 100 mil contracts.

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July 3, 2010  10:31 AM ET

You know what I am referring to.Resigning Wade,plus Bosh and Joe Johnson.It is dreaming cause it's not your team right?If it were the knicks or cavs or whom ever the hell you pull for it would not be dreaming right?You guys drink way too much haterade.When will real men become real men again and quit this bitchass hating.Thought it was a female trait...

You seem to always get butt hurt when someone says something about your team.....Im not trying to "come at you" or whatever....But you automatically turn to the "female whining" or "hatorade" defense when someone says something you dont agree with.....I think its funny.....


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