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Ellsbury unhappy with Red Sox medical staff


08:29 AM ET 07.11 | Armed with talking points, Jacoby Ellsbury went on the offensive against the Red Sox medical staff for the second time this season. The Red Sox have been struggling for victories lately and when Ellsbury returned to the team after a five-week absence, the first thing he did was create an off-field issue. That won't help his popularity within the clubhouse.

Boston Globe

Jacoby Ellsbury, G Newman Lowrance/Getty Images Jacoby Ellsbury, G Newman Lowrance/Getty Images
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July 11, 2010  10:15 AM ET

The medical stuff is not the root of the problem......The essential point is why Epstein brought in the human strikeout machine to play center and move ellsbury to left.I mean why does Theo always seem to get a pass?

maybe 2 championships since he's been there. that would get anybody a pass.

Ellsbury needs to get back on the field. 3 months for fractured ribs? guys in the NFL are back in 3 weeks and hockey players wouldn't even miss a shift. baseball players are the softest athletes in sports.

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July 11, 2010  10:36 AM ET

He didn't orchestrate the first one.But I guess you are right......At what point does he run out of leash?I mean What has really been a good move as of late?The lackey deal is looking not so good, so far, Cameron......belted is looking good, but he's in a contract year

As long as they keep making the playoffs on a consistent basis, that leash will be there. He's doing just as good a job as Cashman, who also seems to have a long leash. His free agent signings have not been good, but he has built a real strong farm. That seems to be his real strong suit. You're right for the most part on not building that first WS team, but aquirring Schilling, Kevin Millar, Ortiz, Bill Miller and making the Nomar trade played a big part.

July 11, 2010  10:50 AM ET

Different skill set....if you can't swing a bat properly you can't play effectively.And, if you gave Ellsbury 6 days off between games........

I do realize that, but 3 months??????????? Can't blame his teammates for questioning his toughness, especially watching what Cameron is going through every day, just to try and get on the field.

July 11, 2010  11:15 AM ET

You could make the point Pedroia could play too. Sure, he'd be slow, but he'd be showing guts; as balls go by him left and right and he carries his bat back to the dugout.Anyone in Boston know what 'offensive' this hack Shaunessey's talking about? I'm going to nose around myself, but am inherently lazy.As for Cameron, I don't know what 'ails' him, but there are some things that eliminate you from play. A bad back, for example. Of course, you could deaden it with meds and in a year or so the kid'd be playing slo-pitch in Salem, OR. They got Cameron to fall on the grenade, the got Ellsbury to play for 15 years.

I believe there are a lot of people in Boston, who believe Scott Boras is telling Ellsbury not to come back until he's 100% and feels no pain at all. With a arbitration year coming up he doesn't want his numbers to fall off because he's playing with any discomfort. Problem with that is, until this recent rash of injuries the Sox were at the top of the league in offense and really didn't miss him as much as everybody including myself thought they would. Look I'm a big Ellsbury supporter, but I just think it's time to step it up and go. Pedroia with a broken bone in his foot a 4 to 6 week injury, I would be willing to bet it will be closer to 4 than 6.

July 11, 2010  11:21 AM ET

I hear you....but we're looking at 5 broken ribs and a strained lat muscle, plus the fact that he was brought back too early, which only worsened the injuries and set back his recovery significantly.I think this whole situation has a lot more to do with an original misdiagnosis and an incomplete rehab than it has to do with Ellsbury's "softness."

I don't think Ellsbury's soft, but he's no Johnny Damon either, when it comes to toughness.

personally I think he's listening to Scott Boras to much.

July 11, 2010  11:25 AM ET

This guy was always overrated....kinda like Theo.

July 11, 2010  11:26 AM ET

Was he 'soft' when he came back the first time? I'd be scared of doctors too.

Just curious....are u a Sox fan?

July 11, 2010  11:29 AM ET

I'm not a 'fan.' I like many teams and am bored by more. The Sox are interesting. They're going through change and my interest may wane, but for now, a little out of habit, I'm keeping my eye on them.Over the years I've rooted for the Dodgers, Giants, A's, Mets, Royals, Cardinals, Braves and yes, Yankees. Why, because they were interesting at the time.

thats odd

July 11, 2010  11:32 AM ET

Odd? I think it's odd to root for one team no matter what.I almost always root for the underdog. Much more interesting and satisfying.

Yeah, loyalty is really overrated.

July 11, 2010  11:33 AM ET

Yeah.....hitting .295 with 131 stolen bases in what amounts to 2 full seasons in the bigs really sucks.

Clearly, that's why they made room for him by going out and getting Mike 'strike out machine' Cameron, right?

July 11, 2010  11:34 AM ET

This guy was always overrated....kinda like Theo.

a 300 hitter with 70 stolen bases last year, not to mention runs down everything in CF. Yeah, he's really overrated.

July 11, 2010  11:35 AM ET

Loyalty to what?America, love it or leave it?That's juvenile.If my team is owned/managed by a bunch of jerks and the players are playing half-way and drinking and partying and taking drugs, I'm going to 'root' for them?You've got the wrong guy.Respect the game and you've got my respect.

This way you can avoid a losing season too, right?

July 11, 2010  11:39 AM ET

Choose your poison, you can't have it both ways.Theo is overrated or he isn't....

My position hasn't changed. What am I trying to have both ways?

Theo gets a pass, when others get crushed for any and every decision they make. He's allowed to pay Papi 15 mil per, same with JD Drew and get poor production. He's allowed to go out and sign Dice-K for absurd amounts of money. He throws away more money than any other GM in baseball....minus maybe Omar....and gets a pass for some reason. It's odd.

July 11, 2010  11:41 AM ET

Follow my words with your fingers. I CARE ABOUT THE GAME. Please don't try to extrapolate from that; you're clearly not ready.

Yes, you're right. I don't know what it's like to jump from one team to another.....because I'm loyal.

July 11, 2010  11:43 AM ET

maybe 2 championships since he's been there. that would get anybody a pass.Ellsbury needs to get back on the field. 3 months for fractured ribs? guys in the NFL are back in 3 weeks and hockey players wouldn't even miss a shift. baseball players are the softest athletes in sports.

I have 2 fractured ribs that happened last month. Take up to six months to be completely pain free, but I've been coming to work everyday! Hurts like a son-of-a-**** everytime I turn in my seat or get bumped into, but I haven't let it stop me!

July 11, 2010  11:48 AM ET

My accolades to you young man. '...turn in my seat?'They you must know that there's NO way in hell you're going to rotate your body fast enough to get a 32 oz piece of wood on a baseball travelling 90+ mph.What's your point?

YoHi got it! You obviously are missing a funny bone today!

July 11, 2010  11:49 AM ET

Elsbury ought to be more concerned with his teammates than the med staff. While other DL players go to games and practices to be with the team and root them on, Elsbury has been a no show. Once elsbury comes back and gets in a game or 2, look for him to be traded

July 11, 2010  11:51 AM ET

Loyal can also be a euphemism for blind.Is loyalty, regardless of common sense, decency or integrity a good thing?Loyal, standing alone, is meaningless.The Germans were 'loyal' to Hitler as were the Japanese to Hirohito. Good?I'm loyal to the game; all to contribute to its health and well being have my admiration.

Seriously? You're going to compare my fandom to Hitler's following????? Just guessing, but you've got to be in your 60's or 70's, no?

It's a game. I was born into which teams I follow and would never think of changing. There's no need to reason. What good is winning if you've never experienced losing? What good is a championship, if you just jump from one team to the next each and every season? I know people like you. People who are Colts fans....until Peyton retires, then they'll move on. People who are running out and buying Heat jerseys. People who WERE Cowboys fans...that WERE Pats fans...that might just become Jets fans or Ravens fans.

It's your choice...but don't pass it off like you're doing anything special by jumping from team to team.


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