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Richardson sparks Heat rivalry with Howard comment


07:27 AM ET 07.14 | Why did Quentin Richardson pick the Magic? There was one other factor in his choosing Orlando -- a big factor: All-star center Dwight Howard. "The biggest thing is they got the big fella," Richardson said. "He's the one guy that nobody can match up with in the league. "Knowing you got the big, young kid, that's going to be a force -- (the Heat) do have the guys they have -- but Dwight is the one guy they have no answer for." At 6 feet 6, 228 pounds, Richardson can play small forward and shooting guard. He said either position is fine. "A wing is a wing," he said.

Orlando Sentinel

Quentin Richardson, Getty Images Quentin Richardson, Getty Images
July 14, 2010  08:15 AM ET

Q is an observant young man...

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July 14, 2010  08:24 AM ET

Not seeing how he sparked any kind of rivalry that wasn't already there...its not like he isn't telling the truth

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July 14, 2010  08:30 AM ET

non story. This does not create a rivalry. That will happen only if both teams are challenging for the Eastern Conference Crown. This will be a good matchup, but we have to wait and see with Miami. On paper, they have the tools.

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July 14, 2010  08:41 AM ET

They should have kept JJ redick. I think the magic downgraded their roster. they lost barnes, redick, jwill.

July 14, 2010  08:48 AM ET

They might not be able to match up with Howard but they can sure match up with the rest of the group. Richardson should ask Vince and Lewis what happened to them during the Boston series... I don't even think Lewis showed up did he lol

July 14, 2010  08:50 AM ET


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July 14, 2010  08:53 AM ET

Richardson= Sour grapes

July 14, 2010  08:59 AM ET

Richardson= Sour grapes

Q is not consistent on offense that's why he's a scrub. Nonetheless he's a very good defender and he's done well guarding Lebron James. He's also a bruiser in the sense that he can post up smaller guards. If SVG uses him well he'd kill D-Wade on the low block.

Wade is an undersized shooting guard and I expect coaches to exploit that in the regular and post seasons.

July 14, 2010  09:00 AM ET

They couldn't afford to bring any of them back without taking a cap hit. especially Reddick. plus Barnes opted out forcing Orlando`s hand in terms of offering either a longer deal or more money.

I just hope they have a plan because their neighbors just became contenders

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July 14, 2010  09:07 AM ET

As a Cavs fan I have reason to hate on Miami....hahahaha...right now they don't match up well with the Magic. And to me the Magic is still a much better team than the Heat. They still have the pieces and parts to possibly win the East.

July 14, 2010  09:13 AM ET

Correction*Q Rich should never start of Pietrus my mistake.

You had it correct the first time if you meant that you want Pietrus starting.

July 14, 2010  09:14 AM ET

They should have kept JJ redick. I think the magic downgraded their roster. they lost barnes, redick, jwill.

They didn't lose Reddick yet did they? They can still match the offer sheet from Chicago.

July 14, 2010  09:17 AM ET

Just play ball, Bro.

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