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Something wrong in Cowboy-land


07:22 AM ET 07.26 | Perhaps the Dez Bryant and Roy Williams roles should be reversed in Pad Gate. Rookie wide receivers are mostly irrelevant figures in today's NFL. Unless you have the unmatched skills of Randy Moss, unless you can pull off the total surprise of Tampa Bay's Michael Clayton (never to be repeated), first-round picks just do not produce 1,000-yard totals in their rookie season. ... There are still things the disappointing Williams does better than Bryant. After two days of practice in the Alamodome, I just have no clue what they are. As for Bryant's reluctance to carry Williams' pads after practice Sunday night, if that's a story, it's only because the wrong receiver was being asked to haul the equipment.

The Dallas Morning News

Roy Williams, Getty Images Roy Williams, Getty Images
July 26, 2010  08:09 AM ET

Ooh! Let's get ready to rumble!

July 26, 2010  08:16 AM ET

Bryant was going to have Williams carry his pads, but he was too scared Williams was going to drop it. . . kinda like what happens on the playing field.

July 26, 2010  08:18 AM ET

maybe Roy hasnt heard he is on thin ice.....just play, youre getting attention for all the WRONG reasons...but still love that Jerry traded 3 picks for this loser

July 26, 2010  08:26 AM ET

Good Job, Dallas Morning News. You managed to botch this article, too. Mark Clayton was drafted by and plays for Baltimore and has nothing resembling a stellar year that couldn't easily be repeated or exceeded. Michael Clayton was the Tampa Bay WR that had a breakout season and then vanished into obscurity.

Also, I agree. When Williams shows some sign of being a stud WR, then he can have his pads carried. Until then, maybe he should shut up and carry Miles Austin's pads.

July 26, 2010  08:29 AM ET

Bryant was going to have Williams carry his pads, but he was too scared Williams was going to drop it. . . kinda like what happens on the playing field.


July 26, 2010  08:31 AM ET

Ooh! Let's get ready to rumble!

When I heard the story on ESPN last night, I knew the interns would pick up on it.

Since Williams hasn't established himself in Dallas as anything except an overpaid guy who can't get open if you put him on the field with a bunch of tackling dummies, he shouldn't act like a big shot who can order the rookies around.

July 26, 2010  08:47 AM ET

I think people are missing the point. You really think it was just Roy Williams that started this? That none of the other 100 guys in training camp were in on it? The entire point is that Dez is a ROOKIE who has done even less in his career than Williams, as hard as that may be to believe. Its a form of swearing in, if you will, to your NFL career. They do it on every team, in every sport. Rooks doing everything from picking up a $20,000 restaurant tab to walking around wearing Hello Kitty backpacks...its tradition, as stupid as it may be, it's the culture. So when a guy like Dez Bryant comes into the league and acts like he's as entitled as anybody else, even going as far as to refer to himself as "the same as a free agent" during his ROOKIE TRAINING CAMP, it's going to cause a stir.

It speaks volumes about Dez's character. If he's like this as a rookie, what's he going to be like if/when he actually accomplishes something?

July 26, 2010  08:55 AM ET

Bryant has no sense of humor. Williams is a joke, and he didn't get it.

July 26, 2010  09:08 AM ET

Rookie needs to be ****-slapped

July 26, 2010  09:10 AM ET

Bryant did agree to carrying Williams Pink Slip.

July 26, 2010  09:11 AM ET

If Williams ask any one to carry anything he should be @#$%^slapped. Got to prove you can carry your own weight before you have a right to haze a rookie. Dez should be carrying Whittens' pads not Williams.

July 26, 2010  09:12 AM ET

Nah - high school mentality for a grown up game. Roy Williams needs to practice carrying things - carry his own pads.

July 26, 2010  09:16 AM ET

You said Mark Clayton do you mean Micheal Clayton

July 26, 2010  09:17 AM ET

Besides everyone saying Rookie Wr dont produce um Percy Harvin had a great year and Dez is alot better than him in running routes

July 26, 2010  09:20 AM ET

Bryant did agree to carrying Williams Pink Slip.

Bryant had that negotiated into his contract.

July 26, 2010  09:20 AM ET

A rookie with a sense of entitlement? Really?!?!?

July 26, 2010  09:21 AM ET

I dont know why Roy is even on the team. I guess Jerry doesn't want to admit he was wrong. And wow was he wrong!

July 26, 2010  09:23 AM ET

Dysfunction in Big D - LOVE IT!

July 26, 2010  09:27 AM ET

Besides everyone saying Rookie Wr dont produce um Percy Harvin had a great year and Dez is alot better than him in running routes

The guy got a lot wrong in this article, but he was talking about "great" rookie years. 60 catches 790 yards and 6 TD's might be a great year for a tight end but not a receiver.

July 26, 2010  09:27 AM ET

Irrelevant story about an irrelevant team. I live here in Dallas and I fail to understand the hype over a team that has been NOTHING BUT hype for a decade? Tony Romo? Give me Danny White! Wade Phillips? Give me Bum Phillips! Jerry Jones? I'd rather listen to Tom Jones... Nowhere issue for a team built to disappoint, going nowhere fast, AGAIN!


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