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Dunleavy, Clips court battle to turn ugly?


07:20 AM ET 08.06 | The Mike Dunleavy-Clippers soap opera will likely see its last episodes played out in the courtroom. Finger-pointing. Allegations of fraudulent inducement. ... The latest curious twist in the battle between the Clippers and owner Donald Sterling and the team's former coach-general manager took a wild turn last week when the Clippers, trying to halt Dunleavy's arbitration claim, alleged that Dunleavy fraudulently induced the Clippers into entering an employment agreement. Dunleavy's lawyer, in an interview with The Times on Thursday, said the lawsuit does not pass "the laugh test." The Clippers quit paying Dunleavy when they fired him as general manager in March and he is owed $6.75 million on the remainder of his contract.

Los Angeles Times

Mike Dunleavy, Getty Images Mike Dunleavy, Getty Images
August 6, 2010  08:02 AM ET

Pay up Sterling....

August 6, 2010  08:30 AM ET

Sterling can't win at anything.

August 6, 2010  08:31 AM ET

The NBA need to Fine $$$ Donald Sterling big time for this JOKE of a Lawsuit...alleged that Dunleavy fraudulently induced the Clippers into entering an employment agreement...gee Dunleavy came to the Clips back in 2003....even a blind man could see that last season the #1 pick Blake Griffin, did not PLAY.....maybe the Judge should order a competency hearing for Mr. Sterling, to find out IF (we know he not) fit to own a NBA to feel for cousin Vinny.

August 6, 2010  08:39 AM ET

I almost feel bad for the Clippers....almost

August 6, 2010  08:41 AM ET
QUOTE(#5): to feel for cousin Vinny.

he's set up for failure but the team has talent Kaman, Griffin, Gordon and the Baron, not as bad as clippers past...maybe even the ninth best team in the west behind LA, DAL, SA,PHX, UT, OKC, POR, and DEN (its friday i'm extra positive)

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August 6, 2010  08:55 AM ET

Actually, they've had decent talent in the past......This is all about ownership and bad management

yep...and makes you wonder how the league allows that...i feel bad for the people that plays there

August 6, 2010  08:59 AM ET

They should just get Judge Judy involved and square away this nonsense....

August 6, 2010  09:03 AM ET

clippers are a better team, but they still suck.

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August 6, 2010  09:33 AM ET

The Clippers....scraping and clawing their way back to total irrelevance......oh wait..........

August 6, 2010  09:38 AM ET

How do you fraudulently induce someone into an employment agreement? "Well we didn't really want to hire you, but your winning smile and rapier wit just overwhelmed us."

August 6, 2010  09:47 AM ET

It's the Clippers, Bro.

August 6, 2010  10:06 AM ET

You can call Sterling many things but he is laughing all the way to the bank. His goal is not to put together a winning franchise. His goal is to maximize his income and investment. I wonder how much the Clippers are worth?

August 6, 2010  10:56 AM ET

if you think the happy dance by MLB was something when Tom Hicks was gone, you should see what the NBA has in store when Don Sterling decides to move along.

August 6, 2010  11:08 AM ET

First...Fraudulent Inducement? Even if it took you SEVEN years to realize you hired Mike Dunleavy instead of Phil Jackson? You should lose the case simply on the grounds of Negligent Stupidity.

Second...Tony Soprano coached an NBA team? I watched every season of that show, and I don't remember anything about basketball.

August 6, 2010  11:10 AM ET

Photo Caption: "Ref...ref...time out. Hey Carm...where's the $#**!# gobbagoul?!"

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August 6, 2010  12:00 PM ET

Being the Clippers, you can't make this **** up! People wonder why the Clips don't win.......... Geniuses like they have in front office and an owner who is hopeless!

August 6, 2010  12:01 PM ET

Sterling never disappoints...


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