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White Sox were eyeing Delgado


09:19 AM ET 08.08 | Before the Red Sox signed Carlos Delgado to a minor-league deal Saturday, White Sox GM Kenny Williams was also eyeing the former Met first baseman, prompting White Sox manager Ozzie Guillen to put this highly questionable proposition in perspective: "I thought this guy was building houses in Puerto Rico! Maybe he can help, but I don't expect anything to help me right now."

New York Daily News

Kenny Williams, Ozzie Guillen, AP Kenny Williams, Ozzie Guillen, AP
August 8, 2010  10:45 AM ET

Hopefully Delgado does good to end the season, and gets another deal next season so he can hit his 500th double and homerun.

August 8, 2010  10:47 AM ET

We don't need him!!!!! Boston caught the Injury Virus this year so whoever they sign will eventually break down. It's just like that. Go white Sox World series bound. You heard it here first!!!!!

August 8, 2010  11:04 AM ET

Figure we would hear how the CHISOX were on the verge to sign Delgado after the BOSOX signed him already. We heard the same after the Yankees traded for Lance Berkman; and the trading deadline past and Dunn was still playing for Washington... Just another CHISOX excuse for not addressing their needs and improving the roster... Delgado has been sitting out there all yearfor them to pick him up... Next week we'll be hearing How they are going to be bring back Dick Allen.. Delgado will be better off in Boston.

August 8, 2010  12:16 PM ET

Why do I keep hearing Iron Butterfly in my head?

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August 8, 2010  05:10 PM ET

A little negative don't you think? The White Sox are playing exceedingly well at the moment. "Excuses" or not, signing a beleaguered Delgado doesn't necessarily mean an improvement at all.

Yes the ChiSox are playing well at the moment... They need to improve the gaps that they have to have any hope of advancing deep into the playoffs, mainly upgrading Juan Pierre production in Left Field; Kenny Williams failed to pull the trigger (with the Astros, before the Yankees landed Lance Berkman; And with the Nationals for Adam Dunn, before the Trade Deadline past) on a Trade. Kenny Williams response " We (ChiSox) had our eyes on Berkman and Dunn"; Just like his response about the BoSox signing of Carlos Delgado...
Carlos Delgado is truely no improvement of Jaun Pierre in LF; And may no longer be able to carry an offense like he used too in his prime, but he would have been a pretty good clubhouse influense down the strech for the ChiSox....
If the Carlos Delgado signing works out for the BoSox and the Lance Berkman Trade works out for the Yankees; And the ChiSox someway and somehow do not go deep into the playoffs... Will we see headlines titled Kenny Williams (ChiSox) were eyeing the Playoffs/World Series??

August 8, 2010  05:23 PM ET


August 9, 2010  12:01 PM ET

A little negative don't you think? The White Sox are playing exceedingly well at the moment. "Excuses" or not, signing a beleaguered Delgado doesn't necessarily mean an improvement at all.

Just dropped 3 out of 4 to the worst team in baseball. On the other hand I'm very impressed with their pitching staff. I would bet the O's were just a bump in the road and the Chisox are looking good for the post-season barring injuries.

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August 9, 2010  08:18 PM ET

2/3 you mean. The fourth game is tonight.

You are right. My mistake. And they're leading 1-0! I'm hoping they win and was disappointed they lost 2 so far. Just not hitting in this series.

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