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Sox willing to deal pitching for hitting


06:32 AM ET 08.09 | GM Ken Williams said he has been given every indication that Jake Peavy will be ready next spring. And Williams doesn't mind going into the offseason with six starting pitchers -- assuming Freddy Garcia wants to return. "And if you got those six, you can play with it," Williams said. "Do you want to use that starter -- one starter -- to go get something else?" The Sox's scouts were told to keep an eye on young power hitters while scouting other organizations this season.

Chicago Tribune

Kenny Williams, AP Kenny Williams, AP
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August 9, 2010  10:04 AM ET

5 comments out of 7 removed?

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August 9, 2010  12:24 PM ET

If I were Kenny Williams, I'd deal Peavy to the Cubs for a few of their young bats. Peavy always wanted to be a Cub, and there's no chance he doesn't get hurt next year, too.

August 9, 2010  12:55 PM ET

kenny williams has to do whatever it takes so this team do not exit early on the play offs, they might find an other baltimore team on their way!!!

August 9, 2010  01:15 PM ET

I thought when the ChiSox got Peavy (it feels like many years ago now) that this was going to switch the balance of power and they were going to become a dynasty. Anyway, it looks more like a Carl Pavano

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August 9, 2010  01:26 PM ET

Just another chance for the Kenny Williams to say, "We (ChiSox) had our eyes on them"; After another American League Team makes an aquisition for a player that would have served positive for ChiSox either playoff run or improvement in the future; Because Kenny Williams is afraid to pull the trigger on a trade for the ChiSox

August 9, 2010  01:31 PM ET

Have to constantly look to improve. Look for that good deal that gets you younger, less expensive and better...

August 9, 2010  02:01 PM ET

the angels have no intensity, and they don't have fire no heart on their team, hunter, and weaver are the only sparks this team have,and hunter while his trying to fire up trhis team, has make more mental mistakes on the bases and in the field than he has any other season, rivera and abreu looks like they don't have the need to win championships!!

August 9, 2010  02:28 PM ET

T that's funny the window at the top says the Red Sox willing to trade Pitching for hitting
It's the White Sox silly intern don't they expect you to proof read your stories before submitting

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August 10, 2010  08:19 AM ET

the best test for the new manager, show walter on the orioles it come at the right time,by playing against the hot white sox, and those baltimore are on 6 to 1 record hope that they can keep it up!

August 10, 2010  08:24 AM ET

Um, no.

Your right, it would be a bad trade; Because Kenny Williams would not make a trade that would benefit the ChiSox Organization...

August 10, 2010  08:32 AM ET

This is the same thing you said after Boston signed Delgado and not Chicago. I seriously doubt that the White Sox blew any opportunity in not signing an aged Delgado.

You are right, I did say the samething, because Kenny Williams will not make a trade or aquisition that will benefit the ChiSox Organization's future; Or improve their chances of going deeper into the playoffs tis year.

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August 10, 2010  10:02 AM ET

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