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Sixers' Stefanski safe, but for how long?


08:09 AM ET 08.12 | With the presumed hiring of Rod Thorn, does the seat of Ed Stefanski, who has previously worked with Thorn but whose track record has been questioned in Philadelphia, become that much hotter? Now with the more experienced, higher-profile Thorn in place, there will be questions about how much Thorn will be involved in the day-to-day operations of the club, and what role Stefanski finds himself in. Thorn may provide cover for Stefanski, but if Evan Turner doesn't light the league up, or if the assets gained from the trade of Samuel Dalembert's high-value expiring contract don't work out, we may see a move away from Stefanski as the face of the club and towards Thorn.

Evan Turner, Getty Images Evan Turner, Getty Images
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August 12, 2010  08:28 AM ET

He should start looking into umemployment

August 12, 2010  08:43 AM ET

Turner aint lighting anything up this year.....maybe down the road, but not now

"tehre" needs to be a complete franchise makeover.

August 12, 2010  08:58 AM ET

I still think Turner will play well this year. As a recent grad from The Ohio State University, I am clearly biased; however, watching his college career makes me truely believe he can translate his game to the NBA level. There's no reason he can't. He's a winner and won't stop until he's the best. That's the kind of attitude you need in the NBA. Just think about all the "stud" players that never were because of their bad attitude and all the guys that came out of nowhere because of their hardwork, dedication, and drive to be the best. The NBA is such a mind game - more than people probably realize.

August 12, 2010  09:48 AM ET

And the old boys NBA network strikes again ! Thorn is 69 years old

August 12, 2010  09:57 AM ET

Watch your back, Bro.

August 12, 2010  10:50 AM ET

Philly will be a non-factor for several years to come!! Thorn or not, team is structured for failure. They need a total redo.

August 12, 2010  11:29 AM ET

PHI has some young pieces and some large contracts. Put them together and this team lacks an identity. If Turner is the future, Thorn must ship Iguadola. Eventually, Brand must go too.

August 12, 2010  12:17 PM ET

...we may see a move away from Stefanski as the face of the club and towards Thorn.

After all, he did such a fine job in New Jersey. Why do teams continue to recycle failure?

August 12, 2010  12:17 PM ET

There is always at least one bad thread and this is it.....

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August 12, 2010  02:31 PM ET

i don't know anybody who thinks that stefanski should remain the gm... not one person.

August 12, 2010  05:50 PM ET

Mark my words..."Thorn will replace Stefanski by about this time next year". ("Yo Mo" said it)

August 13, 2010  12:00 AM ET

The Lakers will sign both Ebanks and Caracter!!! The roster is now complete so let the defense of the crown begin.

Go Lakers! 16 AND 1!!!!


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