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Nets begin name-change process for 2012


08:04 AM ET 08.12 | While Mikhail Prokhorov floated the idea of changing the Nets name in late May, it appears the team is moving forward officially with the NBA. Nets spokesman Barry Baum said Wednesday the team filed paperwork with the National Basketball Association earlier this week. If accepted, the change would become official before the 2012-13 season, when the Nets plan to move to Brooklyn's new Barclays Center. "The documents are already submitted to the NBA office," Prokhorov said in an interview with Forbes Russia magazine. "The name change will happen in 2012." ... As of right now, no specific change has been detailed in the application, Baum said in a telephone interview.


Mikhail Prokhorov, Getty Images Mikhail Prokhorov, Getty Images
August 12, 2010  08:13 AM ET

Brooklyn Commies

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August 12, 2010  08:26 AM ET

Brooklyn Commies

LMFAO, beautiful!

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August 12, 2010  08:40 AM ET

whats wrong with a slight re-spelling....the NYETS

August 12, 2010  08:56 AM ET

NY Cherynoble Reactors.

August 12, 2010  08:56 AM ET

Cuz they gonna blow uppppppppp son!

August 12, 2010  09:29 AM ET

I like the addition of Murphy and his expiring contract for Lee.They can work favors in properly now

Yes, that was one of the few deals where all the teams got what they wanted....pF Murphy for the Nets,..pG Collison, with Posey salary, for the Pacers,...Ariza to help CP3 for the Hornets....and salary dump for the Rockets

August 12, 2010  09:37 AM ET

Brooklyn Bombers ......But, if Mikhail did not submitted a name, what does the NBA Vote on to approve?

August 12, 2010  09:38 AM ET

...Ariza to help CP3 for the Hornets....and salary dump for the Rockets

I'm not so sure about the addition of Ariza. Ever since he started hitting three's he's forgotten what got him his contract - DEFENSE and surprise scoring. Lets face it Ariza does not have an upside. He's not the the type of impact player needed to complement a superstar. He is at best a role player that doesn't make a lot of mistakes. Is he worth a scoring point guard with a huge upside? I don't think so.

Yes the GM did balance the roster with the move but its not the kinda move that makes them better than they were before the trade. Adding Ariza does not add 5 - 10 wins so what's the use? You look at his contract with those years and you realize somebody got duped. There's no such thing as a fair trade in the league. Hornets got a rookie GM and he got played here... as you said... ROCKETS dumped salary on the HORNETS.

August 12, 2010  09:40 AM ET

like putting lipstick on a pig; a new name wont do anything to help this team

August 12, 2010  09:58 AM ET

The team is the same, Bro.

August 12, 2010  10:27 AM ET

It should reflect the means by which they acquired the property the arena is built on. The "Eminent Domain Thieves."

August 12, 2010  10:54 AM ET

Dang...wish MIKHAIL was my uncle, I could use a loan..

haha, me too..

August 12, 2010  11:10 AM ET

Gotta go with the ATH winner from last night, "Brooklyn Deckers." It actually sounds good and their mascot would be hot as f....

August 12, 2010  11:10 AM ET

Brooklyn Vodka!!

August 12, 2010  11:15 AM ET

Brooklyn Royals

Brooklyn Barons

August 12, 2010  11:22 AM ET

It's high time they changed that non-descript and worn out name! I'm tired of hearing it on sportscenter I suggest, "Brooklyn Boxers" or "Brooklyn Power".

Other teams that should give serious consideration to changing their Irrelevant names are:
Utah (Jazz music is nowhere to be found in Salt Lake City--maybe some pipe organs chamber music tho)

Los Angeles (Lakers are derived from Minnesota--not many lakes in south central LA). But hey I realize the historical charm attached to the Lakers name.

Memphis (Grizzly bears are native to the Pacific Northwest---NOT a species of bear found in Tennessee---in fact according to animals wildlife--there are NO bears at all in the whole state of TN).

Washington (Wizards are more akin to harry potter--no wizards or history of majic in the capitol city).

August 12, 2010  11:22 AM ET

Dang...wish MIKHAIL was my uncle, I could use a loan..

If MIKHAIL was your uncle, it would just be a "gift", not a loan. :-)

August 12, 2010  11:22 AM ET

one more
Brooklyn Comrades


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