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Anthony-to-New York gaining steam


08:22 AM ET 08.16 | A "methodical connecting of dots" is beginning to paint a grim picture in Denver. These are some of the dots: Carmelo's selling his Littleton estate; the constant reports of Anthony telling friends that he wants to play for the New York Knicks; his New York wedding; his East Coast upbringing; summer trade talk that has cropped up twice in his time in Denver, which hasn't always made him feel wanted; oh, and not signing a contract that averages around $21.6 million per year for the next three years, a sizable amount of money that he may not be able to earn under a new collective bargaining agreement.

The Denver Post

Carmelo Anthony, Chris Trotman/Getty Images for Nike Carmelo Anthony, Chris Trotman/Getty Images for Nike
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August 16, 2010  08:32 AM ET

Our daily LBJ to NY thread....I mean Melo

Going to be a long season of this.

August 16, 2010  08:33 AM ET

The Soviet's 50 year "5 year plan" was shorter than the rebuilding of the Knicks.

August 16, 2010  08:40 AM ET

It's like they removed LeBron James name form these stories and replaced them with Melo's... just the same thing over and over... the title might as well be " hang in there NY, help is coming... maybe"

August 16, 2010  08:47 AM ET

And it could be TWO years...Melo does not take his ETO next summer, plays out his contact $18.5m .....waits for CP3 to have his ETO in Summer of 2012

Please New Orleans offer Denver the sky for Melo or CP3 to Dever

CP3 and Okafor for Billups, Nene, Ty Lawson, and a 1 round pick(s)

or going the other way

Melo and Birdman Chris Anderson for Peja expring contact, West, and two 1 round picks

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August 16, 2010  09:08 AM ET

Man this is just painful now.

August 16, 2010  09:18 AM ET

Why is Spike Lee pictured here? I am getting tired of that munchkin being the celebrity face of New York Knicks basketball.

He couldnt throw the ball in the ocean if he was on a boat yet he wants his mug out there everytime the Knicks are mentioned.

August 16, 2010  09:20 AM ET

Denver hasn't warmed to this guy because he hasn't done anything to make himself part of the community. Yeah, he sponsors a camp but lets other people run it and he rarely if ever bothers to show up. Other than basketball, his only other off-the-court contributions have been to star in a "don't snitch" gang video and marry a publicity-seeking, no-talent reality "star". NY can have him.

August 16, 2010  09:21 AM ET

man these Truth and Rumors have been terrible.. Boring!

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August 16, 2010  09:23 AM ET

Oh, and BTW.... if T&R is going to use Spike Lee's pic for almost every Knick-related article, could I get a pic of myself used for every "Forsberg is coming back to the NHL" posting???

August 16, 2010  09:24 AM ET

Preparing for disappointment already I see. Can't say I blame you.

If your a Knicks fan you should do the same.

August 16, 2010  09:25 AM ET

Preparing for disappointment already I see. Can't say I blame you.

LOL. Not really, though. Not even much of a basketball. Just tired of athletes -- ANY sport -- without the slightest bit of loyalty to the community that supports them.

August 16, 2010  09:26 AM ET

Jeez.... should read basketball FAN... must no longer post after working graveyard shift.

August 16, 2010  09:43 AM ET

Preparing for disappointment already I see. Can't say I blame you.

JGB where you at. We gotta ship out them get well cards... Denver fans are so sick!.... hahahaha

August 16, 2010  09:55 AM ET

Welcome to Fantasy Island, Bro.

August 16, 2010  09:57 AM ET

I hope New York can pull something off to offset that clown show that pulled into Miami. Probably not

August 16, 2010  10:02 AM ET

He's got that baby face, and he's a soft player. He should be called Carmela Anthony.

August 16, 2010  10:03 AM ET

I feel bad for Denver fans...right when you think you have a chance to win it all a superstar's decision can change your whole franchise. This could never happen in football or baseball. Stern will make some kind of change so teams don't have to sweat every year thinking they will lose their best player. Get ready for the "franchise tag"!!


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