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Nuggets turning away Melo trade pitches


12:35 PM ET 09.02 | Sorry to disappoint everyone outside of Denver, but Carmelo Anthony is not in play for trade pitches. While the Nuggets have little power in preventing Carmelo from overshadowing their upcoming season with his indecisiveness, they can tell interested teams that they're not ready to discuss potential trade scenarios. In fact, they've already done that. It's safe to assume that the other 29 teams in the league have all called Denver since Aug. 16, when it was reported that Carmelo was likely done with the Nuggets. Yet, sources for five potential suitors all said the same thing: The Nuggets have pretty much ended the conversations before they even started by saying that they don't want to engage in Melo talks.

Carmelo Anthony, AP Carmelo Anthony, AP
September 2, 2010  12:40 PM ET

he looks like the love child of mr. rodgers and andre3000 in that pic.

September 2, 2010  12:47 PM ET

Trade him now, don't let him LeBron you...

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September 2, 2010  12:55 PM ET

melo to YBT: stop snitchin'
nugs to NBA: stop pitchin'

September 2, 2010  01:01 PM ET

Okay, well that ends all debate, next article please!

September 2, 2010  01:01 PM ET

They're gonna get Lebron'd

September 2, 2010  01:01 PM ET

There's a new front-man in Denver and Melo isn't going anywhere until he takes of the shades, wipes the smile off his face, and sits down and has a talk with the new boss. It was the same thing in Nawlins with CP3.

First things first, a sit-down will take place before any trade offers are considered.

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September 2, 2010  01:19 PM ET

"by saying that they don't want to engage in Melo talks"

What did Mick and the boys say? You can't always get what you want...

Though I'm sure they would've accepted the first reasonable offer, and there's still time.

September 2, 2010  01:19 PM ET

The nuggets have got to start looking forward instead of clinging to what control they have over melo left. which isn't much

September 2, 2010  01:20 PM ET

The franchise has the ability to completely start over next year as many contracts are up. They MUST move him for a package of eithet picks, young talent or case senario if all healthy, they are. #3-4 seed this year....but when have they all been healthy?Its time to cut bait, swallow pride and move him to whoever offets the best package The bottom line is the teams FUTURE.....being stubborn now is a bad move long term as he appears to want out

yup i think the same way. Y on earth would they make him sit there the entire season knowing he wants out & can get out this time next year? Jus i guess the next thing we're gonna c is Den fans up in a frenzy when he walks after this season & the team is worse than they have been....jus dumb!

September 2, 2010  01:21 PM ET

he doesn't have a no-trade clause, right?

with symbolism lifted from kentucky fried movie.... 'take him to detroit!'.

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September 2, 2010  01:30 PM ET

Denver will get Lebroned if they don't do anything before the season starts. It's already written in the stars that he will not be in a Nugget uniform next year. It's really up to Denver to get Lebroned because Melo already stated that he is not playing in Denver next year and that he wants to get traded now to a certain team of his choosing.... Denver will be the major stupid side that will surely lost out...

i mean, how come we can c this but the people who would b making those decisions can't????

September 2, 2010  01:34 PM ET

i wonder what offeres are out there ?

September 2, 2010  01:50 PM ET

This isn't going to end well for Denver...*smh*

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