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Talk of QB controversy at Alabama


08:19 AM ET 09.07 | Redshirt freshman A.J. McCarron went 13-of-15 for 218 yards and a TD on Saturday, but he's not unseating Greg McElroy. "We don't have a QB situation here," Alabama coach Nick Saban said Monday. "We don't have a QB controversy. There were reasons for what we did last week, but that's over and done with. ... If the game would have been 7-7, we were going to put him in the game for two series in the second quarter. I have every faith, trust and confidence in the guy that he'll go do the job that he's supposed to do. But he needed to do that, because if down the road, or even in this game, if something happens to Greg and [A.J.] has to play, it's not going to be the first time that he ever played. So that was the plan for him. That doesn't need to be the plan this week."

Birmingham News

Greg McElroy, AP Greg McElroy, AP
September 7, 2010  08:38 AM ET

There wasn't a QB controversy at Bama before the B'ham News ran this article.

There still isn't.

September 7, 2010  08:56 AM ET

I believe this was posted for the benefit of the TX coaching staff. Pay attention and play your backup sometime during the season and you don't jump off a cliff when a starter gets hurt. Wonder if they are paying attention?

September 7, 2010  08:58 AM ET

FJJ...ever been to Blessing, Tx? There is a store on about the Hotel Coffee Shop there being the best in Texas....made me hungry reading it...

September 7, 2010  08:59 AM ET

Saban learned from the Texas game last year that you need a backup QB with some game experience. He doesn't want to lose a national championship if McElroy gets hurt at some point.

September 7, 2010  09:11 AM ET

No controversy in getting another QB some game experience in a blow out situation. It does appear that the Tide will be in good shape at that position when McElroy graduates though.

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September 7, 2010  09:18 AM ET

On every team, usually, the most popular guy is the backup QB if he has shown any talent whatsoever. This came up because there are a few fans who think he is better than McElroy.

Just like there are a few fans who think Trent Richardson is a better RB than Mark Ingram.

We don't see the practices so we don't know what Coach Saban see, but I'd imagine by this point he knows who the better person is for the job and is playing them. You don't tend to win as much when you don't play your best players.

September 7, 2010  09:26 AM ET

The bigger question is, can your backup center hike the ball to the QB??? Uggg

September 7, 2010  09:28 AM ET

a note about the importance of letting them pass and read defenses rather than just turn around and hand it off because the games a blowout.Thank you.

Lose/lose situation here....if you do let the backup in and pass (in a blowout game) could get accused of running up the score...if you don't then get accused of not preparing the backups....guess that is why the coaces get paid?


September 7, 2010  09:32 AM ET

Lose/lose situation here....if you do let the backup in and pass (in a blowout game) could get accused of running up the score...if you don't then get accused of not preparing the backups....guess that is why the coaces get paid?LOL

It is a very delicate balance, I agree. You want everyone to get the reps and you need everyone to get the experience that is required. But, then everyone complains because your 3rd string tailback runs for 100+ and 2 TDs and they just could not stop him so then you put in your 4th string TB and he averages 6.0 ypc. (That was a hypothetical. I have not heard the SJSU fans complain at all. And from what I hear they are some of the nicest people.)

I really wish we played tougher teams than this, no disrespect meant to SJSU.

September 7, 2010  09:34 AM ET

and the season is off and running, right on pace to win our second national championship in a row. its great to have two studs at quarterback and apparently 3 studs at running back.

also, i live about 22 miles from the jacksonville state campus and attended school there two years so HOW BOUT THEM GAME----****!!!!!!!!!!!

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September 7, 2010  09:36 AM ET

I also think Boise State will deserve to play us for the national championship more than Ohio State will. great game last night, congratulations Boise State, great game.

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September 7, 2010  09:40 AM ET

More bad news for the Losers...

September 7, 2010  09:41 AM ET

I will add Mack to the CC list.. Plus Peterson/Beamer Guess I better duck now


That is not what post 12 said!

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September 7, 2010  09:49 AM ET

In cities that have professional teams; college football is a distant second. The NFL starts this week and I am looking forward to it because CFB is boring. It's the same few teams that compete for the NC every year and they don't necessarily have to play each other. Back in the day college football was ok but money is destroying it today.

September 7, 2010  09:54 AM ET

So what if the backup looked good. It was San Jose State for goodness sake.

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