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Dale Jr. wants to avoid being 'punch line'


09:42 AM ET 09.11 | Dale Earnhardt Jr. said he doesn't know how to make his Hendrick Motorsports team more competitive, but he plans to spend the next 11 races trying to find out. This will be the third time in the last four years that Earnhardt Jr. hasn't made the Chase. He made it in 2008, his first year with Hendrick Motorsports after moving from Dale Earnhardt Inc. He might have already found a hint of an answer to his struggles. He'll start ninth Saturday in the Air Guard 400 at Richmond International Raceway.

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Dale Earnhardt Jr., Tom Whitmore/Getty Images Dale Earnhardt Jr., Tom Whitmore/Getty Images
September 11, 2010  10:06 AM ET

Always REMEMBER!!..9-11-01

September 11, 2010  10:06 AM ET

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September 11, 2010  10:08 AM ET

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September 11, 2010  10:08 AM ET

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September 11, 2010  10:09 AM ET

first, Thank you to the first three posters

September 11, 2010  10:09 AM ET

make that first 4

September 11, 2010  10:10 AM ET

now, on to the subject of the t&R. If Junior doesnt know what to do, I have a suggestion: he can start LISTENING to his crew chief instead of YELLING at him on the radio.

Jr. fans, hammer me. its ok.

September 11, 2010  10:58 AM ET

If Junior doesnt know what to do, I have a suggestion: he can start LISTENING to his crew chief

Exactly.. if it worked in Days of Thunder with Harry and Cole.. then it can work in Nascar with Dale Jr and Lance

September 11, 2010  11:50 AM ET

Always REMEMBER!!..9-11-01

I will never forget-I'm a native from the Great Empire State

September 11, 2010  11:54 AM ET

I think Hendrick needs to let the 88 work closer with the 48 and 24 instead of just the 5 who is not performing either.

September 11, 2010  12:28 PM ET

A new post! ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

September 11, 2010  01:24 PM ET

Good guy and all, but maybe, just maybe, he just isn't that good of a driver.

September 11, 2010  01:30 PM ET

Try as he might, Dale Jr. is not his dad, even though the support from the fans would make you think otherwise. If his name were Martin Truex, Jr., people would say he's a good driver, but he wouldn't sell the T-shirts and caps.

September 11, 2010  01:40 PM ET

The only way that Dale jr. is going to make hendricks motor sports more successful is to start winning races. Thats why Dale sr. was successful because he won races once in a while unlike his son who wins maybe 1 race a year. That is if tony stewart and jimmie johnson are out of the race.

September 11, 2010  01:49 PM ET

A new post! ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

You must have made a pithy comment Rick

September 11, 2010  01:50 PM ET

amen to the first 4 posts.

now, let the bashing begin!!

September 11, 2010  03:34 PM ET

Thanks for the first four posts. I agree with Pond, he needs to start listening to the crew chief and when he gets on the radio he needs to give constructive information on what the car is doing. You can't just sit there and whine that the car isn't any good, tell them what its doing so they can fix it. Just so you know, I'm a fan of Junior's.

September 11, 2010  05:21 PM ET

Junior's best chance to win is to ride shotgun in the #14.

September 11, 2010  05:33 PM ET

Junior is simply finding his way along a career path that will inevitably lead to his true level of talent, the ASA. He always was an overhyped mediocrity that never did have the skills to compete in NASCAR. Nepotism rules!
Tom Praska

September 11, 2010  06:27 PM ET

Well look at the Facts...15 of 18 wins, from 2000 - 2004 ....CC "Pops" Tony Eury Sr., ....great team that was broken up...I blame "the EVIL Step Mother" at DEI 2005 Dale Jr had 3 CC.....also the same year 2005, he started JR Motorsports, running in USAR Hooters ProCup ....move up to Busch / NW in 2006 ....

I still say Mr Hendrick...try "POPS" as his CC for the last 10 races ...and see what happens !


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