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New Orleans turning to Betts?


07:45 AM ET 09.22 | The Saints will take another look at 31-year-old Ladell Betts, a 5-foot-11, 225-pounder who reportedly suffered a torn anterior cruciate knee ligament last season, in the wake of Reggie Bush's broken right leg. Betts, who spent most of the preseason with the Saints before being released on the final cut-down day, will come in for a workout, a league source confirmed.

The Times-Picayune

Ladell Betts , Getty Images Ladell Betts , Getty Images
September 22, 2010  07:49 AM ET

Does it matter, just get someone to fill the role.

September 22, 2010  08:07 AM ET

Does he have anything at all left?

September 22, 2010  08:14 AM ET

That might slow down their offense, if he doesn't produce.

September 22, 2010  08:17 AM ET

That rookie TE of theirs can fill the role better than Betts can. Why tie up a roster slot on this guy?

September 22, 2010  08:32 AM ET

It's amazing sometimes the recycling process after the season gets started.

September 22, 2010  08:34 AM ET

Even with Bush, the Saints offense has looked very ordinary the first two weeks.

September 22, 2010  08:37 AM ET

Even with Bush, the Saints offense has looked very ordinary the first two weeks.

It's like the Saints have come down with a case of JasonGarrettitis. That's not a good thing!

September 22, 2010  08:53 AM ET

lots of injuries to start this season... is this the 'new' NFL? players playing half the season and then being on PUP or IR?
I wonder what will happen with an 18 game schedule...

September 22, 2010  09:12 AM ET

31? Better get a backup plan.

September 22, 2010  10:25 AM ET

He's a good journeyman.

Typically journeymen don't get you to the Super Bowl.

September 22, 2010  10:48 AM ET

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September 22, 2010  10:55 AM ET

This guy will not slow down the Saints offense. He will do just enough to keep the defense they won't pin their ears back and come after Drew. Besides Bush wasn't a great running back, he was more flash than power. This guy has the build to hit the holes and move the pile. The Saints will be fine...Bush could be out for the rest of the year and it will not hurt this team.

September 22, 2010  11:12 AM ET

They just saw him two weeks ago in camp. They really need to "bring him in to work out"?

September 22, 2010  12:08 PM ET

And my mom will have me over for thanksgiving too!

September 22, 2010  12:11 PM ET

Even with Bush, the Saints offense has looked very ordinary the first two weeks.

Fun year this year who is going to look good? No one from last year that is for sure. Either the league is super competitive his year or the good teams are not motivated early.

September 22, 2010  12:29 PM ET

For the role Bush has in the Saints offense, Danny Woodhead might be a good fill-in if the Pats let him go.

September 22, 2010  12:53 PM ET

does he have the speed like bush?

This is from wikipedia,

"According to a report on, he ran the 40-yard dash in a time of 4.33 to 4.38 seconds which would have been the second-fastest among all running backs at the NFL Combine in March 2008. He posted the best pro-agility time of 4.03 seconds, the second-best vertical jump (38?? inches) and the best 60-yard shuttle time (11.2 seconds)"

September 22, 2010  12:54 PM ET

does he have the speed like bush?

who Laura, W, or one of the twins?

September 22, 2010  01:06 PM ET

Bush always seemed a bit brittle coming out....the scouts all pegged him as a specialty player....not an every down back. All that jukin and shakin bakin will work in college....the pros are much too big and fast for Reggie to utilize his groove thing.....the pros want a back going north and south....running over people and getting the tough yards to move the chains. He even returned the Heisman....sheesh....his karma has left the building.

September 22, 2010  02:07 PM ET

Even with Bush, the Saints offense has looked very ordinary the first two weeks.

They're some back-to-back winners of the S.B. but I'm thinking N.O. wasn't going to be one of them. They should just enjoy this year as champs


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