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Hansbrough nearing return?


07:50 AM ET 09.22 | Tyler Hansbrough is hoping for good news. [Hansbrough] will visit with his doctor today to see if he can be cleared to take part in contact drills. Hansbrough has been dealing with an inner ear infection/concussion/vertigo for nearly nine months. "It would be disappointing (if I wasn't cleared), but at the same time, I feel like I'm right around the corner," he said. ... Hansbrough was originally injured when he took a shot to the head during a game at Boston last December. He returned for a handful of games in January and said he was dealing with dizziness.

Indianapolis Star

Tyler Hansbrough , Getty Images Tyler Hansbrough , Getty Images
September 22, 2010  07:53 AM ET

Basketball has taken over the NFL section. I guess I'll head over to the NBA threads to discuss some football.

September 22, 2010  08:03 AM ET

Maybe they are still confused about Brandon Marshall saying he will play basketball if there is a lockout earlier this year.....

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September 22, 2010  08:27 AM ET

I always thought this kid was a bit dizzy......

September 22, 2010  08:34 AM ET

I just hope he does play a full season this year. His points and rebounds per minute last year were up there with some of the league leaders. I am not going to say he can be a league leader in anything but some votes for 6th man of the year are not out of the question with the energy he brings off the bench.

September 22, 2010  08:37 AM ET

Your career will be over soon, Bro.

September 22, 2010  08:43 AM ET

Hope he gets cleared. The kid brought some energy to an otherwise sleepy team. He supposedly has spent most of the summer in Chapel Hill working out.

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September 22, 2010  09:22 AM ET

There was a reason why Hansbrough spent an additional year at UNC. He is not well suited for the pro game and I am pretty sure he realized it. For now he has a contract but it is not certain that the Pacers will pick up the option next year. For now he had better save the money.

September 22, 2010  09:32 AM ET

Stats per minute for bench guys can be misleading as they are playing against other second stringers.....but I do agree with you....the guy can be a very useful player in the right situation

Yea he won't be a star, but he can be that important high energy guy of the bench that provides scoring and rebounding for around 20 minutes a game....don't think he will be too effective with many more minutes than that, since the way he goes all out reminds me of Foster (but with a little less rebounding and much more scoring ability) and he was a career 20-25 minute player in part because he was all out every play. I think Tyler will be a great energy "hustle" type player off the Pacers they just need to figure out the starter at the 4 that he will be backing up. Maybe Foster but who knows how much he can play with his recent back problems, Rolle (if signed), McRoberts are not anywhere near ready to start, and Posey isn't really a true PF but will work well against smaller lineups. I heard some talk of Granger playing the 4 with George playing 3 against smaller lineups but that isn't going to work often.

September 22, 2010  10:05 AM ET

Who cares....he sucks like his team....

he's a solid rotation guy.

September 22, 2010  10:07 AM ET

Your career will be over soon, Bro.


Jack Nicholson is by far the coolest poster in fan nation. I didn't even know he followed anything but the Lakers.

September 22, 2010  10:19 AM ET

True...but comparing that to his college career = sucks

He wasn't drafted #1 overall to be a team's savior. Larry Bird drafted him to be a solid rotation guy. He went for the single in a guy he was sure could produce in some way rather than trying to get that home run and take a gamble on someone who may be a future all star or may be out of the league in 2 years (Thabeet for example)

September 22, 2010  10:19 AM ET

By #1 I mean #1 overall he was a #1 draft pick for the Pacers.

September 22, 2010  10:28 AM ET

True...but comparing that to his college career = sucks

How many All-Americans and first rounders never make it to solid rotation status in the NBA--quite a few since as we know the NBA is a different game. With the right team (and no more health issues) there is little doubt Hanbrough can be a valuable contributor

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September 22, 2010  10:35 AM ET

Bird made a mistake..plain and simple.

he didn't really have a better option....(james johnson, Earl Clark, Blair)
it was a weak draft

September 22, 2010  10:35 AM ET

I like the kid. I wish more players put out the effort he does.

September 22, 2010  11:06 AM ET

Bird made a mistake..plain and simple.

If he never plays again then yes. While the team need was really a PG and they had a shot at getting Collison, any team at the 13 spot would jump at getting someone who provides energy off the bench and is a solid 6th or 7th man. Some notable 13th picks....Sean May, Sebestian Telfair, Marcus Banks, Marcus halisip. other than Magette and Rich Jeff a13 has produced nothing. I'm pretty sure Hansborough if he can get this vertigo thing taken care of will have had a better career tahn most of the players taken at 13. So only real mistake was taking a PF over a PG, which he got a pretty good one in AJ price in the 2nd round because of the depth at that position in the draft......other than one of the 2 or 3 point guards that went after who do you think they should have went with?


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