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Gophers would make first call to Dungy


08:27 AM ET 09.28 | As of Tuesday morning, Tim Brewster is still Minnesota's head coach. But if there is a change, speculation will immediately focus on two former Gophers quarterbacks, Tony Dungy and Marc Trestman. And count on it -- Dungy will be the first person contacted, as he was after the Gophers fired Glen Mason. People close to Dungy, who coached the Indianapolis Colts to a Super Bowl victory, feel he would be more inclined toward the NFL than college if he were to try coaching again. But Dungy is different than most big-time coaches, and has a special affinity for his alma mater. A $5 million annual contract from a NFL team might not be as important to Dungy as the challenge to make his alma mater relevant in football.

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Tim Brewster , AP Tim Brewster , AP
September 28, 2010  08:29 AM ET

First up

September 28, 2010  08:59 AM ET

We're in the middle of the season and we get 4 Minnesota Coaching threads a week! WTF interns?!?

It makes me feel Minnesota, but I'm looking California.

September 28, 2010  09:04 AM ET

Fugggggget about itttt!!! Tony Dungy is not going to leave a cush job in the studio to walk the sideline in Minnesota.

September 28, 2010  09:26 AM ET

I still don't know why Glen Mason was fired...

... he always had a top 5 rushing team and sent a couple of running backs to the NFL via the first round (Marion Barber and Lawrence Maroney).

He had a ground game producing over 250 ypg and ran all over a good Alabama defense in the 2005 bowl game (can't recall name of the bowl).

What happened to Glen?

September 28, 2010  09:29 AM ET

that loud noise in the background is Glen Mason and the what goes around comes around band playing their rendition of Do you miss me now w/ an encore of just how bad a job did I do in retrospect

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September 28, 2010  09:39 AM ET

Glen Mason sniffed around every HC job available when he was at Minnesota. They got fed up, they beat him to the punch.

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September 28, 2010  09:47 AM ET

Give it to the Fatman Mangino, we need a subplot like Mangino to keep us entertained this season.

September 28, 2010  09:47 AM ET

He won't coach at the college level particularly one that is not a traditional winning program and having to compete with an NFL team in the city for fan support. It would be a step down for Dungy if he were to go there and unlike Wannstedt he was very successful in the NFL.

September 28, 2010  09:50 AM ET

they need to put brewster out of our misery...

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September 28, 2010  10:15 AM ET

after MN lost to one of the dakotas (north? south? west?) a couple weeks ago...glenn mason's stifled smirk/smile/grin was precious on the big10/11 network when recapping that MN loss.
i wish someone would have reminded mason about the incredible loss MN suffered at the hands of MI when THEY adjusted at halftime and he sat on his laurels and watched as the game slipped through his fingers. after that debacle the writing was on the wall for most of us...the UofMN admin had no clue so they allowed the slide to continue for years. now it might be too late.
by the way, since nobody really does know what's been going on around here in flyover land, brewster put it out a couple weeks ago that the U needs to spend more money to get a winning/championship program here. sounds like a repeat of the refrain from the 70s when the U "needed" to play off campus in the metrodome inorder to get recruits. if it wasn't soooooo sad, it would be funny.

September 28, 2010  10:55 AM ET

Dungy to Minnesota is a pipe dream up here. NO WAY is he coming here (though I would love it) Read his book, his wife hates the cold weather (yes, I know she is from Michigan) At this stage of their lives they can live anywhere, and they are not leaving warm weather to come bail us out. I could see Trestman coming though . . .

September 28, 2010  11:01 AM ET

As far fetched as it might be, don't rule out Dungy's beliefs and the impact he hopes to have on on young men. While I agree it is a looooong shot for the Gophers, I wouldn't be shocked if he did it.
The more likely scenario though is that he signs on as an assistant\consultant that would allow him to have a spotlight impact while maintaining his many endeavors outside football.

September 28, 2010  12:32 PM ET

It will NEVER happen, but oh do I wish it could.

September 28, 2010  12:57 PM ET

A coaching change is only a band aid. The problems at the U of MN go far deeper than coaching. The entire AD needs a make over. There is no reason that this school, as large as it is, with as much money as it has, should not be competitive in both Football and Basketball.

September 28, 2010  01:25 PM ET

Dungy is not going to coach again

September 28, 2010  02:47 PM ET

Winning at Minnesota is very hard. And beginning next year with Nebraska on the schedule it will get even harder. Lou Holtz had a losing record for his 2 years at Minnesota before he left for the ND job. Glenn Mason managed a winning record but they threw him out because of the big bowl letdown versus Texas Tech. I'm afraid if Tony Dungy took the job he would finish his coaching career with a losing record. Does Wisconsin get all the good Minnesota prep players? 5-star kids (ie. James Lauranitis, Seantrell Henderson) don't stay in-state. It is a tough gig for anyone. Firing Mason was a mistake IMO.

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