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Jays' managerial list grows


09:45 AM ET 10.02 | Add Angels bench coach Ron Roenicke to the list of potential managerial replacements for Cito Gaston after the Jays requested permission to talk to him earlier this week. Candidates' names will continue to be leaked on a regular basis, however the process is a long way from over, according to GM Alex Anthopoulos. There is no doubt it has begun. Colorado hitting coach Don Baylor has received permission from the Rockies to interview for the job after his club was eliminated from the wild-card race. Bob Melvin (who last managed the Diamondbacks in '09) and Eric Wedge (fired by the Indians after '09) have also been contacted. Chatter will continue, the list will grow and eventually be whittled down to about four.

Toronto Star

Ron Roenicke, Jon Willey/MLB/Getty Images Ron Roenicke, Jon Willey/MLB/Getty Images
October 2, 2010  12:44 PM ET

That is a pretty impressive list Toronto has developed for Cito Gaston's replacement... After all the interviews bet the job goes to Jaun Samual on Cito's endorsements

October 2, 2010  02:01 PM ET

It makes no difference at all as to whom the Jays hire as their next manager; so long as they are in the AL East, the Yankees and Boston will bury them from ever even sniffing a division title.

October 2, 2010  06:38 PM ET

I really hope that Baylor gets the job, for two reasons. First, he's a great guy and a good baseball man. Second, the Rockies situational hitting has been atrocius, and they're strikeouts have been outlandish in his two years as hitting coach, and he needs to be replaced.

October 5, 2010  11:24 AM ET

The Blue Jays concerns go way past a manager. Unless they get a 20% upgrade in payroll, keep their bullpen intact (more $$), add a #3-4 starter, and upgrade seriously at 1b (more $$)... they could have Walter Alston, Joe McCarthy, or Earl Weaver managing their team and still lose 50% of their games. The Jays have a lot of FA's coming off the books, and arguably not enough money to keep even just the ones they should be holding on to. Five out of their nine regulars in the line-up had an .OBP under .315 making it almost impossible to win in many close games. Lind needs to be jettisoned in favor of a DH that can get on base (how many feast-or-famine hitters can one line-up carry?!?). THis team needs more than a new manager, it needs a new philosophy from the top. they have young talent in spades... they need to add a DH, a 1b, and a a few solid veteran role players that will give the team both offensive and defensive depth. I wish them luck, because they've got enough talented kids to make a push toward relevance if the front office can get more $$ to work with.


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