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Might St. Louis be Girardi's kind of town?


08:18 AM ET 10.06 | Joe Girardi is headed into free agency, though few believe he's ready to leave New York. That could change if something goes very bad against the Twins, but one person close to the Yankees' brain trust offered a take that must be the worst fear for anyone who covets Girardi in the Cubs' dugout. "If he does go somewhere, it won't be (to Chicago)," he said. Huh? Where else would Girardi go? To Pittsburgh? Toronto? Milwaukee? The Mets? I don't think so. But what about St. Louis? ... Replacing [Tony] La Russa in St. Louis might be more attractive to Girardi than coming to Chicago.

Chicago Tribune

Joe Girardi, AP Joe Girardi, AP
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October 6, 2010  08:57 AM ET

Right, I am pretty sure Girardi stays ... he'll get paid ... and he has a guarantee of putting a competitive team on the field every season ...

October 6, 2010  09:24 AM ET

Why would he want to be anywhere else?

October 6, 2010  09:27 AM ET

I can't see it, but it is an interesting thought that i had not considered.

October 6, 2010  09:28 AM ET

girardi will end either with the blue jays or chicago, everything has to do with the results from the play offs plain and simple!

October 6, 2010  09:30 AM ET

if girardi has a good run on the play offs and its able to advance to the second round, then maybe he will have a shot for a new contract!

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October 6, 2010  09:31 AM ET

I don't know, I think his low-key, conservative approach might fit better with St. Louis or a similar club that has talent but probably needs a new outlook. Watching the Yankees for the last month is giving me horrible flashbacks to the Indy Colts last year and not going for the perfect season to keep everyone healthy for the post-season. Didn't work so well for them and I don't think it's working for the Yankees either. Everyone has looked like they're dogging it for the last few weeks. Hard to get back into fighting mode.

October 6, 2010  09:36 AM ET

It's hard to imagine and Ex-Cub managing the Cardinals, though.

October 6, 2010  09:39 AM ET

Playoffs, baby!

I hope the Yankees get swept!

Probably not this round... Appreciate the enthusiam, though!

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October 6, 2010  09:42 AM ET

Probably not this round... Appreciate the enthusiam, though!

CC will get rocked!

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October 6, 2010  10:04 AM ET

Why would he want to be anywhere else?

Girardi will probably stay in New York. The Trib. article did have this, "'The Cardinals would be his kind of place,' an insider said. 'No media problems, total control... but don't they want LaRussa back?'" If one wants to be just a good baseball guy, St. Louis is a great spot; Great organization, smart loyal fans, and Mid-West polite.

October 6, 2010  10:12 AM ET

I thought the Yanks were his dream jion when he was with the Marlins? Why is Chicago anyone's dream job, even if you were born in front of the ivy in left field?

Only if you include the term "nightmares" in the general referance of the word "dream."

October 6, 2010  10:16 AM ET

Only if you include the term "nightmares" in the general referance of the word "dream."

What nightmare? George is gone and Hal doesn't interfere with the way thee club is run on the field. Now if he doesn't get in the playoffs he might not be re-signed, but that seems to be Cashman's call.

October 6, 2010  10:31 AM ET

Hey suckers, you can hate all you want but it's not going to do you any good, because the Yankees are going to take them sucker **** Twins out as usual. The Yanks have only done this the last several times they've faced in a series, so fools you can hate all you want, the results when it comes to the Twins is always the same. This year will be no different, get your hateraid ready for ALCS cause here we come. As for that fool Girardi, if he wants to step, New Yorkers say get the steppin buddy. Look were only keeping him in baseball conversation with all the championship he has won with us anyway. If he does leave, he wil certainly learn what it feels like to be a loser and we will not cry over spilt milk, we just get more.

switch to decaf

October 6, 2010  10:32 AM ET

girardi is an excellent manager. he's proven that with the marlins and the yankees. he's taken teams to the playoffs with the smallest and largest payrolls. as a yanks fan, i'd like to see him stay. but as mentioned if he leaves i'm certain they will find a more than suitable replacement. hell, who wouldn't want to coach a team with unlimited resources and core team that pretty much leads and police themselves within the clubhouse and on the field.

October 6, 2010  10:33 AM ET

Only if you include the term "nightmares" in the general referance of the word "dream."

hey afact what do you think of Illitch buying the Pistons? He's creating his entertainment monopoly in the metro area.

October 6, 2010  10:44 AM ET

I'm betting this means that the Tigers get to go back to those great turn-of-the-century days when no one gave a rip and there was no money to be had. Boy, those were great days...


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