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Sixers holding out for a hero


08:21 AM ET 10.08 | During a game in which his team scored 65 points, Doug Collins made a pitch to two would-be leaders. In the final minutes of Wednesday's lopsided loss to the Boston Celtics, [Collins] called to Elton Brand and Andre Iguodala -- starters he rested all game -- and had them sit on either side of him. In a moment, there were words from Collins and nods from Brand and Iguodala. Afterward, Collins explained the conversation: "I told them I need them to be leaders, and as we're going through this period of time, they have to really put their arms around these guys and continue to help them. We have to be positive, but at the same time expect to be better and demand to play better."

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October 8, 2010  08:34 AM ET

They do need to be leaders, but the Sixers problem is the same thing that a lot of teams seems to be doing....Paying a player to be a superstar, the "Batman" when he is nothing but a side kick(robin) Iggy aint that dude, and neither is Brand.....they both would be solid robins but you first have to have a legit first options...teams should take notice

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October 8, 2010  08:40 AM ET

Smeone please tell me what doug collins has accomplished in the last 20 years that warrants his being employed?

The same that Elton Brand has accomplished in the past 10.

Doug allowed MJ to do whatever he wanted! "Give the ball to Michael and get the **** out the way"!

October 8, 2010  08:41 AM ET

Problem is there arent enough batmans in the league......So what is a team that doesnt have one supposed to do?Cry? Fold?

nope but realize you put your team in cap problems trying to convert them to batmans......even if neither are number one options you can try to make it work with the right pieces......

October 8, 2010  08:56 AM ET

Going into a season expecting miracles is recipe for disaster that's why my Knicks shelled 100mil for the lead in Amare Stat Mire. Them two cats in Philly aint hood.

October 8, 2010  08:56 AM ET

Maybe Collins needs to listen to what he's preaching. There's a reason he was let go in Chicago and the Bulls replaced him with some guy named Phil Jackson!!!

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October 8, 2010  09:06 AM ET

While you make a valid point, you are also oversimplifying things a tad. Because of people like us (fans) a franchise often has to make "a move" even if they know in their heart of hearts that its not the "best move".

you dont make that move if its going to harm you down the line financially because it makes it that much harder to get things right......I believe they thought Iggy was that superstar and thats why they gave him 85 only pay that if one you think thats your franchise player or 2 you think he is that missing piece to put you over the top so you over pay for him.....

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October 8, 2010  09:19 AM ET

Sixers fans better get used to the phrase "lopsided loss" if they aren't already ...

October 8, 2010  09:30 AM ET

Iggys contract is not awful , a little overpaid? YesBut that is what the going rate is/was for a mid 20 year old

he is over paid and that contract will harm them in their road back to relevance

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October 8, 2010  09:45 AM ET

He is making what any #2 makes on other teams.Pbillys problem is brand got more hurt and old.....that's the bad contract

if its a number two that is putting you over the top...that contract wasnt to be number two it was to be the teams center piece....

October 8, 2010  09:56 AM ET

A hero and not a cheese-steak, Bro?

October 8, 2010  11:53 AM ET

They need more than Iggy and Brand to be relevant

October 8, 2010  12:42 PM ET

They can play that song while announcing the players - "I need a hero, someone too blah blah blah"

October 8, 2010  01:14 PM ET

damn, not one sixers fan checking in? that's sad, but i understand...

last season was a total nightmare. jordan lost the team early, guys didn't know their roles, and some players quit on the team.

collins is asking those same players to be leaders on this team. i'll believe it when i see it.

i will continue to watch (for now) and hope that jrue continues to develop into the leader they need, that turner can adjust to the nba game and show that he was deserving of the #2 pick, that young can figure out how to play defense and get his career back on track, and that they find some way to cut the dead weight on this team.

they say that it starts at the top, and recent history of the sixers shows that the suits in charge aren't qualified to manage an nba franchise.


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