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Does Wendelstedt have it out for Gardy?


08:24 AM ET 10.08 | Tossing a manager in a playoff game, which happened twice Thursday, isn't easy. It's never expected when a manager gets ejected in a playoff game, but when the Twins' Ron Gardenhire was run by plate umpire Hunter Wendelstedt in the seventh inning of Game 2, it wasn't exactly a shocker. The history between the two is not good. Wendelstedt has ejected Gardenhire multiple times, and there have been at least two public spats between the two -- including a particularly ugly incident in Detroit in August, 2009. After that ejection, according to Gardenhire, the umpire taunted the manager by asking, "How do you like that?"

Ron Gardenhire, AP Ron Gardenhire, AP
October 8, 2010  08:26 AM ET

Looked to me like the Yankees pitchers have been getting a wider strike zone. I'm not saying that's what cost them the games, Gardy has been leaving his starters in too long. You have a great bullpen, use it! But yeah, Sabathia & Liriano's strike zone's weren't even comparable.

October 8, 2010  08:45 AM ET

At least the calls haven't been as bad as last year's playoffs when the umpires were basically giving games to other teams.

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October 8, 2010  08:48 AM ET

Yep. Gardy's a great regular season coach. Twins need to upgrade though if they want to win in the playoffs.

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October 8, 2010  08:51 AM ET

If Berkman makes out after the call no one cares....Umpires have been pretty awful though so far...Giants..Braves last night Posey was out by a mile at 2nd base...and it winds up being the only run scored ...Golson caught the ball the other night...Young should have been punched out in Tampa goes on and on...the umpires are getting worse....and TBS is killing them with that tracker showing the balls and strikes....

October 8, 2010  08:57 AM ET

everyone is screaming for replay but the only way it works is to limit it to two challenges a game and I don't think balls and strikes can be included - or check would just interrupt the flow of the game too much...these games are way too long and I don't think the umping is any worse than before...these guys get most of the calls right. what's different is the multiple HD replays from various angles....makes it look easy when its not.

i agree with you on balls and strikes calls...but plays at 2nd base and fly balls ...gimme a break...there's 2 additional guys out there and they still can't get it right....

October 8, 2010  08:59 AM ET

all of those pitch trackers and K zones are not accurate and make it worse.

i agree.....

October 8, 2010  09:00 AM ET

and here is the difference...what does Mo do after that botched call? he goes back to work and gets Thome out...good teams will do that.check swings...i've seen them go both ways in nearly every game so they cancel each other out.the "strike 3" to berkman would've been strike 2 if the ump called the pitch earlier in the at bat correctly.

Posey was out by 2 feet last night trying to steal 2nd......that was a joke....

October 8, 2010  09:04 AM ET

Really sick and tired of the announcers being such Yankee fans too. If you can't call a game fairly, then don't do it at all.

October 8, 2010  09:07 AM ET

NY Daily News today was like a Yankee magazine...Front page..back page...and 10 more inside...

October 8, 2010  09:08 AM ET

or get a friggin' hit...same with the rays...does it matter if Young hits a HR when you get two friggin' hits?

Rays are done...the Rays were done 2 weeks ago.....

October 8, 2010  09:09 AM ET

Rays are done...the Rays were done 2 weeks ago.....

not as done as my Met's...8)

October 8, 2010  09:15 AM ET

the mets were done in May!


October 8, 2010  09:17 AM ET

Well gotta run peeps...I just hope the umpiring gets better and they aren't involved in the outcome of the rest of the games....

October 8, 2010  09:17 AM ET

If this is the mentality of the Twinks, then they are already done.

Come to think of it... they ARE done.

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October 8, 2010  09:26 AM ET

that is absolutely right...and the Rays have the same issue. instead of focusing on pitching and hitting better they are focusing on one questionable call.


One run and seven hits in 18 innings... they have much bigger issues than moaning about the umps.

October 8, 2010  09:34 AM ET

Well who's talking now idiots.....Otis, DTW, etc.,?

blah... blah... blah... blah... blah... blah... blah... blah... blah... blah... blah... blah...

Go back and find where I said the Twins were going to sweep, win, or even where I was rooting for them, you nimrod! I dare you!

Take a lesson from the many good Yankee fans on this site and try just a small does of humility.

October 8, 2010  09:35 AM ET

Well who's talking now idiots.....Otis, DTW, etc.,? Just like I said, you really have to be delusional to think that the Twinkees was going to win this series let alone a sweep. That was both idiotic and laughable. In fact there may very well be a sweep indeed, but it won't be the Twinkees doing it, better yet getting swept fools. You fools really asked for Andy and Andy you got. He should be the last pitcher on our staff that you should ask for. Only the best big game pitcher in the past 20 years, how foolish is it to ask for Andy. His past post season pitching performances initself speaks volumes. Now you guy have the nerve to talk about umpiring, how guttless you are, in light of that pathetic 4th out in the 9th the other night given to the Twinkees. Just as previously mentioned, we (Mo) shake it off and go back to work shutting fools down without any whinning and getting thrown out of games. The Yankees are use to the post season and excel in it. I can't say this for a lot of other teams. Haters.......hate on, its not going to get you any victories. FOOLS....THE TWINKEES ARE DONE! BELIEVE THAT BABY.

Just as I was about to give up on the Twins... Where was your big talk a week ago? It takes you 2 Yankees wins to have confidence in your team? What a joke. I'm back into it now, thanks! GO TWINS!!! THREE IN A ROW LOL


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