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Angels to take run at Crawford


09:25 AM ET 10.10 | The Angels are set to take a run at signing Carl Crawford but if they don't get him, manager Mike Scioscia says having Kendry Morales healthy will be "like signing as big a free agent as there is."

Chicago Tribune

Carl Crawford, Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images Carl Crawford, Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images
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October 10, 2010  09:51 AM ET

Someone will definitely overpay for Carl. He's very good, but someone will give him "elite" money and end up regretting it. I hope it's not the Red Sox.

Besides all that, his eyes are too close apart ;)

October 10, 2010  10:11 AM ET

be a good move by the angels after gringing in Godzilla... who didn't do as well as expected...

October 10, 2010  10:12 AM ET

"bringing"... sheesh...

October 10, 2010  10:34 AM ET

so baseball you can comment on signing players before the end of the season?? thought that was uhhh illegal.

October 10, 2010  11:32 AM ET

After doing nothing last winter and watching a good team turn to a below 500 ball club, they had better do something now or their fans will turn real ugly.

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October 10, 2010  03:27 PM ET

Someone drank their breakfast.

Nothing wrong with the breakfast of ex champions

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October 10, 2010  09:11 PM ET

your very wrong JGB....... hes only been hurt once and that was in 2008...... his career batting average is .296 and has hit .300 or better 5 times out of his 8 full seasons...... hes led the leauge 4 times in stolen bases and has 7 40 stolen base seasons....... hes also been snubed 5 times for a gold glove and if he doesnt get 1 this season theirs going to be an uproar..... all in all hes an elite caliber player that will command top dollar.

October 10, 2010  09:12 PM ET

The Rays and the a pads will also not be in the bidding.

October 10, 2010  10:05 PM ET

Crawford in Left, Bourjous in Center and Hunter in Right??? Works for me.

October 10, 2010  10:09 PM ET

i wish the angels be more honest regardless of their budget, hopely the halos would be more agressive than when they were trying to sign chapman, and they just let the reds walk away i wonder why the angels didn't outbid the reds?perhaps next year the angels do somthing more positive!!

October 10, 2010  10:46 PM ET

After doing nothing last winter and watching a good team turn to a below 500 ball club, they had better do something now or their fans will turn real ugly.

Yep Hopefully the Angels will be able to sign a few FAs and workout a few trades to fill some of their weaknesses....

October 11, 2010  01:02 PM ET

just wondering who gets more money, Werth or Crawford, especially if the Yanks dont get involved(i cant see them going after a LF and Cliff Lee), especially since Gradner, granderson and swisher are already in thier OF, i think one goes to the Sox the other the angels

October 11, 2010  05:04 PM ET

Crawford is a perfect fit for the Angels. Scioscia will let him run wild on the basepaths. Back to small ball.

He's Figgins (with the Angels) with power...and the best part, Juan Rivera on the bench.


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