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Is President Bush worthy of Hall of Fame?


11:31 AM ET 10.24 | The reputation of the World Golf Hall of Fame is a work in progress, which is why I was a bit disappointed last month at the news that George H.W. Bush will be inducted into the World Golf Hall of Fame next May in the Lifetime Achievement category. Nothing against the former president: The issue is whether he legitimately ranks as one of the 130 or so most important world golf figures of all time.

Wall Street Journal

President George H. Bush, Andrew Redington/Getty Images President George H. Bush, Andrew Redington/Getty Images
October 24, 2010  02:39 PM ET

I don't have a problem with this..but I don't watch golf at why would I?

October 24, 2010  07:14 PM ET

Sounds political to me. I'm sure Finchem is just rear-kissing at this point. But, as long as they don't let his son in I'm fine with this.

October 25, 2010  08:32 AM ET

I don't think just playing a lot of golf qualifies a person for the HOF. Nor does playing a lot of golf as a public figure make you an "ambassador" of the game.

October 25, 2010  08:42 AM ET

Does he deserve to be in the HOF? no
Do Spammers love this posting? Yes.

October 25, 2010  09:00 AM ET

No way should he be inducted into the Golf HOF. It's purely a Kiss **** move, just like jonisagolfan stated.

October 25, 2010  10:35 AM ET

Do I think he should be in the HOF? No.
Has he been a good ambassador for the sport? Yes

October 25, 2010  11:29 AM ET

Of course he shouldn't be in the Hall and W doesn't want to be there either. Obama however should be. He's never lost a ball in the water cause he can walk on it and play it where it lies. His Titleists float you know.

October 25, 2010  02:46 PM ET

Does George belong in the HOF? No. Does Barbara belong? Yes!

October 26, 2010  08:16 PM ET

What an absolute mess this thread is. You'd think that FN would just delete the crap entirely instead of telling us that the comment has been removed. Invest in some new technology guys!!

And why is a fine publication like WSJ talking about naming a former president to the HOF. Decent guy, makes no sense, never will, all of which means he'll be inducted much to the confusion of most golf fans. After all, since when did our opinions matter?

October 30, 2010  05:55 PM ET

Crash and burn FN, you've lost control! Just turn it over to the spammers now!!!

October 30, 2010  07:42 PM ET


October 30, 2010  07:42 PM ET


October 31, 2010  11:47 PM ET

Next in line.....Howdy DoodyBama..............What a JOKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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