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Van der Sar slams Man City after derby stalemate


07:35 AM ET 11.11 | Manchester United goalkeeper Edwin van der Sar accused Manchester City of squeezing the life out of the derby at Eastlands. Van der Sar was a virtual spectator as Roberto Mancini's City side failed to show any ambition in last night's 0-0 draw in the Barclays Premier League. "City did not really come forward and leave their defensive position," said Van der Sar. "They were clearly aiming for a point. We really wanted to win but they were more defensive."

Daily Mail

Edwin Van der Sar, Getty Images Edwin Van der Sar, Getty Images
November 11, 2010  07:40 AM ET

go take some geritol and shut up you old geezer.

November 11, 2010  08:29 AM ET

Two days in a row for being in the Top 5 of "most popular" list. Good job everyone,

Our last record was three, yes?

November 11, 2010  08:30 AM ET

WTF! they put in my boy when there was 13 min left to play! WTF!

November 11, 2010  09:12 AM ET

Here is Wahls "educated guess" on the call ups for the SA game...
Gale Agbossoumonde


November 11, 2010  09:26 AM ET


Watch as he Tony Danza's the opposition!

November 11, 2010  09:33 AM ET

Watch as he Tony Danza's the opposition!


November 11, 2010  10:09 AM ET

Sucks about Edu injuring his knee again. Lets hope it won't require surgery. Anyone know anything more. Congrats to Bobby Convey for comeback player of the year award. Used to play against him in Philly, so have always pulled for him. Glad to see he's having a good campaign.

November 11, 2010  10:14 AM ET

Also, picked up Black Ops last night and played for an hour with some friends.

It's early, but so far I'm not impressed. I didn't play 5, the last one I played was MW2 (which was great). Compared to that the maps seemed a bit lacking. There didn't appear to be a purpose to any of the maps as there was in MW2. The graphics were good and the player movement was good. Don't have much experience with the weapons yet so can't comment on that. There are definately more gadgets than MW2, which should be fun. We'll see how it goes, prob log another hour or two tonight. If anyone is on XBox Live and wants to play, hit me up. Hoosteady is the screen name.

November 11, 2010  10:20 AM ET

*I got Juan Agudelo figured out... my bad.

This kid seems legit!

The other guy, I've never heard of either...

November 11, 2010  10:23 AM ET

Here's the Wiki on Diskerud:

November 11, 2010  10:34 AM ET

Here is Wahls "educated guess" on the call ups for the SA game...GK: Brad Guzan, Nick RimandoD: Jonathan Spector, Oguchi Onyewu, Clarence Goodson, Eric Lichaj, Chad Marshall, Jonathan Bornstein, Michael Parkhurst, Gale AgbossoumondeM: Alejandro Bedoya, Mix Diskerud, Kyle Beckerman, Benny Feilhaber, DaMarcus Beasley, Ricardo Clark, Robbie RogersF: Jozy Altidore, Eddie Johnson, Juan Agudelo, Robbie FindleyMy question is, who is Mix Diskerud and Juan Agudelo? Has anyone seen them play?

I just can't look at Robo Rogers with a straight face anymore. That website ruined him to me.

November 11, 2010  11:21 AM ET

Where is everyone at today? Only us suckers working on Veterans Day?

Yea I don't know. Traffic sure was nice around DC this morning.

November 11, 2010  11:29 AM ET

Premiership players, nevermind Dutch ones, complaining about parking the bus?...A tad ironic, non?

November 11, 2010  11:30 AM ET

It only took you an hour to get to work instead of 2?

That's about right. I heard that Maryland spends the least amount of money on their roadways per citizen. Not sure if that's true, but it makes a bit of sense. Roads are nice, just not effective.

November 11, 2010  11:34 AM ET

I just can't look at Robo Rogers with a straight face anymore. That website ruined him to me.

i just hope Clark doesn't screw up again or it could real ugly

November 11, 2010  12:21 PM ET

Premiership players, nevermind Dutch ones, complaining about parking the bus?...A tad ironic, non?

An odd comment coming from a fan of a club whose history and style of play was defined by the Dutch. Just an observation.

November 11, 2010  12:22 PM ET

@Pootie- Normally I would commit to honoring the terms of our wager for the remainder of the week, but circumstances dictate a memorial avatar, thereby overriding the terms of said wager.


November 11, 2010  12:29 PM ET

Yesterday's CDR match was not a good performance by the boys in white, and Benzema was particularly bad. Gotta get over this habit of playing down to lesser competition.

November 11, 2010  12:32 PM ET

Screw football and the fans. What do they know? City got the result that they wanted and that's all that matters....or so I've been told.

November 11, 2010  12:53 PM ET

It's funny if you head up US23 North to Michigan as so as you cross the broader the road changes. In Michigan they use expansion joints in the road becasue of the cold weather so you get the bumpbump as you go over them. Ohio does not. Even though it's literally 10 feet away.

I hate those things


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