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Iguodala on the block?


08:17 AM ET 11.11 | According to reports, Andre Iguodala will return to the lineup Friday night, but he is also finds himself in trade talk. There's been a lot of talk about including Iguodala in a trade, but as of right now, it seems the Sixers are not trying to trade Iguodala. There will need to be a change in upper management's thinking before Iguodala gets peddled because right now -- according to a source close to Iguodala -- he has been repeatedly assured that the team is not trying to trade him and does not want to trade him.

Philadelphia Daily News

Andre Iguodala, Getty Images Andre Iguodala, Getty Images
November 11, 2010  08:20 AM ET

Who wants you, Bro?

November 11, 2010  08:22 AM ET

Come to the Bobcats, bro. We'll send Diop or Diaw to Philly in a jiffy.

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November 11, 2010  08:40 AM ET

Word on the street was the hornets had interest in Iggy.Peja and Marcus Thorton for Iggy was the ideal situation that the hornets were discussing.If the hornets got Iggy advantage Hornets for numerous reasons.First off they get an explosive all star caliber wing player that does a little of everything.Secondly the hornets are balling right now though they have yet to play the lakers or celtics or magic but with the addition of Iggy this may really give Paul an incentive to stay in Nawlins.

Ive heard that also...It just makes me wonder if the Ariza/Iggy tandem would work out...I mean Ariza is like a cheap version of Iggy but neither one of them has a consistent jumper...But I guess thats what Bellinelli and Bayless are for....

November 11, 2010  08:51 AM ET

With who their fantasy league way Philly goes for that deal.....

i dont think you understand how bad philly wants to unload Iggy's contract. Its alot of money for a guy who cant shoot or lead a team. Iggy is a good complementary player, but thats it.

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November 11, 2010  09:11 AM ET

Yea.Clashing at what position each should play as we all know Iggy is better at the 3 rather than the 2.Neither has a consistent jumper as you pointed out.Cp, Bayless,Bellinelli are all consistent jump shooters on that team so to have two athletic guys on the wing is not a bad idea.Don't anybody dare compare it to Jax/G. Wallace in Charlotte.At least Jax is a consistent jump shooter and Wallace is coming around but Iggy/Ariza...they are average at best.

I wouldnt say Jax has a "consistent" jump shot...He consistently shoots it but its not a very good shoot hints the 42% career shooting...

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November 11, 2010  09:17 AM ET

This story is getting mighty old....Just like the Carmelo threads.

November 11, 2010  09:18 AM ET

What atoricous GMs are left to take on that contract for a ok second option, great third option?

November 11, 2010  09:20 AM ET

Bet they wish they had AI now

November 11, 2010  09:23 AM ET

With who their fantasy league way Philly goes for that deal.....

It would be a Salary DUMP for PHIL, ... Iggy 3 years at $44.6m + a fourth ETO at $17.2m for Peja $14.2m expiring contact, and next season it drop PHIL CAP to $41m or so giving PHIL flex room. .

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November 11, 2010  10:10 AM ET

With who their fantasy league way Philly goes for that deal.....

And if philly did, they would be stupid.

November 11, 2010  10:16 AM ET

I agree because what are they going to do with the cap one with even Iggy's talent much less someone better will want to go there...for what to play for Collins and a always injured Brand???

yeah true point, oh yeah...

November 11, 2010  10:22 AM ET

Iggy to the Hornets would be good. iggy is a good defender, athletic, strong, and hard working. pair him up with cp3 and it would be an alley hoop fiesta. i agree that he wont be the main guy and he doesnt need to be because cp3 is there.

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