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James: No fun in Miami


08:06 AM ET 11.23 | LeBron James may have taken his talents to South Beach, but he hasn't brought the fun with him -- and it couldn't have been less fun than Monday night. Erik Spoelstra said discussions got heated behind closed doors, but he was calm in the postgame press conference. He spoke about how "we need to be active participants in our rescue." He spoke of expecting players not to feel sorry for themselves, because he wouldn't be feeling sorry for them or himself. James spoke of something you figured would come naturally, when the Big 3 came together. "We're not having fun at all," James said.

The Palm Beach Post

LeBron James, AP LeBron James, AP
November 23, 2010  08:08 AM ET

Don't worry, the King will turn Miami around before Christmas. Trust in LBJ

November 23, 2010  08:13 AM ET

Conversations got heated? I don't think even the addition of the much needed dampier can save this sinking ship. Pat Riley come on down

November 23, 2010  08:14 AM ET

LeQuit is still searching for the opportunity that will allow him to just 'show up' and get a ring.

November 23, 2010  08:15 AM ET

Do you miss Cleveland, Bro?

November 23, 2010  08:22 AM ET

How about all those red seats in MIA. Atleast the fans dont care in south beach

November 23, 2010  08:23 AM ET

Dwade is the new Tmac/Penny Hardaway

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November 23, 2010  08:29 AM ET

Bandwagon fans will not show up today again... What did he promise again? not 1 but 7 rings... Luvher will be here again today to protect her King....

Of course she will and call it objectivity. According to all the bandwaggoners the cavs lineup was trash except lebron, then why the heck has miami lost 2 in a row sitting at 8-6.

November 23, 2010  08:30 AM ET

well, well, well, what do we have here? It would not be shocking anymore to see Riley come on down and start coaching again. For some reason, I now see the Heat struggle to make the playoffs. Maybe a 5th or 6th seed at best. This is not looking good for the Heat at all. Maybe they can get it together after the allstar weekend. I suppose it would not me wishfull thinking that Cleveland is going to beat Miami when they come down on Dec 2nd.

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November 23, 2010  08:33 AM ET

Dwade is the new Tmac/Penny Hardaway

last time i checked D Wade has a ring...did that get taken away?......

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November 23, 2010  08:35 AM ET

Touche' but hes still damaged goods. Even he said his injury had nothing to do with yet another atrocious performance,3pts? i dont care how many rings you have Luke Walton got rins

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November 23, 2010  08:36 AM ET

She's drinking that LeHyype Koolade... She was saying that the heat have better cast then Cavs...

She contradicts herself like nobodys business. Yappin it up yesteday about how chris bosh is soft, she was his main supporter saying hes gonna develop like gasol did and hit the paint?

November 23, 2010  08:38 AM ET

get that man a box of tissues

November 23, 2010  08:38 AM ET

Losing is never fun, especially when you lose at home by 16.At least Dampier is finally being signed, have to face adversity to make a move it seems.....

I think its funny they are going to count on Damp....After all the garbage people have talked for the past 6 years about him when he was in Dallas...

November 23, 2010  08:38 AM ET

She's drinking that LeHyype Koolade... She was saying that the heat have better cast then Cavs...

They are two sides of the same coin. In CLE he ad all the supporting cast h ever wanted, but no real second fiddle. Now he has wade/bosh as his second fiddles and his role players aren't nearly as good as they were in CLE. Damned if he does and damned if he doesn't. I don't see the heat having any problems gettin into the playoffs, from there tho they can only go so far with this one on five style of basketball.

November 23, 2010  08:39 AM ET

Losing is never fun, especially when you lose at home by 16.At least Dampier is finally being signed, have to face adversity to make a move it seems.Riley has dropped the ball on a athletic supporting cast with youth.4/20 from threes, just 12 fast break points, out rebounded by 9 and shot 38% from the field.Scoring just 77 points???This is not the celtics the heat were playing but there lack of effort on both ends of the court is why they lost.Wade and James settling for too much jumpers, when this happens the opposing team rebounds, pushes the ball and it's an easy basket in transition, transition D is not picked up fast enough for Miami and they get out hustled.Don't know how many times I have to say it and NBA analysts have to say it...They have too much talent on this team to be playing so damn slow!Is this the Miami heat or Miami cavaliers cause sometimes I can't tell.Guys just being a spectator on the offensive end watching what Wade and Bron will do next.Push the freaking ball, move the ball around, Wade and Bron should be driving the ball more, finish around the rim, attract two defenders, kick the ball out to Jones or House or Arroyo for a wide open 3.Where are those alley oops???This is why they are the bottom of the barrel in points in the paint, to many freaking jumpers.Play up tempo/consistent intensity on D.I see teams are drawing chargers on Lebron now something they did not do last season.All this hype and no show up???They need to play the way they played Orlando in their home season opener.And go figure they face Orlando again tomorrow...Wonder how that will turn out.Point blank they have been disappointing period.And if they don't bring there A game every single night, even with Dampier clogging the lane and doing what he does they will still be a joke come playoff time!Get your **** together guys, Riles need to return as coach, Spo is a joke!

Well put your boys are in trouble, its actually quite unbelievable. i never expected them to be THIS, for lack of a better word, bad. what the heck is a pacer

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