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Greinke open to Yankees trade?


08:16 AM ET 12.01 | If the Yankees swing and miss on Cliff Lee, Zack Greinke may be in play. Though Greinke has a no-trade clause in his contract that includes the Yankees and other big-market teams, a source close to the right-hander suggested he would happily pitch anywhere that would provide a winning team. "I wouldn't put it past him to go to New York," the source said. "I don't think he'd rule out anybody. He says he likes New York. Especially because they're winners. He wants to go to a team that wins."

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Zack Greinke, Getty Images Zack Greinke, Getty Images
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December 1, 2010  08:49 AM ET

Hmmm...Someone that is emotionally weak prob should rethink that decision to want to go to the city that breaks people..... I mean the guy had a nervous breakdown in KC and they only have 40 booing fans when he did bad wait till he gets a dose of 45000 booing fans when he only does OK....

December 1, 2010  08:51 AM ET

The source was also heard saying, "Whether you want to or not, if I ever hear you say you don't want to play for the Yankees again, you'll be wishing you married Elin Nordegren instead, and it was only a golf club I'd beat that stupid out of you with."

December 1, 2010  09:05 AM ET

I would never buy a frickin thing from these spammers, much less visit their knockoff product websites.

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December 1, 2010  09:14 AM ET

I'm gonna need a translator.

Sorry. I dont believe we have a gibberish translator available.

December 1, 2010  09:14 AM ET

I'm gonna need a translator.

However, alacran might be able to help us out.

December 1, 2010  09:17 AM ET

So n other words, he'd go anywhere but Pittsburgh

And Milwakee!

December 1, 2010  09:20 AM ET

What is surprising about this is that he mentioned this to gain some traction to go somewhere other than KC?

December 1, 2010  09:21 AM ET

I'm gonna need a translator.

In tribute to Leslie Nielsen (RIP) of Airplane (among MANY others) fame - and of course the wonderful Barbara Billingsley (RIP) who was also in Airplane, I speak jive, so here you go...

If Mr. Greinke would like to continue his career in the lovely city of Kansas City, I as a neanderthal Yankee fan who CLEARLY doesn't speak for the vast majority of Yankee fans will not sleep less than the 14 hours per day I currently get in my comfy 6 by 10 cell. Zack certainly is intelligent enough to weigh the pros and cons of pitching in Kansas City - with their tiny payroll and loyal fanbase - as opposed to playing for the Yankees who have a bottomless wallet - as well as very vocal, but for the most part very loyal fans as well.
As I sit in my cell day after day, I think I know what's right for Zack to choose, of course, I also thought I could BORROW that car and get away with it. And when the police started to chase me - I thought I could lose them - even when the choppers joined the chase. In all, I am happy that I appeard on Cops - to fulfill a family destiny that was passed down from my very own Pappy.
Zack, we would welcome you in New York - and hopefully you are over the anxiety issues that almost sidetracked what is turning into a wonderful career. All the best from this Yankee fan. (I would right more, but the warden is telling me my computer time is up).

There, that's the gist of it. Now, back to your regularly scheduled T&R.

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December 1, 2010  09:49 AM ET

It doesn't matter.., Yanks will NOT swing and MISS with Lee. They will outbid Texas by enough wagins of money that Lee could only pass up if he were insane. Rotation next year will be Sabbathia, Lee, Hughes, Pettitte and Burnett. I look for AJ to bounce back because he will be the #5 starter and will face a lot less pressure to produce in that slot.

Greinke suffers from anxiety.. not the best fit for the Bronx. Yanks know this, wouldn't make that mistake.

December 1, 2010  09:55 AM ET

Translation--I want me some of that big ole pile of cash that the Yankees throw around and in the process I just may one day get one of those ringy things that everyone keeps talking about.

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December 1, 2010  10:29 AM ET

This could be an historic acquisition for the Yankees ... I don't think they've ever had a pitcher break down and cry on the mound before. Unless you include David Wells in the World Series, the fat bastid.

No but they've had a pitcher break down without crying before. Ask Piazza about it.

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December 1, 2010  10:37 AM ET

I think there are many reasons not to want to go to NY. If you don't want to deal with the amped up media and the off the charts expectations & public criticism. If you're a pitcher (especially righthanded) that gives up flyballs, Yankee stadium isn't for you. There are other places you can go to make money, just not as much. There are also other places you can go to win. If you live in NY, you don't see this, but many people look at NY as an undesirable place to live.

December 1, 2010  10:38 AM ET

I would categorize that more like a steroid-fueled implosion.

How would you categorize Pavano, Burnett, Vazquez, et al?

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