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Heat consider moving Bosh for 'Melo?


08:15 AM ET 12.02 | Needless to say, it would suffice as a blockbuster. As we close in on Dec. 15, when numerous free agents signed over the summer become trade-eligible, rival executives have privately started wondering if the Heat would consider parting with one of their Big Three if it meant fielding a more complete team. The face-saving option to trade and the most easily obtainable, executives say, would be Chris Bosh. In fact, one executive speaking on condition of anonymity wondered how it would alter Denver's reluctance to trade Carmelo Anthony if the Heat offered a package centered around Bosh. The Nuggets, according to the executive, might prefer an established star in the low post as opposed to Derrick Favors, an unproven rookie.

Chris Bosh (right), AP Chris Bosh (right), AP
December 2, 2010  08:17 AM ET

Does this mean they aren't blaming the coach anymore?

December 2, 2010  08:27 AM ET

LMAO Bosh signs as a free agent with Miami because he claims he wants to be there and then they turn around and trade him to Denver. There is justice in this world.

December 2, 2010  08:34 AM ET

No way would denver take bosh, the need to replace melo. Not to mention the gurantee of a fist fight nightly between lebron and melo

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December 2, 2010  08:55 AM ET

There's gays in the militar now so he can play in Denver. But there's a couple of things wrong with this move.

1.Melo is another winger so I don't see how pairing him Lebron and Wade will make them worse than they are now as there's only one ball.
2. Their interior defect will hurt like crazy.. probably more than Wade feels when his **** acts up.
3. Perhaps the biggest reason Melo won't join them suckers is they are so disgusting and hated Melo will run to Orlando or New York as soon as he becomes free agent.

If Pat needs to move someone it's Lebron. He's the root cause of all their problem. A championship is not in his destiny. He's so arrogant and rude the whole world hates him. Even his own coach can't tell if he's ever serious. He doesn't have that discipline and focus to get it done. The prudent thing will be to move him to Minnesotta for Kevin Love and some point guards. But I know Pat riley is averse to common sense and truth so he'll do some dumb **** like putting together the three little pigs.

December 2, 2010  08:58 AM ET

I have come up with the best fix for Miami!

Hire Lostwill to coach them.
If he can't straighten out Bron Bron nobody can.
Well maybe his new step daddy can.

December 2, 2010  08:59 AM ET

Cause of the sign n trades for Bosh & LBJ, Maimi has NO 1rd draft picks till 2017 to offer.....

I got a better trade for Miami,.... LeQueen who can not play with Wade for Melo .... so then the HEAT would be Wade, Melo, Bosh = a better balance ...

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December 2, 2010  09:05 AM ET

If Lostwill became the coach of Miami, the first thing he would do upon arriving is send Lebron to the D league.

Nah... first I'd take him to the plantations and whip his **** till he gets bloody like the tampon Delonte left on his couch. When he heals I'll bring him back to the team and bar him from scoring... just grab rebounds and pass the ball to Wade... Pippen style.

December 2, 2010  09:08 AM ET

How could this deal possibly make Miami better?

You replace a 7 footer with a scoring forward that's not going to block shots and averages less rebounds than the player you're trading.

December 2, 2010  09:08 AM ET

Everyone has concluded that the problem in Miami is Wade and Lebron need the ball in their hands to do their thing. So the way to fix it is trade your only star big man and bring in yet another guy that needs the ball in his hands? That would really turn this Miami experiment into Frankenstein!


... very illogical trade proposal.

December 2, 2010  09:10 AM ET

Exactly...... very illogical trade proposal.

Hahahaha... Pat Riley did work!

December 2, 2010  09:10 AM ET

Can Miami trade Bosh this soon after signing him? I thought there were rules regarding this.

December 2, 2010  09:11 AM ET

Can Miami trade Bosh this soon after signing him? I thought there were rules regarding this.

After December he's good as toast... and its all legal in NBA's constitution...

December 2, 2010  09:11 AM ET

I mean december 15th.

December 2, 2010  09:13 AM ET

Would put a smile on my face!

December 2, 2010  09:20 AM ET

SO then they will have

December 2, 2010  09:21 AM ET

So then they will have THREE guys that play the exact same position!!!! Yeah that sounds even better than the debacle they have in effect now!!!! Lord that grease is getting into Rileys brain i think....

December 2, 2010  09:28 AM ET

Miami has played ALL of 18 games this season and now we are talking about trading Bosh? You guys are morons...Bosh is averaging 17 and 7 per game...not shabby for a 3rd option on the team...

Carmelo for Bosh will never happen...except maybe on NBA Live 2010.

The big 3 are being marketed to death down here, so trading him would be dumb, #1.

#2, we are 18 games into this deal so far....give it time.

#3, Bosh is playing solid ball.

#4, Carmelo would need the ball more than Bosh to get his points and there just isn't that many basketballs to go around.

#5, Waste of time.


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