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Who has inside track for Lee?


10:28 AM ET 12.05 | It seems to be a two-horse race between the Yankees and Rangers for Cliff Lee. The half-dozen other teams who once showed interest are watching and waiting to see how it plays out. Lee has been visited twice by the Rangers and once by the Yankees during the courting process. It appears the Rangers will draw the line at five years for the 32-year-old lefthander, but the Yankees could put it over the top with a sixth year.

Boston Globe

Cliff Lee, AP Cliff Lee, AP
December 5, 2010  10:34 AM ET

the south shall rise again babi

Didn't work out well the first time, I can't imagine it working any better the 2nd.

December 5, 2010  10:37 AM ET

Who has inside track for Lee?

The better question is who cares?

December 5, 2010  10:37 AM ET

If they do sign Lee, that'll mean they have about $100,000,000 tied up with Tex, A-Rod, Lee, and Sabathia in 5 years, with each player being 35 or older.

Not sure how smart that is.

December 5, 2010  10:46 AM ET

I seriously doubt the Yankees would lose a bidding war to anybody...

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December 5, 2010  11:11 AM ET

Painful ending to the B's game last night, eh?

I'm just glad I restrained myself from throwing something at the TV. It's a shame that a good HDTV would go to waste like.

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December 5, 2010  11:20 AM ET

so the yankees did their part, now does jeter can achieve the demands from the yankees? does jeter has enough time to meet all those goals? that's the only way that jeter could take over the plus $$$,..,.

December 5, 2010  11:22 AM ET

rangers and yankees all in all for cliff lee,

December 5, 2010  11:28 AM ET

i knew it from the end of the season that yankees will go after crawford, i guess if the yankees will do that its for the only reason to stop the red sox from signning crawford, at the end if the yankees do not sign this player niether the red sox do that, perhaps the angels could join this two teams and try to sign crawford!

December 5, 2010  11:35 AM ET

i wonder why the phillies aren't makin any offers for cliff lee? now that would become way more interesting, because honestly doing the bid between two teams wehere its the fun part?

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December 5, 2010  11:39 AM ET

This will be Lee's last significant contract. Though he has come up big in big games in the postseason (until this year, that is), his reputation is vastly overstated. He is a power pitcher who relies overly on his fastball, along with his ability to stay over the plate. His K-BB ratio is spectacular, but his dependence on blowing past people means he is going to give up a lot of HRs if he stays in the bandbox which is Arlington. He looked very good in Seattle - pitcher's park - but look what happened when he got to Texas - 40% more hits, twice as many HRs, his ERA ballooned, and all in front of a superior Texas defense.

I think his real value for Texas is in cache - if he stays, he gives the rest of the team a boost in terms of a public commitment to competing for and in the post-season. Don't look for 18-20 wins with half his starts in Arlington - ain't gonna happen.

For the Yankees, he will be more productive with that offense behind him, and with a park that is more friendly to pitchers than Arlington. But he isn't going to carry anyone and though he will be a lot better than Burnett, and maybe a little better that "Slow-start" Sabathia in terms of whole-season competitiveness, this feels more like addition by substraction - taking him off the team that knocked out the Yankees in order to advance in the 2011 post-season. Lucky he is coming on the market now - he'll get $20 million a year, but I would not want to be the one to sign those checks 2-3 years down the road...

December 5, 2010  11:43 AM ET

It will also mean they'll have the best one-two combo in baseball heading into '11.

Regular season baseball. Both were underwhelming in the playoffs this year.

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December 5, 2010  12:21 PM ET

I do.


December 5, 2010  12:22 PM ET

It will also mean they'll have the best one-two combo in baseball heading into '11.

A few teams can make that claim, on paper...

... Boston, Philadelphia, and S.F. being three.


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