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Howard: We're folding


08:06 AM ET 12.10 | Losing three games in a row has the Magic reeling on the road. The door to the visitors' locker room inside the Rose Garden remained closed long after the Portland Trail Blazers throttled the Orlando Magic 97-83 Thursday night. ... For almost 30 minutes, players -- with coach Stan Van Gundy present -- spoke about what had just occurred, how the team started its most difficult road trip so far this season without any energy. More people than usual talked after a loss. Their message was blunt. "They threw everything they had at us, and we folded," center Dwight Howard said later, after the locker room opened. "We shouldn't fold. Nothing should break us and it did. Until everybody steps up on the team and mans up, then teams are going to throw their best punch at us and we're going to fold."

Orlando Sentinel

Dwight Howard, AP Dwight Howard, AP
December 10, 2010  08:09 AM ET

They need to shake up the roster a little...look for a trade coming up soon to get another scorer

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December 10, 2010  08:42 AM ET

Howard needs to hit the free throws!

December 10, 2010  08:45 AM ET


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December 10, 2010  09:08 AM ET

I don't know exactly why but Rashard Lewis has turned to **** this year. He just offers nothing lately. Really nobody else stepped up last night. Nelson was 4-14 and Carter was 2-12. Howard is really the only consistent guy on that team.

The bench is to blame as well and that's solely on the GM. What went through his mind to think there's good in Quentin Richardson and Chris Duhon... two players Knicks didn't want? Maybe its the ghost of the Turk. All I know is Orlando hasn't been the same since their GM broke up that harmony they had with him in the line up.

December 10, 2010  09:13 AM ET

These clowns are just making excuses about their play!! They have been to the Finals in recent years, so they should be able to get up for all their games!! They may need to shake up the roster a little bit!

December 10, 2010  09:17 AM ET

Your "Answer" is in Turkey!

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December 10, 2010  09:39 AM ET

how about just shaking up the starting lineup....i mean you can move vince to the bench, its a good idea considering vince is going to be injured at sometime during the season...

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December 10, 2010  09:54 AM ET

Definitely not the happiest place on earth, Bro.

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December 10, 2010  10:08 AM ET

Its Matt Barnes. He is the missing ingredient. His role on that team was picture perfect and they didn't keep him. Richardson doesn't do the things that Barnes did. To me it is just that simple. They lost Matt Barnes.

December 10, 2010  10:18 AM ET

Its Matt Barnes. He is the missing ingredient. His role on that team was picture perfect and they didn't keep him. Richardson doesn't do the things that Barnes did. To me it is just that simple. They lost Matt Barnes.

Barnes was definitely a contributor and they do miss him. However, he was a role player much like he is with the Lakers. The beginning of the end was the Vince Carter trade. The guy is plain garbage now.

How can the Magic win when their number 2 option isn't really a number two option? He totally disappeared in last nights game. His defense is horrible.

December 10, 2010  10:32 AM ET

as a lot of posters have stated (and i have since they acquired him) i believe Vince is the problem, the guy has never been a winner and now that his freakish athleticism is declining he brings nothing to the team. he just stands around on offense and plays no defense....they need to move his expiring contract for an upgrade

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December 10, 2010  10:48 AM ET

I have been sayin all along that the Magic Leadership (Otis & Stan) are not the right people for this organization. They have committed an unforgivable blunder in give the Lakers a Championship 2 years ago. Otis and Stan's insistence on playin a recovering and rusty out of basketball shape J. Nelson. The blunder with the JJ, Gortat contracts (paying the starters pay). Stan's lack of insisting Howard develop his game in the off season (6 of the 7 years nothin done). The V. Carter trade and implimentation of him as the #2 scoring option (his days are ova). The not signing of Matt Barnes (the only one who played with passion). The rewarding of these two (Otis & Stan) with contract extensions and the list goes on and on. Need I say!

yea Howard hasn't developed at all, i mean how dare he be so consistantly dominant the past 4 or 5 years.

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December 10, 2010  10:57 AM ET

The Magic need a true power forward. Dwight is now starting to look like a real NBA player with some offensive moves but Brandon Bass needs more floor time. VC needs to go and they were crazy for giving up Matt Barnes. He was the only cat on their team who was willing to fight for a win (literally). Sorry to break the news to you but Jameer is not a starting point guard in the NBA.....he and Vince need to come off the bench. Biggest mistake the Magic made was letting Turkolu go....R Lewis is a 6'10" jump shooter who is scared to go in the paint and bang ! Might as well play him at 2 guard...


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