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Beltre to Angels or Rangers?


09:57 AM ET 12.12 | How gutsy is Scott Boras? After the Red Sox traded for Adrian Gonzalez, he reminded them Adrian Beltre was still available to be re-signed, suggesting Kevin Youkilis could move to left field rather than third base. Beltre's best bet has to be with the Angels, doesn't it? There is a thought the Rangers could sign him and use Michael Young as a super utility man and DH.

Chicago Tribune

Adrian Beltre, Otto Greule Jr./Getty Images Adrian Beltre, Otto Greule Jr./Getty Images
December 12, 2010  10:10 AM ET

pop goes da weasel

If "weasel" = Borass, well then your language is spot on.

Most teams like Mr. Beltre, and loathe his agent. This isn't the first time that the windbag has overplayed a decent hand and consequently hurt his client.

Mr. Beltre meanwhile has found religion on the field and proven he can play better in some ballparks than in others. But his erratic performance which seems to be highly correlated with the likelihood that it's a contract year has made his effort suspect.

Beltre would best be served by getting a new agent and then negotiating a heavily incentive-laden contract. The incentives will give the appearance of keeping his feet to the fire, and the appearance of sub-maximal performance should disappear.

I wish you well, Mr. Beltre. And a pox on the house of your handler.

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December 12, 2010  11:02 AM ET

Beltre's best hope is that MLB halts PED testing.

December 12, 2010  11:07 AM ET

Overrated.........he is........yep!

I don't think that's a fair characterization of a .321 avg, 102 RBI, 28 HR performer who has great range in the infield and has a business-like attitude in the clubhouse.

I DO think that Borass overplayed an otherwise decent hand, and consequently has not served his client well.

December 12, 2010  12:58 PM ET

I'm sure the U/DH thought came from Boras as well, since there is nobody else left to drive up the bidding against the Angels.

December 12, 2010  01:32 PM ET

He better hope Oakland doesn't pull their offer.

December 12, 2010  01:46 PM ET

Michael Young protested when they originally wanted to move him from SS to 3B. Now they are talking about utility/dh?!? The guy is one of the better ranger players of all time. All he does is hit .300 and record 200 hits. He plays fairly good defense so Beltre won't be that much of an improvement. Keep young, focus on pitching and let beltre go to what ever team wants him. It won't be a good team

December 12, 2010  01:47 PM ET

and scott boras is a cancer on this game, so are all these outrageous contracts

December 12, 2010  03:17 PM ET

It is apparent that the Sox do not like dealing with Boras, particularly after the Mark Texeira fiasco two years ago, so for Boras to suggest the resign Beltre and put Youk in LF is a sign of desperation; the market for Beltre appears to be shrinking.
The interesting situation to watch is how the Sox will deal with Jacoby Ellsbury; he's a Boras client and the two of them really irritated managment, and the team, with the way Ellsbury dealt with his injuries last year. First, he didn't rehab with the team, didn't travel, attend games, as both Pedroia and Youk did, and then he publicly complained about being mis-diagnosed, apparently without proof (maybe trying to set up a malpractice claim?).
My bet is that Ellsbury will be traded this year, once his and Cameron's (likely left fielder if Crawford is ready for center field) health and fitness are established and Kalish shows he is ready to be a major league fourth outfielder. Ellsbury could bring a decent price if he starts the season well.

December 12, 2010  03:27 PM ET

It is apparent that the Sox do not like dealing with Boras, particularly after the Mark Texeira fiasco two years ago,

there isn't a team out there that wants to deal with Boras ... period

December 12, 2010  03:28 PM ET

as for the Rangers moving Young ... I suppose there could be a better 3rd baseman out there, but he's played the position very well and he is a consistent hitter ... why bother with a good thing. the Rangers problems are/is as it's always been ... consistent pitching ...

December 12, 2010  04:12 PM ET

there isn't a team out there that wants to deal with Boras ... period

The Yankees don't seem to mind his BS.

December 12, 2010  05:25 PM ET

The Yankees don't seem to mind his BS.

The yankees also don't mind mind paying a premium for over rated players!


December 12, 2010  05:28 PM ET

He plays fairly good defense

If by "fairly good" you mean "crappy", then yes.

December 12, 2010  05:31 PM ET

These spammers need a good tasering

LoL yup..

December 12, 2010  07:17 PM ET

These spammers need a good tasering

actually they do

December 12, 2010  07:19 PM ET

the man ain't never been that good in the first place except when he hit that 48hrs for the dodgeers and he ain't come close to that

December 12, 2010  07:22 PM ET

but this baseball

December 12, 2010  07:37 PM ET

If the Angels don't pick him up, they'll be struggling at third


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