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Big Ten coming up lame?


08:39 AM ET 12.15 | The Big Ten's new branding effort hasn't opened to rave reviews, from its division titles to its logo. It's the ugly, awkward, blue-and-white truth. Equally sad is the fact that the conference has selected divisional names that take less than 25 seconds to improve upon. Seriously, "Legends" and "Leaders"? They both start with 'L.' As in lame. ... But let's see if it holds water when phrases such as "Leaders division leader Wisconsin" and "Legends division leader Iowa leads Leaders division leader Wisconsin in the standings" get thrown about.

Chicago Sun-Times

Jim Tressel, Getty Images Jim Tressel, Getty Images
December 15, 2010  08:45 AM ET

Leaders and Legends.


December 15, 2010  08:51 AM ET

The trophies are dumb too. Paul Bunyan's Axe is a REAL trophy.

December 15, 2010  08:59 AM ET

Did they hire Nickelodeon as their marketing team?

December 15, 2010  09:10 AM ET

I'd love to hear what the coaches/schools think about it, but there's gotta be a gag order in place.

December 15, 2010  09:11 AM ET

accept the paypa

OK, I accept - how do I get it?

December 15, 2010  09:19 AM ET

i would really like to know how much they paid someone to come up with that crap. Flat out embarrassing and backtracking now could be a problem. But I'd bet money most people will flat out not use those names or avoid it as much as possible.

I think it was the student project for the Marketing 101 class this past fall.....

December 15, 2010  09:25 AM ET

OK, I accept - how do I get it?

I think it's "except" the papya and the **** misspelled it. ;)

December 15, 2010  09:26 AM ET

I think it was the student project for the Marketing 101 class this past fall.....

For which school? My money is on Michigan...............HA!

December 15, 2010  09:27 AM ET

Talking about "Lame", this article is definitely Lame!!!!

December 15, 2010  09:28 AM ET

Wow the **** is better than what I actually put in there.

December 15, 2010  09:30 AM ET

They could/should have named it "BIG10 Speed" and "BIG10 Slow".

December 15, 2010  09:36 AM ET

As a Big Ten fan I just gotta ask what the h*ll was the conference thinking? The logo is awful and the names of the divisions are absurd. This is just more fuel to fire for Big Ten haters.

December 15, 2010  09:38 AM ET

I'm a Big 10 fan and alum & even I find the names for the divisions embarassing. My co-worker (who is from the SEC) said they should name them "Powder" and "Puff"- even I laughed at that one...

Comment #21 has been removed
December 15, 2010  09:42 AM ET

I wonder what the over/under is on the retraction by Delaney and his bozos?

Comment #24 has been removed
December 15, 2010  09:44 AM ET

What I take exception to is the headline "The Big Ten Coming up Lame" and a pick of the Vest. Couldn't you have put **** Delaney in there?

December 15, 2010  09:44 AM ET

Delaney had the nerve to say it will sound better 24 hours later... But then again, he voted down the +1

It's been 24 hours since I heard of the new names. So far, they don't sound any better...

December 15, 2010  09:45 AM ET

The new names for awards in the Big Ten are stupid too. Lakes and Plains seem to be thrown about as a better idea even though it may not always fit the school. If there would have been some geographical consideration put into the division of these "divisions" then naming them would have been much less of a problem.

December 15, 2010  09:45 AM ET

Perhaps the BegTin is confused? But I still intend to see the movie "Harry Potter and the Legends and Leaders" when it comes out.


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