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White Sox ready to start unloading?


08:51 AM ET 12.17 | At some point, the White Sox may look to shed some payroll after an active offseason. Three of the White Sox's six highest paid players are pitchers, including the top two in Jake Peavy at $16 million and Mark Buehrle at $14 million. At No. 6 is Edwin Jackson, who will make $8.75 million. Peavy is rehabbing an injury and doesn???t figure to have much trade value. Buehrle is one of the faces of the franchise and his high price tag would be difficult to move. Plus, he can block any trade as a 10-and-five player. Perhaps the answer to get at least a little payroll relief is to find a taker for Jackson and his salary.

Edwin Jackson, Getty Images Edwin Jackson, Getty Images
December 17, 2010  09:34 AM ET

Nice read...

December 17, 2010  09:48 AM ET

How about Edwin Jackson to the Yankees for prospects? They need piching and Jackson didn't make any dramatic difference for the Sox.

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December 17, 2010  10:27 AM ET

i like the rotation of , Peavey, Buehrle, Floyd, Danks and Jackson. Five quality starters. I hope the sox keep this group together.

December 17, 2010  10:54 AM ET

They just sent Daniel Hudson to the desert for Jackson. Disappointed already? I hope Peavy is ready to compete for the Cy Young because he's a spectacular pitcher regardless of Petco Park.

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December 17, 2010  04:14 PM ET

If you don't have pitching you don't have anything. Pointless to go after Dunn or anyone else if you are going to get rid of pitching.

December 17, 2010  05:57 PM ET

They will not unload a starter, it just doesn't make sense. Who knows what Peavy is going to do with his health concerns, so theirs no way they trade away another one of the starters. Sale is needed in the bullpen and possibly a fill in for peavy so he's not going anywhere. They thought about trading people (TCQ), but kenny didn't like the value he would get back ; so Jerry provided more money to spend. Unloading a starter would still have the payroll high, and would take away any advantage they now have in the division.

December 18, 2010  02:38 AM ET

If he were really trying to be fair he would pitch well for more than the five weeks he pitched well last year.

That's all you're going to get. The injury he has pretty much ends his career as an ace. At most you can expect .... wait no.... you're not getting anything from him ever again.

December 18, 2010  02:38 AM ET

Props to the new batch of interns. Really kicking the spammers ****. Me likey!

December 18, 2010  02:39 AM ET

Outside of Price are there any other Shine pitchers of note? I'm just asking. Bob Gibson must be busting a kidney.

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