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Silas top candidate to replace Brown


05:47 PM ET 12.22 | Paul Silas is the leading candidate to take over as the Charlotte Bobcats coach for the rest of the season after Larry Brown resigned Wednesday, league sources told Yahoo! Sports Silas still lives in the Charlotte area and is a popular figure among the area's pro basketball fans. He coached the Charlotte-New Orleans Hornets for 4?? seasons, reaching the playoffs four times.

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Paul Silas, AP Paul Silas, AP
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December 22, 2010  05:58 PM ET

Would be stupid, if MJ signs him for the HC job. They need something fresh, new, not a dinosaur...

December 22, 2010  06:04 PM ET

Is Red Auerbach spirit available?

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December 22, 2010  06:17 PM ET

At this point in the season, it doesn't matter who they get...could be a coat rack wearing a tie.This is a team that is looking towards the future, and this guy will probably just be a seat warmer for now.

lol i can just see the players talking to the coat rack "ok coach...COACH! COACH!"

December 22, 2010  06:19 PM ET

Can he handle Stephen Jackson?

December 22, 2010  06:24 PM ET

Why is NBA obsessed with recycling old farts for coaching jobs? Failed coaches keep getting back jobs all the time, not sure what the deal is!!

December 22, 2010  06:33 PM ET

Lol.....I mean what is he like 95 years old?

Paul only 67 ....but your favorite type of Coach jgb ....a Ghost/Coach from Christmas Past ;)

.... but the Bobkitty have a weird schedule, played OKC last night at home and Lost .... next game not till Monday the 27th at Home ....

December 22, 2010  06:53 PM ET

How about Patrick Ewing or Mark Jackson, .....also mike brown

December 22, 2010  07:25 PM ET

Anyone but MJ.....

December 22, 2010  07:28 PM ET

They have also hired Charles Oakley as an assistant. He can handle Stephen Jackson

December 22, 2010  08:14 PM ET

they should hire Mike Brown!

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December 22, 2010  11:05 PM ET

Silas is a safe interim hire for the team at this point. He's a local Charlotte guy, still knows the league and has been wanting to do something for the organization. Definitely more than Brown was doing anyways. I think they may be looking at Patrick Ewing as a potential HC down the road after the season is over.

December 23, 2010  06:23 AM ET

It is time to provide opportutines for one of the new coaches in waiting; I hope MJ give either
Patrick Ewing or Mark Jackson an opportunty

December 23, 2010  06:24 AM ET

It is time to provide an opportunity for one of the new coaches in waiting; I hope MJ give either Patrick Ewing or Mark Jackson a chance

December 23, 2010  07:14 AM ET

Dear Spammers,
We are not Friends.
Thank You

December 23, 2010  08:17 AM ET

it's a shame when spammers know this is a non issue! I haven't seen so many spammer posts this this!!!

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